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Дана розробка із циклу уроків "School life"за підручником А. Несвіт "English,6".Конспект уроку містить багато різноманітних завдань,які роблять його веселим та цікавим.
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Topic: At the Geography lesson

Objectives: to develop pupils' reading, speaking skills; to activate the information and vocabulary on the topic; to develop pupils' communicative skills; to revise the formation of general questions; to teach pupils to work in pairs and individually.

To develop pupils' curiosity and interest to the foreign language and have them understand the importance of having good command of English.

Materials and equipment: books by A.Nesvit , copy-books, a laptop for listening music, evaluation sheets, cards for work in groups, individually, coloured pencils



I.Introductory part.

Teacher: Good afternoon, dear friends. You are the pupils of the sixth form already and this year you study some new subjects. What subjects did you study the previous year?

We studied English, Maths, Ukrainian, World Literature, Handicraft, Music, Nature Studies, Computing and other.

What new subjects do you have this year? 

We have Geography lesson.



Warming up.

Teacher: At each lesson you have different activities. In groups match the lesson with the activities you perform during it and speak about every subject.


make observations, learn physical laws, do sums


learn the rules of spelling, write compositions and dictations


read works by famous writers, learn rhymes of different poets, write compositions and creative works


carry out experiments, learn formulas


learn to make things with our own hands (how to fix things, sew, knit, embroider)


count, do sums


learn interesting information about different countries, about nature phenomena, rivers, lakes and mountains


read and retell the texts, write tests and dictations, make up dialogues, learn new English words and phrases, speak English


learn about flora and fauna of different countries


learn to use the computer and to work in the Internet


read and learn facts from the history of different countries

II. Main part.

T. When have you got your Geography lesson? Do you like it? Why?

 So, today we are going to speak about your Geography lessons.

But at first let's learn some words which help us to discuss your Geography lessons.

Ex.1p.167. Look, read and match the pictures with the geographical names in the box.

Match English words with their translation.

A forest визначне історичне місце

A mountain острів

A lake долина

An island пагорб

A valley море

A hill вулкан

A river                                           ліс

The sea гора

A volcano озеро

Farmland річка

A landmark

 Make up as many sentences with the following words as you can. (Class is divided into two teams. That team which has made up more sentences is the winner.)

Ex.2p.168.Read and choose the correct words to complete the sentences.


“A Minute of relaxation” (Listen to nice music and do some physical exercises)

Let’s sing a song

If you are happy and you know it 
Clap your hands (2 times)
If you are happy and you know it
And you really want to show it (2 times)
Clap your hands! Stamp your feet!
Wink one eye! Touch your nose (head, ear, etc.)!
Shake your hands! Jump so high!

T. Are you good at Geography? Let's check up it. Do the quiz of ex.3 p 169. (Class is divided into 4 groups. Each group does the quiz and writes down the answers into their copy-books. Then representatives of each group read the answers aloud.)

Conversation lab.

Work in pairs.

T. Act out the dialogues about the things you talk in Geography lessons. Use ex.4p.169-170.

Grammar Revision.

Before doing ex.5p.170 let's revise the formation of general questions.

T. What is the word order in general questions?

Pupils help teacher to make up the scheme of word order in general questions.

Auxilliary verb   Subject Predicate …?

Then pupils do ex.5.


III. Summing up.

Teacher: Friends, our lesson is coming to an end. I`m happy to say we`ve done a good bit of work during the lesson. All of you`ve worked hard and have been active. What activities did you like the most? Was it difficult for you to memorize new vocabulary?


Teacher gives pupils evaluation sheets and they have to paint circles green, yellow or red opposite activities which were at the lesson. Green means, “Everything was clear at the lesson”. Yellow means, “It is difficult for me but I have done it.” Red means, “Help me! I don't understand material at all.”

Hometask .  Write a few sentences about your Geography lessons.






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До підручника
Англійська мова (6-й рік навчання) 6 клас (Несвіт А.М.)
15 квітня 2019
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