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Урок "Ten Fingers"до підручника Family and Friends 2nd Edition

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Introduce and practice new body words, sing a song Ten Fingers on My Hands
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Theme: My Body

UNIT 3 This is My Nose!

Lesson 3. Ten Fingers

Objectives: to introduce and practice the names of different parts of the body; to develop pupils` speaking and listening skills

Vocabulary: fingers; hands; eyes; eyebrows; shoulders

Materials:  CD 31, 33-34; My body flashcards 47-51

Outcomes: by the end of the lesson pupils will be able to identify more body words  and use body words in the context of a song


I Greeting

T: Hello pupils! Today we are going to learn new body words and sing a Ten fingers on my hands song. Let`s begin our lesson!


T: Please, sing our greeting song.

Good morning, good morning.

 Good morning. How are you?

I`m fine, I`m fine.

 I`m fine. Thank you.

Good afternoon, good afternoon.

Good afternoon. How are you?

I`m not good, I`m not good.

I`m not good. Oh, no.

Good evening, good evening.

Good evening. How are you?

I`m great, I`m great.

I`m great. Thank you.

II Lead-in

T: Thank you for such a nice song. Now look at the cards and repeat after the teacher: fingers, hands, eyes, eyebrows, shoulders. Good!

T: Five children go to the board! Take one card and hold it up. I`ll say the body word and the class will point to the correct flashcard. Let`s start! Fingers! Eyes! Eyebrows! Hands! Shoulders!

 III Listen, point and repeat

T:  Open your books at page 22. Look at the pictures of exercise 1. You will listen to the CD (33) and point to the words.

T: Good. Listen to the recording the second time and repeat the words: fingers, hands, eyes, eyebrows, shoulders.

T: Look at the flashcards and say chorally: These are… (fingers, hands, shoulders, eyes, eyebrows).  

T: Now point to parts of your body and name them.

P1: These are my eyes.

 P2: These are my fingers.

P3: These are my hands.

P4: These are my shoulders.

P5: These are my eyebrows.

IV Listen and sing

T: Look at the pictures in exercise 2, page 22. What are the children doing? They are singing. Listen to the song and point to the pictures when you hear the new words (CD 34).

T: Well, listen to the teacher and repeat the words of the song line by line after me:

Ten fingers on my hands

On my hands.

Ten fingers on my hands

On my hands.

Two eyes, one nose,

All on my face.

Ten fingers on my hands

On my hands.

T: Nice of you. Listen to the recording again and sing along.

 V Sing and do

T: Very good. Children, look at the pictures to see the actions for the song. Let`s practice song actions:

Ten fingers- stretch out fingers and hold out your arms.

Two eyes- point to your eyes.

One nose- point to your nose.

T: Now listen to the song again and do the actions.

VI Summary 

  T: The lesson goes to the end. What did we do at the lesson? What did you like at the lesson? Why?

V Evaluation.

 T:  What`s your progress today?

 T: Our lesson is over. Let`s say goodbye.

Goodbye, goodbye.

See you next time.



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