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Розробка містить нескладний текст на тематику Різдва. До тексту розроблено два завдання. Одне - на визначення правдивості тверджень, друге - творче завдання.
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Christmas in Australia

Christmas in Australia is not like anywhere else! Everything is topsy-turvy since December is one of the hottest months of the year. But the Australians have a great time anyway. Those who live near the coast go to the beach on Christmas day. They have a swim, play cricket or volleyball, surf or just sit around with family and friends enjoying Christmas dinner. Santa Claus arrives at Australian beaches on a surfboard – quite a change from sliding down a chimney! And since the weather is hot, he often wears swimsuit or funny baggy shorts.

Christmas is a great time for kids and students – it’s the beginning of their summer holidays and this means FUN, SUN and SURF!

Many Christmas decorations and symbols are the same as in Great Britain or the USA: Christmas trees (usually plastic), turkeys and plum pudding, snow scenes… But among them you can also see toy kangaroos and koala bears.

Christmas in Australia is also celebrated in a fun way on the 25th of July. This “cold Christmas” is usually just another excuse for a get-together with friends and family, but it’s becoming more and more popular!


I. True or false:

1. It is hot in Australia on Christmas.

2. Santa Claus usually appears from a chimney.

3. Santa Claus wears a funny fur coat.

4. School summer holidays start on Christmas.

5. Christmas decorations in Australia, Great Britain or the USA are different.

6.People also celebrate Christmas on the 25th of July.


II. Write a short paragraph about Christmas in your country


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