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Урок з англійськоі мови для 2 класу на тему “Holiday items” до підручника Г. К. Мітчелл “Smart Junior 2” (доповнений)

Про матеріал
Другий варіант конспекту уроку з англійської мови для 2 класу на тему “Holiday items ” до підручника H. Q.Mitchell “Smart Junior 2”. Module 2 “Час веселитися”.
Перегляд файлу

The 2nd form

Module 2.

Party time

Lesson 2b (9)

Holiday Items

Aim: to introduce and practice the new words to the topic, to ask and answer questions about objects that are close to us or further away, to develop students’ listening and speaking skills

Vocabulary: balloon, cake, lollipop, hat

Structures: What are these?

                   What are those?

Materials: Student’s book Smart Junior 2, flash cards to the topic, worksheets for the listening task, toys, CD, Internet resources: Fun Birthday Party Song (http://www.youtube.com/user/LooLooKid...), Baby Shark Dance and more | Summer Songs Special | +Compilation | Pinkfong Songs for Children

YouTube Channel: https://www.youtube.com/Pinkfong

Outcomes: by the end of the lesson the pupils will be able to name some holiday items, to sing a song “Happy Birthday to you”, ask and answer the questions “What are these? What are those?”

Procedure of the lesson

I. Preliminaries.

1. Warm–up

Teacher: Hello, children! I’m glad to see you. Sit down, please.

How are you? I think you are fine.

 I’ve come with Winnie-the-Pooh.

Do you remember him? He is our friend.

How old is he? Where’s he from?

Has he got any friends? How many?

What are their names?

Students: Piglet, the donkey Eeyore, Tigger.

Show their pictures.

Teacher: Yes, you are right.

The donkey Eeyore has a birthday today. Let’s sing him a song.

Children watch the cartoon and sing the song “Happy Birthday to you” (Fun Birthday Party Song) (1.5 min.)

Winnie-the-Pooh: And presents?

Teacher: Yes, children. What presents can we give?

She encourages the students to answer the question.

The children sing the song “Presents” (CD. Ex.1, p.16)

II. The main part of the lesson

1. Introduction of new words

Let’s help Winnie-the-Pooh make a party for Eeyore.

Have the students look at the presentation (Listen to CD1019 Unit02 Lesson 2b vocabulary) and ask them to name the objects on the flashcards.

Have the children open their books to page 17 and point out the words in the vocabulary section.

 Play the CD a few times and have Ss point to each word and repeat.

Using the flashcards the teacher shows a balloon, a cake, a lollipop, a hat and encourages the students to use these words to the class in the structures: It’s a.. Is it a..? What’s this? What colour is it? What’s that? Have you got a.?

2. Activity for entertainment

Moving, dancing, singing

“Baby Shark Dance”

3. Listening and reading

Listen, point and read.

(Listen to CD1020 Unit02 Lesson 2b)

 Ex. 1, p.16

Ask Ss to point to the corresponding pictures as you play the CD. Play the CD again and pause after each phrase for Ss to repeat.

 Model acting out the dialogue with two students.

4. Grammar

Direct students’ attention to the grammar box on page 19. Read the question “What are those?” and the answer “They’re lollipops” and have Ss repeat after you. Elicit that we use What are those? to ask about more than one object that's at a distance from you.Then take some balls, put them on the shelf, step aside and ask: What are those? Encourage students to answer: They're pens.

Repeat with other objects to the topic “Party”.


5. Speaking

Listen, point and say.

(Listen to CD1021 Unit02 Lesson 2b)


Ex.2, p.19

6. Let’s play!

Ex 3, p.19

What are those?

They’re hats.

III. Ending of the lesson

The play “Simon says”.




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