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Dear Friends! We are very glad to see you here. Today we are having a competition, an English quiz and each of you will take part in it as a member of one team or fans.

Today we are going to have a kind of intellectual game be­tween two teams. We hope it'll be rather interesting for you and you'll have a good time. So, be attentive, listen to all the questions and try to give, the right answers. We wish you good luck and hope for your active participation. Yes, you'll have to work together to make the common decision and it's possible only when you are united, when you are real friends.


  1. Teams present their members, their motto. Presentation the members of the jury.



  1. Warming –up


Teacher: I think the first task will be easy for you. Which word is different from the others? Find it and circle.

1. Road                                                           5. Gallon

    River                                                               Bottle

    Street                                                               Litre

    Square                                                             Pint


2. Book                                                           6. Boss

    Magazine                                                        Wife

    Television                                                       Son

    Newspaper                                                      Daughter


3. Arm                                                            7. Doctor

    Hand                                                               Medicine

    Head                                                               Taxi

    Hat                                                                  Ambulance


4. Eggs                                                            8. Postcard

    Salt                                                                  Stamp

    Pepper                                                             Letter

    Mustard                                                          Ticket



  1. Quiz on Great Britain

1. What does the United Kingdom consist of?

a) England, Scotland, Wales and Northern Ireland

b) England, Scotland and Wales

c) Scotland, Wales and Northern Ireland

d) England, Scotland and Northern Ireland


2. The name of the clock in the Clock Tower of the Houses of Parliament is …

a) Big Sam

b) Big Ned

c) Big Ben

d) Big Mac


3. What river is London situated on?

a) Thames

b) Tyne

c) Clyde

d) Severn


4. What are the oldest universities in Great Britain?

a) Edinburgh and London universities

b) Oxford and Cambridge universities

c) Reading and Glasgow universities

d) Harvard and Yale universities


5. From the European Continent the British Isles are separated by …

a) the North Sea and Irish Sea

b) the North Sea and the English Channel

c) the English Channel and the Atlantic Ocean

d) the Irish Sea


6. The United Kingdom is a …

a) parliamentary monarchy

b) constitutional monarchy

c) parliamentary republic

d) constitutional republic


7.  The climate of Great Britain is generally …

a) mild

b) frosty

c)  cold

d) freezing


8. Which is the most popular drink in Britain?

 a) tea


c) juice

d) vine


9. Where are the Metropolitan Police headquartered in London?

a) Westminster Abbey

b) the Houses of Parliament

c) the Tower

d) Scotland Yard


10. Who founded the waxwork museum in London?

a) Madam Bovary

b) Madam Tussaud

c) Madam Curie

d) Madam Butterfly


11. The official residence of Queen is …

a) Whitehall

b) the Barbican Center

c) Buckingham Palace

d) St. James’s Palace


12. What is one of the two oldest universities cities of Great Britain?

a) Reading

b) New Haven

c) Princeton

d) Oxford


13. What is the longest river of the Great Britain?

a) Thames

b) Tyne

c) Clyde

d) Severn


14. What is the deepest river of Great Britain?

a) Tyne

b) Thames

c) Clyde

d) Severn


15. What is the highest peak in Great Britain?

a) McKinley

b) Ben Nevis

c) Ai-Petri

d) Scafell


16. What is the capital of Wales?

a) Cardiff

b) Birmingham

c) Oxford

d) Dublin


17. What is Heathrow?

a) the largest industrial center in Great Britain

b) the airport near Belfast

c) the largest London airport

d) the biggest seaport in Great Britain


18. What is the unit of currency in the UK?

a) euro

b) pound

c) dollar

d) franc


19. Many banks and offices are located in …

a) Westminster

b) the West End

c) the East End

d) the City


20. What is the capital of Northern Ireland?

a) Cardiff

b) Belfast

c) Edinburg

d) Dublin


21. What is the capital of Scotland?

a) Liverpool

b) Manchester

c) Leeds

d) Edinburg


22. What is the Union Jack?

a) flag of England

b) flag of the UK

c) flag of Wales

d) flag of the USA


23. Where are the Highlands situated?

a) Ireland

b) Scotland

c) England

d) Wales


24. Who built London?

a) the Britons

b) the Romans

c) the Angles

d) the Celts


25. … washes the west of the British Isles.

a) the Indian Ocean

b) the Atlantic Ocean

c) the Red Sea

d) the Pacific Ocean


26. What English poet and dramatist was actor of the theatre “The Globe”?

a) Oscar Wilde

b) William Shakespeare

c) Rudyard Kipling

d) Robert Burns


27. Who wrote the novel “Jane Eyre”?

 a) William Shakespeare

 b) Oscar Wilde

 c) Robert Burns

 d) Charlotte Bronte


28. What was Charles Chaplin?

a) singer

b) writer

c) actor

d) scientist



  1. Sights of Great Britain (presentation)


  1. Captains’ contest “Go on!”

It is called “Go on!” The task is to answer the questions at high speed. If you don’t know or don’t remember the answer, you should say “Go on!”, because your time is limited.


1. The day when sweethearts say beautiful and pleasant words to each other (St. Valentine’s Day)

2. The most important religious holiday (Easter)

3. During this holiday we honour the memory of those people who defeated our land against the fascists (Victory Day)

4. Where is the biggest Christmas Tree situated in London every year?

(Trafalgar Square)

5. When do English people celebrate Halloween? (on 31 of October)

6. The day when the Ukrainians proclaimed their independence (The Day of Independence of Ukraine)

7. Where does Santa Clause put the presents to the children in Great Britain? (the stockings)

8. When is Christmas celebrated in Great Britain?



1. In this holiday ghosts and witches come out (Halloween)

2. What is Easter connected with? (With the feast of Christ resurrection)

3. In what month do we celebrate Women’s Day? (March)

4. When do we celebrate Independent Day? (On the 24th of August, 1991)

5. What are traditional dishes at Christmas dinner? (Stuffed turkey and Christmas pudding)

6. What do we celebrate on the 1st of September? (The day of knowledge)

7. Who comes together with Father Frost? (Snow Maiden)

8. What do the Ukrainians decorate before the New? (The New Year Tree)


  1. The games for the captains


 Name 10 animals.

 Name 10 articles of clothing.

 Name 10 part of body and face.

 Name 10 professions.

 Name 10 holidays.

 Name 10 vegetables.



  1. Quiz


1. At what age do Ukrainian children start going to school? (At the age of 6)

2. What kind of school do English pupils live and study at? (Boarding school)

3. What education is compulsory in Ukraine? (Secondary)

4. What age do English children start going to school? (At the age of 5)

5. What two stages is children’s education divided in Great Britain? (Primary and secondary)

6. How many terms does a school year consists of in Ukraine? ( 2 terms)

7. Until what age do the pupil stay at secondary school in Ukraine? (Until 16)

8. After finishing what form do Ukrainian pupils have their first exams? (The 9th form)

9.  Name two types of secondary schools in Great Britain? (Grammar and comprehensive schools)

10. How long are summer holidays in Ukraine? (Tree months)

11. What school in Great Britain are for those children whose parents are rich people (Private school)

12. How long are summer holidays in Britain? (Six or seven weeks)

13. What language do we have to speak at our school? (Ukrainian)

14. Is the comprehensive system selective or non- selective? (Non – selective)

15. What do pupils have between every lesson? (Breaks)

16. When do Ukrainian pupils go to school after their summer holidays? (On the 1st of September)


  1. World of Books











  1. The results
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