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Пропонована розробка уроку розрахована на учнів 11 класів. У розробці уроку використовуються форми роботи які дозволяють активізувати пізнавальну діяльність учнів, підвищенню якості засвоєння запропонованого матеріалу, розвитку креативності.
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Цели: повторить и активизировать лексику темы;

           развивать навыки аудирования, говорения и письма;


 Оборудование: компьютер, карточки для самостоятельной работы.



1. Greeting and aim

Good morning, children. I’m very glad to see you, I’m sure you are well!

Today we’ll revise the vocabulary and practice in discussing the topic jobs and careers. Besides, you’ll learn how to write a resume.

2. Warming-up

Match the pictures with the names of jobs.

1  fruit picker

2  tour guide

3  babysitter

4  delivery boy

5  summer camp supervisor

6  checkout assistant

7  lifeguard

8  charity worker







3. Reading

Complete the text with the correct words in the box.




OK. So, you’ve seen a job you want to _______  for. What next? Well, firstly, _______ in the application form carefully and if it’s online, print it out so that you _______ a record of what you’ve written. Then make sure that your CV is up-to- _______, with all your school  and college _________ and relevant work ________. Write a ______ letter to send with the CV and the application form and be sure to send them in before the ______. If the company is interested in you, they will put you on a _____ list and arrange an interview. If you ______ well in the interview, they may _______ you the job! But think very carefully about the pay and conditions before you accept or _____ the offer.

4. Speaking. What job would you like when you are older?

Pre-speaking activity: Look, listen and speak


Work in pairs. Using pictures and occupations dialogue card do the following activity:

1. Each participant receives a dialogue card and a picture

2. Make up the dialogue.

3. Demonstrate.

4. Present their dialogues to the whole group.



Employment Counsellor: What was your occupation?

Client: I was ________________________ in my previous job.

Employment Counsellor: Can you tell me something

 about your job skills?

Client: I know how to _____________, _____________, and _________________.

Employment Counsellor: Excellent, sounds like you have  a lot of experience.

Client: Yes, I do.

Employment Counsellor: Let’s see what I can do for  you.

Client: Thanks, I appreciate your help.


5. Writing  Preparation for resume

HO2. Complete the sentences:

A career I choose for the future is___________

The special training and skills I need for this career are _________

I can gain the skills I need for this career at _____________

What I should be doing now to prepare for this career,that is ______________

HO3. Look at the plan and draft resume Mr Josh Kumar has written recently. Use it as an example to write your own resume.


  1. Name, address, phone/fax number
  2. Particular position, company
  3. Experience + additional courses, specific company training programs, language coerses.
  4. Experience (achievements, skills)
  5. Personal data


Mr Josh Kumar

112 Kingstone Road     

3477 London,

Great Britain

Phone 22758-53

e-mail joshkumar@gmail.com

Job objective Tour guide

Company World Travel


Recent position: 1997-1995 Accommodation Officer. Helped overseas students accommodation in Britain. OSS - Overseas Students’ Service. 1995-1990 Finance Manager IBM Computer Inc. analyzed budgeting and forecasts programs. Evaluated as having problem-solving skills. French Branch, IBM computers Inc. France. 1990-1986 Bookkeeper: Glaxo International Co. Coordinated costing, budgeting programs, branch department. Ukrainian office, Ukraine.

Education: 1986 degree with Honors in Finance and Economics, Oxford University, Finance and Administration 1985-1986 Special training program Glaxo International Co 1984-1986 special language course (French: Finance and Economics in France - Ukrainian: Ukrainian Tax Policy) 1982-1984 Computer systems for Finance and Economics

Personal data: age 32, fluent in French, English

Travel history: France, Ukraine, Spain

Profound computer skills: WinWord, Excel, Finance programs

6. Summary

7. Hometask  Write a letter uncluding all the necessary details.

You are going to spend next summer in the USA and you are looking for a summer job. You have seen this advert on the Internet.:


A popular seaside resort is looking for summer camp instructors.

International students are welcome. Brilliant way to have a great summer and earn some money at the same time!

If interested, send your resume letter to Gwen Smith, gwen@scusa.net

Include details of the position you are applying for, describe your previous experience, say why you would like to get the job and why you think you are a suitable candidate, describe your level of English and your experience in using it in practical situation.


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31 жовтня 2020
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