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Урок "перевернутого навчання" в 11 класі з теми "Grammar. Conditional sentences"

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Представлені матеріали можуть бути використані для впровадження методу "перевернутого навчання" на уроці англійської мови для учнів 11 класу з теми "Conditional sentences". Учням пропонується вдома переглянути відео з теми (посилання додається) і самостійно повторити теоретичний матеріал з означеної теми. На уроці учні відповідають на запитання вчителя і виконують запропоновані завдання на відпрацювання умовних речень.

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Conditional sentences

Reference https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=WHf2Q2vtgPM

Answer the questions.

  1. What is Zero Conditional used to talk about? What tenses are used in these sentences?
  2. What situations does the 1st Conditional describe and what tenses are used in the main clause and in the if-clause?
  3. What situations does the 2nd Conditional describe and what tenses are used in the main clause and in the if-clause?
  4. What situations does the 3rd Conditional describe and what tenses are used in the main clause and in the if-clause?


Exercise I. Put the verbs in brackets into the appropriate form.

  1. The trains all (stop) … if it snowed heavily.
  2. If you (go out) … in cold weather without a coat, you would catch a cold.
  3. If I saw a cheap second- hand car, I (buy) … it.
  4. If you ate well and exercised regularly, you (live) … 100 years.
  5. You would have had stomach ache if you (eat) … too much of that cake.
  6. If it (rain) … this afternoon, I (take)… my umbrella.
  7. If you did not drive carefully, you (have) … an accident.
  8. If you (study) … for a higher qualification, you (get) … a better job next year.
  9. If you sent the letter by first class mail, it (get) … there the following day.
  10. If the weather is fine, we (go) for a picnic.
  11. If I (to have) this rare book, I should gladly lend it to you.
  12. The dish would have been much more tasty if she (to be) a better cook.
  13. He never (to phone) you if I hadn’t reminded him to do that.
  14. Your brother (to become) much stronger if he took cold baths regularly.
  15. If he (to be) more courageous, he would not be afraid.
  16. If the fisherman had been less patient, he (not to catch) so much fish.
  17. If you (to put) the ice-cream into the refrigerator, it would not have melted.
  18. If I (to know) the result now, I would phone her immediately.
  19. If you had let me know yesterday, I (to bring) you my book.
  20. If it (to snow), the children will play snowballs.

Exercise II. Complete the following sentences translating the part in brackets.

  1. I’ll ask him to lend me the money (якщо я його побачу).
  2. You’ll be late (якщо не поїдете автобусом).
  3. Will you help me (якщо мені буде потрібна ваша допомога)?
  4. I’d lend you the money (якщо б я мав їх).
  5. If I had her address (я б дав її вам).
  6. If they had gone by car, (вони б заощадили час).
  7. If my mother won a million pounds, (вона б витратила їх дуже швидко).
  8. If I had more time, (я б прочитав більше книжок).
  9. (Якщо я почуватимуся краще), I’ll be in class tomorrow.
  10. He would have come to the party last Sunday (якщо б його запросили).

Exercise III. Make up Conditional sentences of the appropriate type using the original sentence.

E.g.: The weather is not fine and we won’t go for a walk. – If the weather is fine, we will go for a walk.

  1. He is busy and does not come. If…
  2. The girl did not study well last year and received bad marks. If…
  3. He broke his bicycle and so he did not go to the country. If…
  4. He speaks English badly: he has no practice. If…
  5. I had a bad headache yesterday, that’s why I did not come to see you. If…
  6. The ship was sailing near the coast, that’s why it struck a rock. If…
  7. He was not in town, therefore he was not present at our meeting. If…
  8. The pavement was so slippery that I fell and hurt my leg. If…
  9. The sea is rough, and we cannot sail to the island. If …
  10. They made a fire, and the frightened wolves ran away. If …

Exercise IV. Complete the following Conditional sentences with your own variants.

  1. You would know English better if …
  2. I should have left Moscow yesterday if …
  3. If I were you, …
  4. If  I had known that it was going to rain, …
  5. I shall go for a walk, if …
  6. I should lend you my textbook if …
  7. If we had bought the tickets, …
  8. If they were here, …
  9. We should be glad if …
  10. If he were younger, …
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