Урок в 6 класі "Shopping in Great Britain"

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Урок на тему "Покупки у Великобританії", де використані різноманітні інтерактивні форми і методи роботи, основною метою яких є розвиток комунікативних здібностей школярів

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                                                             Prepared by

                                                              Iryna Tatsynets

                                                                 a teacher of English

                                                                   School Plavia - Vadrusivka








- to enrich pupils' vocabulary;

- to develop reading skills;

- do develop listening comprehension;

- to develop dialogical and monologue speech ;

- to develop pupils' critical thinking;

- to widen pupils' outlook;

- to teach pupils express their opinions.




1. Warming-up

T. Good morning, boys and girls! How are you today?

Good morning sun, good morning sky.

"Good morning" - say together.

We like this day the best of all

and start the English lesson.

 Our today's lesson is devoted to the theme "Shopping in Great Britain." I think shopping plays a great role in our life. Because every day we buy something.

"Public speaking"

 T. Let's read the rhyme but try to do it with different intonation.



Making shopping makes me good,

Buying things and buying food,

Spending money every day,

Shopping is the best you may.


2. Speaking

T. Answer the questions:

  • Do you often go shopping?
  • What do you like to buy?
  • Who works at a shop?
  • What do you think of these quotes?

"Shopping is the best medicine".

"Happiness is not in money but in shopping".

"Crying is for plain women. Pretty women go shopping".

"Men go shopping to buy what they want ... Women go shopping to find out what they want".



3. Brainstorming

T. Make up new words connected with the word

S H O P  P  I N G

h a   i  e  e   c u  r

o m  l  a  p  e t   o

p         c  p  c     c

           h  e   r     e

               r   e     r

                   a     s


T.  When we speak about shopping, first of all we imagine a shop.

What shops do you know?

What is your favourite shop?


4.  Game «What shops did you visit

T. Take a sheet of paper read what you bought then make up a sentence and stick the product under the shop.

«Yesterday I visited … and bought ..."
















Words:  medicine, a copybook, bread, sausages, jeans, shampoo, chicken, a dress, magazine, a bun.


5. Vocabulary work

           T. Have a look at new vocabulary (rely on your intuition and match ) 

Cash                          ціна

Cashier                      розмір

Cheap                        дешевий

Goods                        касир

Price                           готівка

Sale                            готовий

Self-service                 товари

Size                             візок

Trolley                        продаж

Ready-made               самообслуговування


6. Reading


What do you think of British people?

Do they like shopping?


 Read the text and name some popular British shops.


Complete the sentences

Group A

1. They usually buy food at the …

2.Supermarkets . . .

3. In the supermarket you …

4. If you are a traveller in Britain …

5. Sales are . . .

6. Sainsbury’s supermarkets are . . .

Group B

1. Tesco supermarkets sell . . .

2. British Home Stores is a group of . . .

3. Buying clothes can be a problem because . . .

4. Ready- made clothes in London . . .

5. Teenagers in Britain…

6. Mothers in Britain . . .

True or False?

You can buy sugar or rice at the butchers.

You can buy fish at the grocers.

You can buy milk at the diary.

A self-service system means that you walk around the shop and choose what you want.

You can use a trolley in the supermarket.

Sainsbury’s supermarkets are the leaders in selling clothes.

Tesco’s supermarkets are cheaper than Sainsbury’s supermarkets.


7. Game "A Talkative Hat"

Take a question out of the hat and answer it.

Do you like shopping?

What do you like to buy?

What is the name of the shop that has a self-service system?

Where can you buy a bar of chocolate?

Where can you buy milk?

Where can you buy fish?

What can you buy at the butchers?

What can you buy at the baker's?

What is your favourite shop?

Where can you buy soap?

Now you can put some questions to your classmates.


8. Reportage

T. Two journalists were working in London and now they are ready to present their material about famous shops of London to us.

  Hamleys is a very big shop of toys in London. 4.500 people work there. Hamley was opened in 1760. There are seven floors. Parents and children like visiting this shop. It is the oldest shop of toys in the world. Micropet is an interactive plastic toy. It is very small, only 4sm. There are ten types of this toy. These toys can speak. British children like these toys. Micropet is very expensive.

  Bluewater is a shopping centre in London. It was  opened in 1999. The floor plan is a triangular shape with 330 stores, including 3 anchors, 40 cafés and restaurants, and a 13-screen cinema. The centre employs 7,000 people and serves over 27 million visitors a year.

   Harrods is one of the world's most famous stores and one of London's tourist attractions thanks to the wide assortment of luxury goods that are on display in a magnificently decorated building.  The company's motto is Everything, for everyone, everywhere. The assortment is  enormous. You can purchase anything from historic eighteenth-century dinner plates or exquisite caviar to giant teddy bears.  

    London is home to the flagship store of Harvey Nichols in Knightsbridge. Harvey Nichols' flagship department store was opened in 1880. There are a total of eight floors of fashion, beauty and lifestyle collections with the fifth floor dedicated to food and restaurants.

  There is a reason why John Lewis is one of the most respected and liked shops in Britain and it’s not a complicated one – John Lewis sells good products, in a pleasant environment, served by knowledgeable and amicable staff. Add to that its sensible ratio of quality to price for all its products, and you quickly see why John Lewis retains its rightful crown as the retail world's safe pair of hands.

   Selfridges is one of the world's finest department stores and dominates the west end of Oxford Street. The shop has six floors offering 10 acres of shopping space, 11 places to eat, two exhibition halls and countless services. From high fashion to hi-fi, wardrobe co-ordination to wedding lists, it's every shop you'll ever need.



John Lewis                          the oldest toy shop

Harvey Nichols                   the biggest department store

Selfridges                            13-screen cinema

Harrods                               eight floors of fashion

Bluewater                           the most respected

Hamleys                              from high fashion to hi-fi



9. Listening

T. Listen to the song  «At the supermarket» and write down all the words what you can buy at the supermarket.

Listen to the song once more and put the lines of it in the correct order. Then sing the song.


2. Then there’s a place where you should head.

3. At the supermarket you can buy everything

1. If you need milk, or if you need bread,

4. When you do your grocery shopping.


2. You can buy cans if fresh doesn’t suit.

3. At the supermarket you can buy everything

1. You can buy vegetables, you can buy fruit,

4. When you do your grocery shopping.


2. Or you can buy readymade cookies and cakes.

1. You can buy flour if you like to bake,


3. At the supermarket you can buy everything

1. You can buy ice-cream and frozen peas,

2. You can buy yoghurt and you can buy cheese.

4. When you do your grocery shopping.


3. At the supermarket you can buy everything

1. You can buy oil and you can buy rice,

4. When you do your grocery shopping.

2. You can buy noodles that taste very nice,


4. When you do your grocery shopping.

1. You can buy fish and you can buy meat,

3. At the supermarket you can buy everything

2. You can buy chicken that’s ready to eat!


2. When you do your grocery shopping.

1. At the supermarket you can buy everything


10. Role-play

T. Role play the situation "In the shop". Work in pairs and make up dialogues.

  • Baker's
  • Butcher's
  • Greengrocer's
  • Confectionery
  • Stationary


11. Summing-up

T. Today we spoke a lot about shopping to sum everything up make up a collective composition.

Write a sentence about shopping, cover it then give it to your neighbor.

The last pupil will read the composition.


12. Homework

T. What Ukrainian shops do you know?

What things can you buy only in Ukrainian shops?

Your hometask is to prepare a report "Famous shops in Ukraine."

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