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Урок у 1 класі "My pets. Сolors"

Про матеріал

Урок - закріплення вивченого матеріалу з використанням проектних технологій

Перегляд файлу

C:\Users\User\Downloads\oformi-foto.ru.jpgForm: 1

Theme: My pets. Colors


to repeat the learned lexical units to the topic "My pets"; practice in the use of pet names and colors in speech; practice using the words “I have a…”, “What is it? It is a… ”; to develop language skills



Video, presentation, game cards, puzzles



At the end of the lesson, students will be able to use animals names and colors lexical units in a theme, they will be able to tell about the pets and their colors, to use the phrases “I have a…”, “What is it? It is a… ” ,to understand when someone tell them about the pets they have.


 Warm up

  • Let’s start our lesson

with a song (video)




  • Repeat after me:

W – w – what

What is white?

A dog Walt

Walt is white!





  •  Do you remember the names

       of the pets? What pet is it?

           Name the pets

               (Slides with pets)







  • C:\Users\User\Downloads\oformi-foto.ru.jpgVideo “Do you have a pet?”

Stand up, please and let’s sing a song

  • And do you have a pet? What pets do you have?
  • Let’s watch a video and try to guess what pet it is

Похожее изображение

  • We have cats and dogs, pigs and ducks. Our pets are different and they can be different colours. Do you know colours? Let’s see… Name the colour and a pet of the same colour


Physical activity  

  • Let’s have a rest! Stand up, please


  • C:\Users\User\Downloads\oformi-foto.ru.jpgDo you like to play games? Let’s play a game “Bingo!”

I’ll give you sheets of paper with pictures of pets. You have to close the pet that you hear the color circle. Who will close the pets in one line, shout: “Bingo!”


  • And now I’ll give you puzzles and you have to make pictures from these puzzles and say what animal is it?

(a rabbit, a parrot, a fish, a horse, a cat)

(A teacher sticks pictures to the board)

  • All your pets are on the blackboard. Let’s play a game “What’s missing?”



Draw your favorite pet and tell about it



  • Do you like our lesson?
  • What do you like and what don’t you like?
  • Our lesson is over, it’s time to say “Good bye”

                           (Good bye song)


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