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Дана розробка - це закріплення вивченого матеріалу по темі " Сполучене Королівство Великої Британії та Північної Ірландії". Воно проводиться в ігровій формі на паралелі 8х класів.
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Брейн-ринг “Excursion around the United Kingdom”

(паралель 8-х класів)

P1: Hello, my dear friends! Today we are having an unusual party(meeting). We are going to have an intellectual game “Brain-Ring” between the pupils of the 8th forms.

P2: The topic of our contest is “Excursion around the United Kingdom”. Let’s greet our teams. Team 1 (називає учасників) …  . Captain is … .

P1: Team 2 (називає учасників) …  . Captain is … .

P2: Let’s greet our judges: (називає)

P1:Let’s also greet our special guests:

P2: Who will be the winner?

P1: You’ll see.

P2: Are you ready to start our game?

P1: So, we’ll start our competition from a little quiz.


Round 1 (Quiz)

1. What is the official name of the state which is situated on the British Isles?

      (The United Kingdom of Great Britain and Northern Ireland)

2. What countries does it consist?

       (England, Wales, Scotland and Northern Ireland)

3. What is the capital of Great Britain?


4. London consists of:

         (The City, the East End, the West End)

5. What part is the heart of London?

          (The City of London)

6. What part consists of the fashionable houses, museums, theatres, cinemas, palaces?

           (The West End)

7. Where is the Poets’ Corner?

             (In Westminster Abbey)

8. Where is the Big Ben?

              (In the Houses of Parliament)

9. The head of Britain is (the Queen)

10. The Queen of England lives in

            (Buckingham Palace)

11. London stands on the river...


12. The political centre of London is …



Round 2 (History of London)

1. Under what king did the Knights of the Round Table gather together?
a) Henry IV
b) Arthur 
c) Edward II 
d) William the Conqueror

2. What great historical event happened in 1066?
a) the Danish invention 
b) a bourgeois revolution
c) the battle of Hastings
d) the battle of Bosworth

3. The Romans first invaded Britain in …
a) the 5th century AD 
b) the 5th century BC
c) the 1st century BC 
d) the 1st century AD

4. London is more than …
a) one thousand years old
b) two thousand years old
c) three thousand years old 
d) four thousand years old

5. The Princess Diana was the wife of …
a) Prince John 
b) Prince Robert 
c) Prince Wilhelm
d) Prince Charles

6. What disaster did the whole England suffer from in the 14th century?
a) Great Fire of London 
b) Great Plague in England 
c) Battle of Trafalgar 
d) Battle of Waterloo

7. The legend says that without them the Tower will fall. They are ….
a) the pigeons 
b) the cats 
c) the squirrels
d) the ravens

8. Where are the British kings crowned?
a) in Parliament Square 
b) in St. Paul’s Cathedral 
c) in Westminster Abbey 
d) in Canterbury Cathedral

9. What admiral is the monument in the centre of Trafalgar square devoted to?
a) George
b) Andrew
c) Nelson
d) Edward

10. A king was the founder of the British Navy. What was his name?
a) Edward 
b) George
c) Alfred
d) Richard



Round 3 (The main things about the UK)

1. What is the symbol of the United Kingdom?
a) a bald eagle
b) Britannia
c) a rose 
d) a leek

2. What is the name of the British national flag?
a) the Union Jack 
b) the Saint Andrew’s Cross
c) the Saint David’s Cross 
d) the Stars and Stripes


4. What is the emblem of Scotland?
a) a daffodil
b) a thistle 
c) a dragon 
d) a red rose

5. What two animals can we see on British royal coat of arms?
a) the lion and the fox 
b) the lion and the elephant
c) the lion and the unicorn 
d) the lion and the wolf

6. What is the national anthem of Great Britain?
a) “God save the King” 
b) “In God We Trust”
c) “Cod Save the Queen” 
d) Peace at any Price

7. What is the name – the patronymic and the surname of the present English Queen?
a) Catherine George Windsor 
b) Mary George Windsor
c) Ann George Windsor
d) Elisabeth George Windsor

8. What does the word “Albion”, the poetic name of Great Britain mean?
a) green 
b) red
c) white 
d) unknown

9. What kingdom of the United Kingdom has the depiction of a dragon on its flag?
a) Wales
b) England 
c) Scotland 
d) Northern Ireland

10. What is the most important airport in Great Britain?
a) Heathrow Airport 
b) Gatwick Airport
c) Stansted Airport
d) Vnukovo Airport


Round 4 (Geography of the UK)

1. Where is Greenwich?

a) in England
b) in Scotland 
c) in Wales 
d) in Ireland

2. What lake does the famous Scottish monster live in?
a) Loch Erne 
b) Loch Lomond
c) Loch Ness 
d) Loch Dove

3. What is the longest river in Great Britain?
a) the Severn 
b) the Avon 
c) the Thames 
d) the Tyne

4. What is the name of the highest mountain in Wales?
a) Ben Nevis 
b) Snowdon
c) Scaffel Pike 
d) Alps

5. What is the capital of Northern Ireland?
a) Cardiff  
b) Dublin
c) Belfast 
d) London

6. Great Britain is divided into … .
a) 2 parts
b) 3 parts 
c) 4 parts 
d) 5 parts

7. What English city is one of the most famous university city?
a) London
b) Oxford
c) Edinburg 
d) Dublin

8. What is Britain famous for?
a) its rains 
b) its winds
c) its fogs 
d) its cold

Муз. пауза


Round 5 (What do you know about London?)

1. What is the summer residence of Queen Elisabeth II ?
a) the Tower of London 
b) Winsdor Castle
c) Buckingham Palace 
d) Westminster Abbey

2. What is the name of the most famous London stadium?
a) уемблі

3. Where is London zoo?
a) Hyde park 
b) St Jame`s park 
c) Central park
d) Regent’s park

4. Piccadilly Circus is the meeting point of ….
a) 4 streets 
b) 5 streets
c) 6 streets 
d) 7streets
5. The changing of the guard happens every day at
a) 12.30 a.m 
b) 12 o’clock
c) 11.30 a.m 
d) 10 o’clock

6. Where are the tombs of many British kings and queens and other famous people?
a) in the Tower of London 
b) on the cemetery
c) on the river bank
d) in Westminster Abbey

7. Covent Garden is now … .
a) a cinema
b) a tourist shopping centre
c) a fruit and vegetable garden 
d) a theatre

8. When was the Westminster Abbey founded?
a) in the 19th century 
b) in the 10th century
c) in the 11th century 
d) in the 12th century

9. Where can you see the wax models of famous people?
a) in Madam Tussaud`s Museum
b) in the British Museum
c) in the Westminster Abbey
d) in the Tower of London

10. Piccadilly Circus is the heart of London’s … .
a) East End 
b) City 
c) Westminster 
d) West End

Round 6 (Famous people in the UK)

1. An English writer best-known for her novel “Jane Eyre” is … .
a) Lewis Carroll 
b) Agatha Christie 
c) Charles Dickens
d) Charlotte Bronte

2. What town was “Beatles” from”?
a) London
b) Manchester
c) Liverpool 
d) Birmingham

3. Who wrote “The Picture of Dorian Gray”?
a) Mark Twain 
b) Oscar Wilde 
c) Edgar Poe 
d) Walter Scott

4. Who is the creator of the electronic motor?
a) Thomas Edison 
b) Isaac Newton 
c) James Watt
d) Michael Faraday

5. Who is the author of the famous book about Harry Potter?
a) J. R. R. Tolkien
b) J. K. Rowling
c) A. A. Milne
d) S. M. Turner

6. Which of them are the famous English singers?
a) ser Eiton John
b) Madonna
c) Whitney Huston 
d) Michael Jackson

8. Who is the author of “Alice of the Wonderlands”?
a) Jonathan Swift
b) Luis Carol
c) Walter Scott
d) Charles Dickens

9. Who wrote “Oliver Twist”?
a) Charles Dickens 
b) Robert Burns
c) William Shakespeare 
d) Robert Stevenson

10. Who was the British Prime Minister in 1979-1996?
a) Margaret Thatcher 
b) James Callaghan
c) Stanley Baldwin 
d) John Major

Пісня “Yesterday”


Round 7 (Holidays and Traditions in the UK)

1. What is the most important festival of Welsh poetry and music?
a) the Edinburgh Festival 
b) the Rock festival in Liverpool
c) Eisteddfod 
d) Eurovision

2. What is the Scottish national costume for men?
a) the tuxedo 
b)the black uniform
c) the kilt 
d) the bearskin

3. What is the most popular drink in Britain?
a) apple juice 
b) tea
c) milk
d) coffee

4. What is the name for New Year’s Eve in Scotland?
a) Cocney
b) Hogmanay
c) Christmas 
d) the evening before New Year

5. What do children usually say at Halloween?
a) “trick or treat”
b) “sing or dance”
c) “give or take”
d) “cry or laugh”

6. Which holiday is usually celebrated on the 5th of November in the UK?
a) Easter
b) Guy Fawkes Day
c) Halloween
d) New Year

7. What is a “bank holiday”?
a) the holiday on the bank of the river 
b) week-end
c) public holiday 
d) summer holiday

8. What is the traditional Christmas song called in Britain?
a) “Anthem”
b) “Auld Lang Syne” 
c) “Imagine” 
d) “Jingle Bells”

9. When is Halloween celebrated in the UK?
a) on 31st October 
b) on 31st November
c) on 31st September
d) on 31st January

10.Scottish surnames begin with…..
a) O` 
b) Mac or Mc 
c) de 
d) La

- And now the most interesting part of our game begins. It`s a real intellectual combat! The representatives of each team will come to the screen and ask each other questions. It will be a combat — a question — to a question. An Englishman will ask a Scot his question and a Scot will ask an Englishman his question. So, let`s begin!


- The fourth round is devoted to the sights of Great Britain. Let`s see how well you have prepared. I`ll ask you 20 questions. During 30 seconds your team must give the right answer first and get a point. If your team gives the wrong answer, the other team will have the right to answer it. So, attentionplease.Questionnumberone...


- Dear friends! The fourth round is over! The total score is...


- Our game is coming to an end. And now — the final test. It includes 8 questions. Your team must discuss all the questions together and mark the right answers on the paper. The captains of the teams, take your tests, please. You`ve got 5 minutes to do it. Thetimehasbegun!

The result of the test: Englishmen — ... points, Scots — ... points.


- Our game has come to an end. Attention! Look at the table. The total score of the game:

Englishmen — ... points, Scots — ... points.The best team is... Congratulation to the winners!


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