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Let´s talk about your parents

To reinforce vocabulary on the topic; develop communicative skills using the active vocabulary.

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                                                                LET”S TALK ABOUT YOUR PARENTS

  Картинки по запросу my dad' hobby  clipart- What is your mother’s name? –My mother’s name is…                          -How old is she? – She is …                                                      What does your mother look like?   –She is a pretty woman.

- Is she tall or short? –She is …                         - Is she slim or plump? – She is …                                      -What colour are her eyes?      –Her eyes are blue/                                                       grey/green/ brown.                                             – Does she wear glasses?                                     - Yes, she does. / No, she does not.                                                                                                                                              

- What hair does she have?   

                                     – She has /short -long/ straight- wavy-curly/ dark – fair/ hair.

Картинки по запросу mother cartoons-What kind of person is your mother?                                                - She is kind-hearted. She loves and understands me. We always talk about my school life.                                                 

                                                          -She is hardworking.                                                  She does a lot of work.

- She is helpful.                                             She helps me with my home tasks.     I often ask my mum for advice.                                                  

                                 -Does she like baking?                                                             -Yes, she does. She makes tasty cakes.                                - Does she drive a car?                                                   - Yes, she does. / No, she does not.

                               -Does she like to grow flowers?                   - Does your mum like embroidering?                                                              - Yes, she does. / No, she does not.



-Can she sew?        - Can she knit?                                                                                                     – Yes, she can. / No, she cannot.

- What is your father’s name? –My father’s name is…                          -How old is he? – He is …                                                      -What does your father look like?                                      – He is a handsome man.                                                


He is a /tall – short/ slim-plump/ - What hair does he have?                        – He has /short / straight- wavy-curly/ dark – fair/ hair.                                                    /He does not have hair, he is bald.                

 Mustache    beard                   


–Does he have a mustache?                                        –Does he have a beard?                                     - Yes, he does. / No, he does not.      – Does he wear glasses?                                       - Yes, he does. / No, he does not.                                                                                                                                                                                                                            


-What kind of person is your father?



- He is / helpful /friendly/ hardworking /cheerful/ strict.

He helps my mother.                                                              He tells me funny stories.

He takes care of our family.

  Картинки по запросу my dad' hobby  clipart   

- What can your father do?                                 –He can repair machines.                         –What does he like to do?                              -He likes to watch TV, play football/ chess, fishing, driving a car /a motorbike/….                            

 My mother and father are very friendly.                                                             I am proud of my parents.                              I love them very much. 


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