Англійська мова 1 клас Урок Unit 5"Lunchtime"

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Я, Турків Леся Степанівна, підготувала для своїх першокласників цікавий урок до розділу 5 Lunchtime. Вийшло весело і захоплююче для моїх учнів. Хочу поділитися цією розробкою з іншими колегами. Дякую за співпрацю.
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Г. Пухта, Г’. Г’ернг’рос, П Льюіс-Джонс

Unit 5                           Lunchtime

Teacher: Good morning children. I’m glad to see you! Have a nice day!

  • Warming-up.   Repeat after me:

Sister Kate has a plate.

Sister Nell has a bell.

Brother Nick has a  stick.

Brother Mike has a bike.


Mother Cat has a red hat.

Mother Goat has a red coat.

Mother Hen has a red pen.

Mother Fox has a nice box.

  • Learning New Vocabulary:   Topic  Lunchtime

Dear Children, today we are going to learn new words about Lunch time. Lunch is a meal eaten in the morning mostly at school or at work. It’s usually during the break at 9, 10, 11 or 12 o’clock.

  1. The children watch the video from YouTube on the topic.
  2. Then they open the textbook at p.54 and repeat the words after the teacher
  3. The children make sentences with the help of a model:

   I have got  . . . (a banana, pizza, an apple) for lunch.

  1. Let’s count

The teacher demonstrates pictures with apples, bananas, sandwiches, oranges, pizza which are on one table. Children make a circle and count.




How many apples? - There are 5 apples.

How many sandwiches? - There are 10 sandwiches.

How many pizzas? – There are 3 pizzas.

How many oranges? – There are 7 oranges.

The children sing a song 1banana, 2bananas, 3bananas, 4…

  1. Let’s make a lunch box.

Children, a lunch box is  a plastic box, where you can put your lunch and take it to school. The teacher divides the children into some groups. There are 4 children in each group. The teacher gives each group a box or a plastic plate and a set of pictures on the topic. Then they demonstrate and say what they have in a lunch box. They put apples, bananas, cheese sandwiches, cakes, pizzas, sausages, chicken, peas, carrots into the box.

  1. A play Lunchtime

A teacher divides children into some groups of actors. There are:

 the King                                    Oranges

  the Queen                                Pizza

 Red apples                              Sandwiches

 Green apples                         Juice

 Yellow apples

            A teacher gives every group their symbols:

      pictures of apples (or ripe apples), small balls of different colours

      a crown for a king and a queen.

    A teacher reads a fairy-tale and a group of children stands up when they hear their names. The King and the Queen are in the middle or sitting at the table.


Once upon a time there lived a King and a Queen. They loved each other and were happy.

The queen was hungry.

  • The King gave her a tomato pizza, a cheese pizza, a sausage pizza.
  •  - The Queen said: “Thank  you”.
  • Then the King gave her 6 red, green, yellow apples, 3 bananas ,
  •  - The Queen said: “Thank You”

    The King said: “I’m happy!”

The Queen said: “I’m happy too! I’m not hungry.”


  1.                     Let’s draw. My lunch box.

Children draw what they have for lunch. They can write down the name of the thing they have painted below their picture    (an apple, a banana, juice, pizza, sausage, chicken, peas, carrots) under the picture.


Турків Леся Степанівна

Вчитель англійської мови

Стрийської загальнооствітньої

школи I-III ст. №7

Львівської області





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