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Вікторина з англійської мови «Sport in our life»

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Урок-вікторина. Мета:Повторити ЛО теми; Повторити граматичний матеріал: спеціальні запитання; Перевірити рівень мовної та мовленнєвої компетенції за темою;
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Вікторина з англійської мови

«Sport in our life»


Мета:Повторити ЛО теми;

Повторити граматичний матеріал: спеціальні запитання;

Перевірити рівень мовної та мовленнєвої компетенції за темою;

Обладнання: підручник, робочий зошит,Мультимедійна презентація,комп’ютер

Хід заходу:


  1. Організаційний момент

Teacher: – Hello, dear friends! We are glad to see you! No one can deny that sport has great meaning in our life. That’s why we are here today. There will be a quiz game “Sports in our life”.


– Let me introduce the main characters of this game. They are: the chief who will lead the game, the jury will estimate the teams, two teams and our guests.


– Well, let’s begin!


2.Уведення в іншомовну атмосферу.


Chief: – Everybody knows that sport is an important part in our life. It helps us in different ways: to keep in good health, to build our character. Sport makes us strong, fast, patient. During this game we shall talk about different kinds of sport (running, parcour, swimming and so on) and about famous sportsmen. The jury will estimate the teams and put the points for each competition.


– In the beginning I want teams to introduce themselves.


3. Привітання команд.


Капитани представляють свої команди.


4. Перший конкурс “Guess the sport” (“Вгадай вид спорту”).


Chief: – Listen the rule: you will see the certain kind of sport in our screen and write down them in your papers. The names of the sports must be written in correct form. Each correct name of sport will be estimate like one point.









Bungee jumping







5.Другий конкурс “Match the words” (“Об’єднайте слова ”).

Chief: – Your task is to match the words and translate them.

Keep fit

To feel bad

Dairy products

To keep to a diet

An emblem of the competition

Good for heart

Regular exercises

Rich in vitamins

To take temperature 

Молочні продукти

Емблема змагань

Бути в гарній формі

Багатий на  вітаміни

Дотримуватися дієти

Погано почуватися

Корисно для серця

Регулярні вправи

Міряти  температуру

6. Третій конкурс “What sports they are” (“Який вид спорту”).

Chief: – Now I shall give you descriptions of some kinds of sport and your task is to listen and say what sports they are. Translate the sentences.

It is a game for two or four players who hit a ball with rackets across a net. (tennis)

A round ball is used in this game. Two teams of players kick it. They are not allowed to handle the ball. (football)

It is a team game played with oval ball. (rugby)

It is a game played on a table using round wood bats and a small plastic ball. (ping-pong)


7.Четвертий конкурс “Friendly numbers” (“Веселі цифри”)

Chief: – There is a chain of numbers; your task is to decode the words using the alphabet and translate them.

19, 16, 15, 18, 20, 19, 13, 1, 14. (sportsman)

15, 12, 25, 13, 16, 9, 3 7, 1, 13, 5, 19. (Olympic games)

23, 18, 5, 19, 20, 12, 9, 14. (wrestling)


8. Пятий конкурс “How do we call people who…” (“Як ми називаємо цих людей…”).


Chief: – How do we call people who:


Play football (footballer or football player)

Tennis (tennis player)

Go swimming (swimmer)

Jumping (jumper)

Running (runner)

Windsurfing (surfer)


9. Шостой конкурс “Crazy questions” (“Скажені запитання”).


Chief: – Choose the right answer and decode the main word.

1. How do we call the most important sports event in the world?

Tennis tournaments at Wimbledon (n)

The World Youth Games (g)

The Olympic Games (h)

2. He decided to revive the Olympic Games at the end of the 19th century?

Vladislav Tretyak (a)

Pierre de Coubertin (e)

Robin the Bobbin (o)

3. An apple a day keeps … away

the doctor (a)

the teacher (y)

the policemen (i)

4. They are rich in vitamins

crisps (m)

fruits and vegetables (l)

fast food (r)

5. The right food keeps you …

well (t)

ill (k)

funny (p)

6. Never … to keep fit

laugh (x)

eat (l)

smoke (h)

(The main word is health)


10. Сьомий конкурс “Guess the famous sportsmen” (“Вгадай знаменитого спортсмена”).


Chief: – You’ll see the famous sportsmen on the screen. Your task is to guess who they are.


На экрані:

Дінара Сафіна

Ігорь Акінфеєв

Ілья Ковальчук

Девід Бекхем

Аліна Кабаєва

Андрій Аршавін


11. Восьмий конкурс. Запитання  ведущего.


Chief: – Well, now answer my questions:


What kinds of sports are popular in Ukraine?

Are you against or for sports and why?

Is sport important for you?

What’s your favorite kind of sport?

Do you prefer active kinds of sports or passive?

12.Девятий конкурс

Chief: Read the text and try to retell it.


Підведення підсумків вікторини


Chief: – The game is over. Now I want the jury to estimate the teams and account the points.


Журі оголошує результати.


Chief: – If you have good health you in a good mood. We must eat fruits and vegetables; we shouldn’t drink a lot of alcohol and of course go in for sports. Thank you for your attention!
















It is a mixture of acrobatic, running, fighting and a fantasy of the tracers. On the one hand it is a trick sport, because it is physical activity but on the other hand it is a style of life because it has no set of rules, team work or competitiveness. In parcour the whole control is important. It is a developing sport that has a lot of effective elements, somersaults and other dangerous tricks. Tracers haven’t got special equipment or clothes. They can use only resources of their own bodies. The main idea of parcour is getting over obstacles in your path.




It’s an entertainment extreme kind of sports representing driving on a roller board (skateboard) with overcoming of obstacles and performance of complex (difficult) figures. A person who skateboards is most often referred to as a skateboarder or just skater.

Skateboarding was born in 1940s in California. It’s divided on some kinds: vert (driving in the ramp), driving in mini-ramp and pool-skating (driving in pool). For each kind there is an engineering or tricks.





























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