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Урок "перевернутого навчання" в 11 класі з теми "Speaking about art"

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Представлені матеріали можуть бути використані для впровадження методу "перевернутого навчання" на уроці англійської мови для учнів 11 класу з теми "Speaking about art". Учням пропонується вдома переглянути відео з теми (посилання додається) і відповісти на заздалегідь повідомлені запитання. На уроці разом з учителем учні виконують решту завдань.

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Unit 6. Speaking About Art

Reference https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=iDsWkGAX5Oc


Exercise I. Answer the questions.

  1. What do the artists do?
  2. What does a portrait artist do?
  3. What is art?
  4. What is a portrait?
  5. What do artists use?
  6. What kind of medium do they use?
  7. What does framing help to do?
  8. Is a portrait a detailed work of art?
  9. What is used to create a detailed drawing?
  10.  Is art challenging?

Exercise II. Match the word and its definition.

  1. blend
  1.       a way of expressing your ideas, especially as a writer or an artist
  1. commission
  1.       something, for example a painting, that is put in a public place so that people can go to see it
  1. art
  1.       a structure made of wood, metal, plastic etc that surrounds something such as a picture or window, and holds it in place
  1. portrait
  1.       a single movement of a pen or brush when you are writing or painting
  1. medium
  1.       something that is in a public place where people can look at it
  1. frame
  1.        paintings, drawings, and sculptures that are created to be beautiful or to express ideas
  1. be on display
  1. to thoroughly mix together soft or liquid substances to form a single smooth substance
  1. exhibit
  1.       the areas of a drawing or painting that have been made to look darker
  1. sketch
  1.         the purchase or the creation of a piece of art most often on behalf of another
  1.  stroke
  1.         someone who supports the activities of an organization, for example by giving money
  1.  shading
  1.       a simple, quickly made drawing that does not show much detail
  1.  patron
  1.         a painting, drawing, or photograph of someone, especially of their face only

Key: 1. g; 2. i; 3. f ; 4. l; 5. a; 6. c; 7. b; 8. e; 9. k; 10. d; 11. h; 12. j.


Exercise III. Fill in the gaps in the sentences with the words from Exercise II. Change the form of the word if necessary.

  1. Do you like modern _____?
  2. He is going to paint my _____.
  3. A few _____ of her pen brought out his features clearly.
  4. The novel has always been an excellent _______ for satire.
  5. Ann has received a _______ from the bank for a sculpture.
  6. They removed the picture from its wooden ______.
  7. All _____ are listed in the catalogue.
  8. The architect did a _____ of how the building will look when it's finished.
  9. This is a deep blue fish with red _____ on his fins.
  10.  Many artists were dependent on wealthy _____.
  11.  She usually ______ her red paint with the blue to make a beautiful purple color.
  12.  Seven centuries of manuscripts, fine bindings and beautifully illustrated books ______.

Key: 1. art; 2. portrait; 3. strokes; 4. medium; 5. commission; 6. frame; 7. exhibits; 8. sketch; 9. shading; 10. patrons;11. blends; 12. are on display.



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