Works, jobs, employments.

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Розробка уроку з англійської мови у 10 класі на тему : Works, jobs, employments.
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Form: 10

Topic: Works, jobs, employments.

Lesson Aims:  

  • develop vocabulary skills;
  • develop reading skills;
  • review vocabulary ,,Professions,,
  • - present new vocabulary;

Learning Objectives:

  • to develop vocabulary skills;
  • to present new vocabulary;
  • to develop speaking skills;
  • to develop reading skills;
  • to review vocabulary ,,Professions,,;
  • to review personal adjectives.

Learning Autcomes: By the end of the lesson the learners will be able to:

  • learn and use new vocabulary;
  • read the job advertisements;
  • speak about professions and requires;
  • discuss the job advertisements and requirements;
  • use personal adjectives.







I. Organizational moment

Good morning, pupils! How are you today? Do you ready for the lesson? Let’s check your present!

II. The topic of the lesson

Today we are going to speak about works, jobs, employments, learn new vocabulary and read job advertisements.

III. Checking Homework

Your Homework was the exercise number 2 page 36. Have you done? Let’s check!

IV. Warming up

There are many works and jobs in the world. Let’s make your own top-10 list of the most popular jobs and compare it with your classmates. Then we will name three the most popular jobs for your rating.

V. The main part of the lesson

1. Develop vocabulary skills

1. Ex. 1 p. 40

Your task is make a top five list of your favorite jobs. Compare it with your partner.

2. Presentation new vocabulary

Look at the ,,Words for you,,. There are you can see new words. Let’s read and translate them.

2. Reading

1. Ex. 2 p. 40

Your task is read the job advertisements quickly. What advertisements you will fill application?

2. Ex. 3 p. 42

Your task is read the advertisements again and match them with the statements in the exercise.

3. Speaking

1. Asking the questions

Pupils, answer the questions:

  1. What profession would you like to choose and why?
  2. What are qualities it is required?

2. Ex. 5 p. 43

Works in groups. Choose one of the advertisements and discuss all of the requirements which are asked.

3. Ex. 6 p. 43

Work in pairs. Play the ,,Guess the profession ,, game.

VI. Home task

Your Homework is the Ex. 4 p. 42

VII. The summary of the lesson