Відеопрезентація на тему "Стихійні лиха" до інтегрованого уроку з англійської мови і географії для учнів 9 класу

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Відеопрезентація на тему "Стихійні лиха" до інтегрованого уроку з англійської мови і географії
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Tsunami A tsunami is a train of gigantic waves that occur after an earthquake or volcanic eruption. They can be as high as 30 meters or ten feet, travel as fast as a jet plane and go as far inland as 2 kilometers or 1 ¼ miles. Most tsunamis happen in the Pacific.

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Mudslides Mudslides are fast moving landslides that occur after heavy rains. They are rivers of mud. They can destroy and kill everything in their path.

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Earthquakes Earthquakes are caused by the movement of the earth’s plates, which lie under the surface of the earth. Earthquakes occur suddenly. 4 out of 5 earthquakes take place in the Pacific Rim.

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Avalanche An avalanche is a like a mudslide except it is made up of snow and ice. They occur in the mountains after fresh snowfalls and can travel at 80 miles an hour or 128 kilometers per hour.

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Drought Drought: A drought occurs when there has not been enough rain so that crops and plants can grow. Farm animals die and people don’t have enough to eat.

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Forest Fires Forest fires are fires that burn in forest areas. Lightning can start them but usually careless people do. There are 100,000 fires in the US every year. They can travel at 14 miles an hour or 23 kilometers an hour and will destroy everything as they move. Drought and hot weather are also responsible for many fires.r

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Blizzards Blizzards are severe snowstorms with very high winds, extremely low temperatures, and poor or no visibility. They are especially dangerous for travelers who may get stuck in their cars and could suffer from hypothermia

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Typhoons & Cyclones Typhoons are rotating tropical storms like hurricanes, but they occur in the north-west Pacific Ocean near Hawaii and Asia. Their winds can reach 200 miles per hour/320 kilometers per hour. Cyclones are similar storms in the Indian Ocean. They both have torrential rains and storm surges- causing massive flooding.

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Floods Floods are one of the worst natural disasters and cost the most money. They occur when storms cause rivers to overflow or by high tides. They cause enormous damage and loss of life.

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Volcanoes Volcanoes are explosions that happen from openings in the earth’s surface. Most volcanoes are located in the Pacific Rim. When volcanoes erupt, they spew magma, lava, and ash. There are between 1,300 to 1,500 volcanoes on earth.r

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Tornadoes A tornado is a spinning tube of air that touches the ground and a cloud above. They usually travel only a few miles but can destroy everything in their wake. The US has 1200 a year- more than anywhere else in the world.

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Hurricanes Hurricanes are strong tropical storms with high winds and heavy rain that develop in the Atlantic Ocean. Each hurricane has a boy’s or girl’s name. They cause tremendous damage when they hit land. They occur from June until November in the US.

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Other Disasters Heat waves- temperatures over 38 C. Or 100 F for an extended period of time. Hailstorms- round balls of frozen rain- can destroy crops. Epidemics- fast spreading diseases- some serious others often fatal such as Ebola. Wildfires- out of control fires in inhabited areas- destroy houses and crops. Thunderstorms- lighting can cause fires and kill people

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What doesn’t belong?earthquakefogtsunami noisewindshaking. Richter Scale. Double click on words.rrrr

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What doesn’t belong?tsunamilightninghigh wavestornadofiresjet speedearthquakes. Click on the words.rrrr

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Name the natural disaster. Describe it briefly. Then. CHECKr

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CHECKforest fire

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Japan. CHECKtyphoon

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Florida. CHECKhurricaner

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