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Презентація "Mass media/ Засоби масової інформації"

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Електронна презентація на тему "Mass media" до уроку допоможе краще дітям опанувати дану тему
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Presentation on the topic “Mass Media“

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Mass Media. Mass media - a set of bodies for the public transfer of information using technical means. In simple terms, the media is a source of information about everything that happens. This presentation is dedicated to the most popular information transfer services around the world.

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First place. BBC - One of the largest television and radio corporations in the world. The main content is video and audio products, the BBC News site is an excellent source of international news. Correspondents work all over the world, so you can always find detailed information and analytics on the events of not only the UK and Europe, but also other countries at the BBC. The news is sorted into thematic sections - World, Business, Sport, Tech, Science, Stories, Entertainment and Arts, Special Reports, Explainers, Reality Check and a special section «Have you say», in which readers can share their opinion, take part in a survey or toss journalists idea for stories.

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Second Place. Sky News - private British news channel. The site publishes news notes and short videos, including subtitles. But Sky News is inferior to the BBC in the variety of materials and the depth of coverage of materials. The main content is dedicated to what is happening in the UK and its interaction with the world. As in most news media there is a section of World, which covers world events. All content is free. Minus - the live broadcast of the channel is not available in Russia.

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Third Place. Fox News, CNN - Most of the content of these American media corporations is devoted to global and local events in the United States and related international issues. There are sections of entertainment and international events. Fox News has a large video section where you can watch live broadcasts, program recordings and selected news items. In addition to the traditional sections of World, Business, Sport, CNN has thematic sub-sites of US Politics, Money, Travel, Health, Style. Live broadcast is not available, there is a section with videos, including subtitles.

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Fourth Place. The New York Times - The flagship of world journalism. A publication that still sets work standards for journalists around the world. As an American newspaper, the New York Times covers quite widely everything that happens in the USA and New York, to which a separate section is devoted. Much attention is paid to American and international politics. The language of presentation, especially in large articles or the opinion section, is more complicated than on the BBC or Sky News. But articles on general topics are written quite readily. There is an application from which it is convenient to read articles, even when there is no Internet. The only negative is the paid newspaper. The minimum cost is $ 9 per month. You can read up to 4 articles per month for free. But if you download the application, then 2-3 free articles in the form of push notifications will be sent daily.

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Fifth place. The Washington Post - Another legend of American journalism, due to the investigation of which Richard Nixon had once resigned, also offers its readers a variety of quality and voluminous materials. Minus - paid subscription (from $ 6 for 4 weeks). There is an application. For those who are interested in delving into the realities of American life, the national newspaper USA Today is suitable.

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Sixth Place. Reuters - The largest global news agency. Unlike its main competitor, the Associated Press publishes a large number of materials of various kinds in the public domain. Despite her specialization in economics, she publishes news and articles on a common topic. As in most news media, they are sorted by Business, World, Politics, Tech, Life and Video. In addition, there is a free application. The news is structured, written in a strict information style. For language learners, such a presentation helps to understand the essence of the event without a dictionary, as well as learn a lot of useful expressions. Minus - a somewhat dry style of presentation, business orientation. Those interested in economics and business are welcome to use The Wall Street Journal, The Financial Times, where there is a section on the economy and finances of Russia, Bloomberg and The Economist. They post some of the content on the site, the rest is available by subscription.

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Seventh Place. The Guardian - A great alternative to The New York Times and Reuters. The newspaper is British, but it covers international issues quite widely; there is a special section on the United States. Articles are very lively, interesting and topics are diverse - from high art to advice on personal life. Especially for language lovers, the sections Languages ​​and English and creative writing have been created. The presentation style can be complicated, especially when it comes to columns, but in ordinary news articles it is a fairly understandable language, albeit more complex than in the BBC or tabloids. There is a paid subscription, but even the volume that is available for free is enough to keep abreast of events. You can install a free application with a nice addition in the form of a weekly selection of fascinating long-reads.

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