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Урок з англійськоі мови для 2 класу на тему “Home and family” Story Time до підручника Г. К. Мітчелл “Smart Junior 2”

Про матеріал
Конспект уроку з англійської мови для 2 класу на тему “Home and family ” до підручника H. Q.Mitchell “Smart Junior 2”. Module 3 Story Time
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The 2nd Form

Module 2

Story Time

Home and family

Aims: to listen and read for pleasure, to revise the words to the topic and grammar structures “Who’s that?  Is that a doll? Where is the doll? –The doll is in/on/under”; to practice students in listening, reading and speaking; to develop students’ memory and intellectual ability

Materials:  Student’s book Smart Junior 2, flash cards to the topic; worksheets for the writing task; CD, cartoons for relaxation and pleasure: Baby Shark Dance-http://www.youtube.com/Pinkfong; video Finger Family Collection-7 Finger Family Songs-https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=YJyNoFkud6g

Outcomes: the students produce short phrases about their family members.

Procedure of the lesson

I. Preliminaries.

I. Warm – up

1 Good morning, students! Nice to see you! How are you today?

The teacher encourages them to show Lego blocks.

(According to the colour the teacher sees their mood)

 2. And now let’s sing the song “My family photos” ex.1, p.28

3. The play “Where is the ball?”

II. The main part

1. Vocabulary and Grammar  

Revision of the words (pages 29, 30, 32)

Revision of grammar structures (pages 29, 31,33)

Listen to the word “sofa”. (Track 40)

 Play the CD a few times, and have Ss point to the pictures and repeat.

 Say the words again in random order and have Ss point and repeat.

2. Reading

Track 41

Before reading

 Ask Ss to look at pp. 34-35

 Tell Ss they will listen to and read a story. Ask Ss to read the title of it. (“Where’s Tommy?”) Ask Ss to look at the pictures and guess what the story is about.

While reading

 Play the CD and ask Ss to point to the words which are spoken by the members of Tony’s family. Encourage them to tell about the events in each frame.

Play the CD again and invite Ss to read along with the CD.

 Then play it again. Encourage Ss to repeat the words.

After reading the text ask Ss questions.

Frame 1: Who’s that?

Frame 2: Is Tommy in the wardrobe? What is in the wardrobe?

Frame 3: Is Tommy under the puzzle? What is under the puzzle?

Frame 4: Where’s Tommy?

Divide Ss into groups of four, and encourage them to dramatize the story.

Read the value “Help your elders” aloud.

 Explain it to the students and discuss it with them.

3. Relaxation

Baby Shark Dance

4. Writing

What letter is missing?

Gr_ndfather, b_other, r_bot, p_zzle, d_ll, s_fa.

5. The play: Guess who's at home

The game requires a house (you can use a cardboard box) and cards with pictures of family members. The leading pupil selects the card and puts it in the house. Then he asks: Who is in the house? Children begin to guess: P.1 It is a mother. L.P. No, it isn’t.  

P. 2 It is a father. L. P. Yes, it is. The pupil who guesses becomes the leader.

III. The end of the lesson

1. Finger Family Collection-7 Finger Family Songs

2. Assessment.

Attention should be paid only to the positive dynamics of student achievement.

The students show Lego blocks.

The teacher compares the colours of the bricks at the beginning of the lesson with the ones at the end of it.


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