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Complex Test . Part 1:"Parts of Speech and their Categories: Articles/Nouns/Pronouns/Adjectives/Adverbs/Prepositions"

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Parts of Speech and their Categories:

* Articles (The usage of Definite article (the)/Indefinite articles( a/an), Zero Article

*Nouns (Plurality of the Nouns, Possessive Case)

*Pronouns (Personal, Possessive, Reflexive,Indefinite)

*Adjectives/Adverbs (Degrees of Comparison)

*Prepositions (Prepositions of Time/Place/Movement)

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Complex Test . Part 1:"Parts of Speech and their Categories:            Дата:

Articles/Nouns/Pronouns/Adjectives/Adverbs/ Prepositions"


What's that ...your back? Is that a present?

б) beside

г) below

б) older

г) eldest

-  Shall we buy a birthday cake?

-  No. Let's bake one ....

а) selves

в) ourselfs

д) alone


б) themselves

г) ourselves

- I am going to the supermarket. Is there ... you want me to buy?

-Yes, please. There isn't....milk left. You could also buy ... tomatoes. I want to cook pasta for dinner.

б) anything, any, any

г) anything, any, some

б) children, women, ladies, benches, boys

г) watches, geese, foots, monkeis, oxen

Charlotte is a ...dancer. She can dance really ... Her brother Alex is a ....runner. How ... can he run?

                                                                                                                          б) good, goodly, fast, fastly.

б) onto

г) below


-What do you usually do ... Christmas?

-Oh...Our family has lots of special traditions. It's such a fun! I just love this time of a year. What about you? What does your family do ...Christmas Eve?

б) at, at

г) on, on

I enjoy spending time in ...Carpathians. Have you ever reached the peak of ...Hoverla?

б) -, -

г) the, the

-Do you know a country called ...Netherlands?

-Do you mean ...Holland?

- Yes, it's ...same country, you know...

б) -, -, the

г) -, -, -

I am already ... a plane. I wanted to come back ... train, but there weren't any tickets left. Meet me ... the airport ...3 hours.

а) by, by, in, inб) on, by, at, at

в) on, by, at, inг) by, on, in, at


б) anything

г) everything

Oh, no! My cufflinks have just fallen ... the sink drainer! I should call the plumber immediately!

б) under

г) towards

Can you see that white pigeon? It's over there...Sitting on the ....

б) branch of a tree

г) branch of a tree's

Which of the following NOUNS take +ES in a plural form?

б) piano, tomato, month, bus, fox

г) lash, dash, video, box, dress

Fill in the gaps with the correct article:

...Nile is ...longest river in ... Africa. Some people say that ...Amazon river is longer than ... Nile

б) the, the, -, the, the

г) -, the, the, -, -

б) Queen's Elizabeth ancestor

г) Queen's Elizabeth's ancestor

б) worse

г) the baddest

-Is there ... at home?

-  No, ... is at work. I will try calling my Mom.

а) everywhere, anyone, anyoneб) anywhere, anyone, everyone

в) nowhere, anyone, everyoneг) anywhere, no one, anyone


-  I have always dreamt to travel to ... United Kingdom.

-  I have never been to ... Great Britain either. Where exactly would you like to go?

-  I'd love to visit ... Cardiff! ... Wales is ... really interesting country!

-  As for me, I'd like to go to... London. There are so many places for sightseeing: ... BuckinghamPalace, ... Big Ben, ... Tower Bridge! And ... Thames is just terrific!

                          б) the, -, -, -, a, -, -, -, -, the

-  That's ok! I can fix it ... .

б) by me

г) by myselves

Choose the answer with the correct Comparative and Superlative degrees of the Adjectives/Adverbs.

 а) big-bigger-the biggest;  б) narrow-narrower-the narrowest; lonely-lonelier-the loneliest; close-closer-the closest; comfortable-more comfortable-the most tender-tenderer- the tenderest; comfortable;  old-elder-the eldest. far-further-the furthest.

       в) good-better-the best;                                                         г) gently-gentlyer-the gentlyest;

close-closeer-the closeest;      clever-cleverer-the cleverest; interesting-more interesting-the most    nice-nicer-the nicest;

interesting;     careful-carefuler-the carefulest little-littler-the littlest

Which of the following nouns are uncountable?

б) banana

г) steel

е) deer

ж) oil

-Where is ...Andy Brown? I haven't seen him for ...few days. -...Browns went to ...Florida ...week ago. I am feeding their cats.

б) -,a,the,-,a

г) -,-,-,a,the

-How long will it take me to get there ... foot?

-Well...it's rather far away...If I were you, I would go there ... bus.

а) by,byб) on,on

в) by,inг) on,by

Ключ до тесту

1. в (1 балів)

2. г (1 балів)

3. г (1 балів)

4. г (3 балів)

5. а в г (3 балів)

6. а (5 балів)

7. в (1 балів)

8. в (2 балів)

9. в (2 балів)

10. а (3 балів)

11. в (4 балів)

12. в (1 балів)

13. а (1 балів)

14. б (1 балів)

15. в (5 балів)

16. б (5 балів)

17. а (1 балів)

18. д (1 балів)

19. б (3 балів)

20. б (10 балів)

21. а (1 балів)

22. а б (2 балів)

23. а в г д є ж (6 балів)

24. б (5 балів)

25. г (2 балів)

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