Контрольна робота з англійської мови для 11-го класу на тему: "People and Society"

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Контрольна робота з англійської мови для 11-го класу на тему: "People and Society". Метою контрольної роботи є перевірити рівень мовної та комунікативної компетенції за темою; розвивати пам'ять, увагу, мислення та мовлення учнів; виховувати самостійність.

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Lesson № 93


Topic: People and Society

Type of the lesson: control of all knowledge and skills

Group: 45

Time: 45 min



                      Practical aim: to check lexical and grammar competence

 Educational aim: to form pupils’ positive attitude, love and respect to our country and society

                           Cultural aim: to develop the pupils’ communicative abilities, to form linguistic outlook

                          Developmental aim: to develop logical thinking, creativity, attention, different kinds of memory, concentration, and imagination.

                           Facilities: books, copy-books, cards, pictures, schemes, vocabularies, lap-top


The structure of the lesson:

 I. The beginning of the lesson

          1. Greeting

 T: Good morning, dear pupils! Glad to see you!

 T: How are feeling today? How are you today? Who is absent today?

 2. Topic and Aims Presentation

 Today we are going to write a test which includes the whole grammar and lexical material of the topic. Be attentive and don’t be afraid. You have 45 minutes to do this test.


II. The main part of the Lesson

1. Grammar

 1. Complete the sentences with the correct forms of a Gerund, an Infinitive or a Participle (I or II)

1. ______(Travel) for two nights on the train was _________(tire).

2. I can ________(speak) 5 languages among which Finnish is the easiest _________(to learn)

3. The job of a librarian ________(bore) for me.

4. They were __________(excite) about the gift.

5. It was _________(embarrass) to fail the exam.

6. You must  _____(stay) at home and __________(help) us with the ______(clean).

7. I will ______(help) you with your project.

8. The voyage was _______(exhaust) but _____(interest).

9. We enjoyed the sun’s _________(please) warmth.

10. We have ________(do) our homework or we’ll _________(get) a bad mark.

 2. Complete the sentences with the correct forms of the suitable verbs from the box. Explain your choice.

1. Why do you always look so annoyed? Is your life really so annoying?

2. He works very hard. It’s not __________that he’s always _________.

3. I asked Emily if she wanted to come out with us but she wasn’t _________in that idea.

4. Your test results are ______! I didn’t expect such a high score from you.

5. I’ve been working very hard all day and now I’m really _________.

6. I’m starting a new job next week. I’m quite __________about it.

7. Tom is very good at telling funny stories. He can be very ______________.

8. Liz is a very _______.She knows a lot, she’s travelled a lot and she’s done lots of different things.

9. This task is actually________, I can’t solve it.

10. I was _______of loud music.

To annoy, to amuse, to excite, to surprise, to tire, to interest, to confuse


 2. Vocabulary

Match the definitions with the terms

1. This person is the head of the government                                        a) The Queen

2. This person is the head of the state                                                    b) The Conservative Party

3. These people are elected to represent their areas (constituencies) c) The Prime Minister

4. This place is where the parliament meets                                        d) Members of Parliament

5. This is the name of the main right-wing party                                 e) The Houses of Parliament

6. This is the name of the left-wing party                                            f) The Labour Party


 3. Reading

1. Complete the sentences with the words from the box

The political power in Ukraine is divided into _____(1) branches: executive, legislative and ____(2). The Verkhovna Rada, the Ukrainian _______(3), is the highest ________(4) body. The executive power in Ukraine belongs to the ______(5). Both President and members of the Verkhovna Rada are elected. The _____(6) takes place every _____(7) years. All _____(8) of Ukraine who have reached the age of ______(9) have the right to _____(10). But only those, who have reached the age of twenty-one, have the right to be ______(11) to the Verkhovna Rada.

Three, legislative, citizens, President, four, eighteen, Parliament, election, judicial, vote, elected


III. The end of the lesson

  1. Setting a home task

T: Your homework for the next time will be:

- repeat the topics


  1. Summarizing and Evaluation

T: So, let’s sum up our lesson

What is the topic of our lesson? Is it interesting and useful for you? How does this information help you in future?

T: What have your learnt today? What did you like/dislike to do?

T: You did well! Your marks are…..

Thank you for cooperation!

Good bye!  





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