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Вправи на тему NOUNS (PLURALS & POSSESSIVE CASE) допоможуть закріпити тему.

Вправи можна використовувати для контрольної роботи. Вправи корисні для самостійної роботи також.

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Nouns (plurals & Possessive case)


Form the possessive case

  1. their children / toys                                   
  2. our manager / car                                 
  3. the roof / the building                                  
  4. her husband / papers                                   
  5. the door / the room                                    
  6. Mike / brother / birthday party                         
  7. the pool / the hotel                                 


Choose the correct plural form.

  1. story                 a)stories  b)storyes  c)stores
  2. knife                 a)knifes  b)knifs  c)knives
  3. hero                 a)heroes  b)heros  c)heres
  4. photo                a)photos  b)photos  c)phots
  5. editor-in-chief  a)editor-ins-chief b)editor-in-chiefs c)editors-in-chief
  6. life                 a)lifes   b)lifs   c)lives
  7. sheep                a)sheeps  b) shoop  c) sheep
  8. piano                a) pianos  b) pianoes  c) pians
  9. fish                 a)fishs  b)fishes  c)fish


Complete the sentences with the plural of the words in brackets.

  1. There's a great new book of short available in the shops now. (story)
  2. Do we need more ? (potato)
  3. We went to the Tate Modern and saw a huge display made out of white . (box)
  4. You go to too many ! (disco)
  5. Some actors and get paid quite a lot. (actress)
  6. I can't understand why you need five ! (radio)
  7. I hear that are good at guarding things! (goose)

Choose the correct alternative.

  1. George is a real heroine / hero , you know.
  2. Since becoming a widow / widower he's started travelling more.
  3. Do you know where the best beaches are / is ?
  4. My cousin had to have all her tooth / teeth taken out.


For each underlined noun, circle U if it is uncountable or C if it is countable.

  1. I can get some bread while I'm out. OK? C / U
  2. You can't go out without any money! C / U
  3. I wouldn't go out in that jumper if I were you! C / U
  4. Simon always does well in physics. C / U
  5. They haven't got any furniture yet, but they're happy. C / U
  6. Molly just broke another glass! C / U
  7. Has anyone seen my keys? C / U


Choose the correct alternative.


 A: What do we need from the supermarket, mum?

    B: We don't need a lot of things.

1    A: We need some teas / tea and coffee, I think.

2    B: Yes, and a tube / bottle of milk.

    A: What about some spaghetti? Julie likes it, doesn't she?

3, 4  B: She doesn't eat many / much these days - she prefers rice / rices now. Well, we can get

5    both anyway ... and remind me to get a jar / piece of strawberry jam.

    A: Mmm ... does that mean you're going to make a cake later?

    B: Yes, it does!

6    A: Great - save a slice / sheet for me, please!


Complete the sentences from the box.











  1. Can I offer you a                 of coffee?
  2. Bob brought a bottle of                 home to celebrate.
  3. They say a                 of sugar helps the medicine go down!
  4. If you give Anna a sheet of                 , she can draw a sketch of you in three minutes!
  5. I wish you wouldn't leave the top off the tube of                 !
  6. This might taste nicer with a few                 of oil on it.
  7. Don't eat the whole                 of chocolate yourself!
  8. He bakes his own                 of bread.
  9. How much was the huge jar of                 ?
  10. You need at least two                 of meat for the meal.



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