Урок в 1 класі (НУШ) "TOYS. Project"

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Розробка уроку проектна робота з теми "Іграшки" - дизайн паперової іграшки.
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Маріупольська загальноосвітня школа  I-III ступенів № 54

Маріупольської міської ради Донецької області




                                                       План-конспект уроку в 1-А класі

з теми:











                                                                                                                Підготувала: вчитель англійської мови

                                                                Криворучко Н.В






LESSON TIME: 35 minutes

TARGET LANGUAGE: Have you got a …? Yes, I have. / No, I haven’t.

Learning objectives:

By the end of the lesson the pupils will be able to:

name the toys, ask and answer about the toys, make a toy puppet.


Concept: Toys

Recycled language: bike, kite, plane, train, teddy-bear, ball, robot, doll.  Have you got a …? Yes, I have. / No, I haven’t.

Materials: picture cards, “fly swatters” for the game, real toys in a box, paper puppets, wooden sticks, stickers, laminate boards with smiles.


21st century competencies: critical thinking, communication, cooperation, creativity.






Teacher activity

Learners activity


Stage aim



2 mins



Warm up

3 mins

Greet the learners by singing: “Hello! How are you?”

-Say ”Hello”  clap with your clap”

-Welcome to our lesson.

-How are you?

-Are you happy/ sad/ scared?


The children sing the song and dance.


Clap the teacher’s hands


Ss do the actions to show their mood.

Whole class


To build rapport and get learners thinking in English.

Presentation activity

5 mins

Stage 1






Play Time


7 mins



Stage 2

3 mins






Stage 3

5 mins


Relaxation pause


Stage 4

8 mins

T.: Make a circle.

T: I’ve got a surprise for you (a box with toys), what toys have I got?

Activity “Point to”

  • Let’s listen to a song and point to the toys you hear:

Direct Ss attention to the pictures on the blackboard.

T.: We haven’t got…


Game “Fly swatters”

The teacher shows the pictures and children say the toy.


Project work

T.: Now stand up and make a circle.

T. gives a toy flash card to each student.

T.: You work in groups. Take out a ball with a number.


T. shows how to make a puppet.



T. shows actions and sings with Ss.



T.: Now present your puppets in groups. Say: “I have got a doll.         -Have you got a plane?

-No, I haven’t. I have got a robot.”

Ss name the toys and take them out of the box. They touch the toys.



Ss listen to a song and point to the toys.



Ss look at the blackboard and say: We haven’t got a bike/ kite.


Two Ss at the blackboard touch the right card.

They mingle and Ss with the same card must get into groups.

When Ss have number they take an envelope with paper puppets for their groups of four.



They make puppets in the group.



Ss sing and dance.



The children present their puppets.





Whole class
















Group work


Whole class




To remember the toys






To develop critical thinking



To develop listening skills



To develop creativity











To develop listening and speaking skills.






Close activity

2 mins

































Activity “Smiles”





T.: At the end of our lesson say how are you now?

-Are you happy/ sad/ scared?


Ss use stickers to mark the work of their group.




Ss say and do the actions to show their mood.










Whole class





















































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