Урок в 4 класі "Night before Christmas"

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Цікавий урок до підручника Карп'юк у 4 класі на тему "Ніч перед Різдвом". Щоб більше зацікавити маленьких школярів вивченням англійської мови, треба використовувати ілюстрації, пісенний матеріал та ігри

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Form 4


- to develop reading, speaking and writing skills;

- to develop listening comprehension;

- to learn the vocabulary on the topic;

- to teach pupils to work in groups.



1. Warming up

T. Dear pupils! Look at this pictures. What can you say about them?

Who is this man?

What is he doing?

What are there in the sock?


http://www.supercoloring.com/sites/default/files/styles/coloring_thumbnail/public/cif/2010/04/santa-near-fireplace-coloring-page.jpg http://www.supercoloring.com/sites/default/files/styles/coloring_medium/public/cif/2009/12/presents-in-the-stockings-coloring-page.jpg


"Public speaking"

T. Imagine that you are an orator.

 Try to read the poem with the different intonation.

Christmas is coming, stockings are hung.

Look at the sky to see the deer run.


T. Today we have  a stocking from Santa. But in the stocking  there is no present but tasks for you.




2. Vocabulary work

T. Look at the words and try to guess their meaning.






Make up sentences with the words.

Do the crossword. Read the word in blue. (WB ex.1 - p.72)

1. pillow

2. fireplace

3. e-mail

4. Santa Claus

5. bell

6. St. Nicholas

7. list


3. Listening

T. Our next task from Santa is listening.

ex.2 - p.92



The night before Christmas English childrenhang their stockings above the fireplace. This is a tradition. They think that Santa Claus comes at night. He has got a big bag with Christmas presents. He puts the presents into the kids' stockings. Children like to write letters to Santa Claus before Christmas. They tell him what presents they like.


Continue sentences:

1. In England and America there is a Christmas tradition to . . .

2. American and English children believe that . . .

3. Santa Claus puts . . .

4. Children like to write letters . . .

5. They ask Santa to . . .


Physical activity

Stand up! Hands up! Hands down!

Hands to the sides! Bend left! Bend right!

10 little boys can stand up straight,

10 little boys can make a gate,

10 little boys can make a ring,

10 little boys can bow to the king,

10 little boys can dance all day,

10 little boys can hide away.

4. Reading

T. Now read the text once more and choose a, b or c.

1. English children hang their stockings . . .

a) on the door

b) above the fireplace

c) on the bed

2. Santa Claus has got . . .

a) a Christmas tree

b) a big bag

c) a big stocking

3. Santa Claus puts presents . . .

a) into the cupboard

b) under the pillow

c) into the stockings

4. . . . like to write letters to Santa Claus.

a) Parents

b) Children

c) Pets

5. They tell him what . . .

a) presents they like

b) traditions they like

c) holidays they like


Fill in with the words from the box.

WB ex.2 - p.72

1. parties

2. holidays

3. celebrate

4. presents

5. before

6. envelopes

7. after

8. Christmas

9. hang

10. tradition


5. Playtime

T. Now when we have done all the tasks from Santa we can sing a song.

Bells are ringing,

Children are singing.

All is merry and bright.

Hang your stockings

And say your prayers

Cause Santa Claus is coming tonight.

He is making a list,

And checking it twice,

He wants to find out

Who is naughty

And whois nice.


6. Summing up

T. What was new and interesting for you during the lesson?

Here are some presents for you for your work.

7. Homework

WB ex.4 - p.73 Write your short letter to St. Nicholas.







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