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Урок "Транспорт рідного міста"

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Країнознавчий матеріал з англійської мови. Для учнів 6 класу поглиблене вивчення предмета.
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Public Transport in our city



1. Match the photos with words from the box. Which items aren`t illustrated?



2. Listen, repeat and check your answers. Check the meaning of any new words.



3. Match the words with their definitions.

1. car


a) A large, heavy vehicle with wheels. It is used for moving goods.

2. taxi



b) This mode of transport has two wheels and no engine. We power it using our feet.

3. train


c) A fast mode of transport with two wheels. It is powered by an engine.


4. boat


 d) A vehicle with four wheels. It can normally carry five people.

5. plane


e) A large machine that runs along a railway line. It can carry many people.


6. bike



f) A very large boat for moving people or goods across the sea.

7. lorry



g) A car with a driver. You pay them to take you where you want to go.

8. ship



h) A machine that can fly in the sky. It can carry many people.

9. motorbike



i) A large vehicle with wheels. It has lots of seats. It can carry many people around a city.

10. bus


j) A small mode of transport to go across water.




4. Listening to the text and mark sentences T (true), F (false) or DS (doesn`t say).

1. In our city, public transportation isn`t very good.        ………

2. The car or taxi is cheaper than travelling by public transport.       ………

3. Marshrutkas are big white buses.      …….

4. Trolleybuses are more often used either by students  or retired people.     …….

5. You should buy a tram ticket from the conductor.       ………



5.  Read the title of the text and the headings and look at the pictures. Which means of transport do you think is best if you want to: get somewhere fast?

Means of transport

     Zaporizhzhia is an important transport hub in the south of Ukraine.  The city transport infrastructure includes external routes, an internal transport network, and a public passenger transport network.

      In our city, public transportation is very good.  Buses provide the main source of public transportation. In addition to buses there are trams and trolley buses.

      You can use a public tarnsport because it is cheaper than travelling by car or taxi.

Zaporizhzhian buses

         Buses in Zaporizhzhia  are considered to be the most convenient type of public transport. Generally, they are big and therefore can admit more people than smaller marshrutkas.

Most of the old buses have been recently replaced with modern ones, which means they have an automatic bus announcement system and special areas for disabled people.  


Zaporizhzhian Marshrutkas

They are basically small buses. Because they are smaller than regular buses and because they tend to circulate on specific routes, marshrutkas can be regarded as route/share taxis.



Zaporizhzhian Trolleybus

Trolleybuses are more often used  by  retired people, mainly because of the functioning benefit system on electric types of transport. Having entered a trolleybus, you have to pay money directly to a driver, take a ticket and validate it through one of the ticket punches available in a trolleybus cabin.



Zaporizhzhian Trams 

      Trams in Zaporizhzhia  have the same system as trolleybuses but they are more often used by people because of more convenient routes available.


6. Answer the questions.


1. How often do you use public transport?

2. Which is your favourite kind of public transport?

  • buses or trains?
  • Car or trams?

3. What are the pros and cons of using public transport?

4. Do you only use public transport for moving around where you live? To go to school//shopping?

5. What transport do you think we’ll be using in 20 years time?



7. Complete the sentences with the adjectives below.




1. When something isn`t cheap, it`s _________________________________.

2. When something isn`t slow, it`s __________________________________.

3. When lots of people like something, it`s ____________________________.

4. When there are lots of people in a place, it`s _________________________.

5. When something isn`t safe, it`s ____________________________________.



8.  Describe a time you travelled by public transport. You should say and write about:

- what type of public transport you used

- where you travelled from and to

- what you did during the journey

- and explain how you felt about travelling in this way.


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