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Урок 2 "Look at Me!"до підручника Family and Friends 2nd Edition

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Practice the names of different parts of the body, use singular and plural forms of nouns, practice This is, These are.
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Theme: My Body

UNIT 3 This is My Nose!

Lesson 2. Look at Me

Objectives: to practice the names of different parts of the body; to use singular and    plural forms of nouns; to practice new structures: This is, These are; to develop pupils` speaking skills

Structure: This is, these are

Vocabulary: This is my nose. These are my arms

Materials:  CD 30-32; Story poster3; my body flashcards 42-46

Outcomes: by the end of the lesson pupils will be able to say sentences with this and these; to complete sentences with this and these; to recognize the difference between singular and plural forms of nouns


I Greeting

T:  Good morning dear children! Today we'll have a very interesting lesson. The topic of the lesson is "Look at me.” During the lesson we are going to do lots of interesting things. We’ll play, learn, compete with each other, work in pairs. So let’s start our lesson.


1. Language drill. T-P

T: We have a guest at our lesson- Miss Sock. She wants to ask you some questions. Get ready and answer them.  What’s your name? What`s your surname? How old are you? Where do you live? How are you?

T:  Now ask your friends the same questions, please.


2. Phonetic drill

T: And now we are ready to do our phonetic drill and repeat the chant:

Arms, arms, arms,

Nose, nose, nose,

Face, face, face,

Legs, legs, legs,

Ears, ears, ears

II Revision of parts of the body

T: It’s time to revise the words and word-combinations. So, look at the board and remember the parts of the body. What`s this?

T: You are having an interesting task. This game is called The blind cat’. Two pupils go to the board. I’ll tie the scarf over one pupil`s eyes, so you can’t see anything. Then you’ll hear the commands and point to your partner`s part of the body, after that you`ll change the parts.  Be careful! Ready? Let`s start!

T: Point to your partner`s face (nose, arms, legs, ears). Good. Change the parts.

III Presentation

T: Look at the pictures. What can you see?

P: Nose (arms)

T: Yes, you are right. One arm and one nose. Repeat chorally. Two arms and two legs. Repeat chorally.

T: Look at me. This is my face. This is my nose. These are my arms. These are my legs. Repeat chorally.

T: Chant the sentences. These are my legs. These are my arms. This is my face. This is my nose. These are my ears. When you say this is clap your hands once. When you say these are clap your hands twice.

IV Look and circle

T:  Look at the board, circle the plural s in the words on the board. Look at exercise 4 in your books (page 21). You can see some pictures with different parts of the body. Your task is to look at them, listen to the teacher and circle the correct words. Picture 1: legs, picture 2: arms, picture 3: leg, picture 4: arm.  Now show your books and let`s check your answers.

T: You were very active today. You should be awarded. We are going to play a new          game Find and Show’. There are some pictures with parts of the body in the classroom. Find them, name and show to the class. The first, who finds the card and correctly named it, keeps it. The pupil with the most cards wins. Let`s begin our game.


IV Summary 

  T: The lesson goes to the end. What did we do at the lesson? Was it difficult for you to work at the lesson? Did you like our lesson? Why?

V Evaluation.

 T:  What`s your progress today?

 T: Our lesson is over. Let`s say goodbye.

Goodbye, goodbye.

See you next time.



26 лютого 2019
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