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Festival of English Traditions (розробка позакласного заходу)

Про матеріал

Цілі: практична: систематизувати вивчений матеріал, поглибити та розширити

знання з теми;

освітня: сформувати уявлення учнів про свята у Великій Британії;

розвиваюча: розвивати культуру спілкування, уяву, фантазію, відчуття

реальності, спостережливість і естетичне сприйняття

навколишнього світу, сприяти розвитку самостійного критичного

й аналітичного мислення, вміння відстоювати власну позицію;

виховна: виховувати шанобливе ставлення до традицій народу, мова якого


Перегляд файлу


                                               Festival of English Traditions

                                             (розробка позакласного заходу)

Клас                            6 – 7  кл.

Цілі:   практична:    систематизувати вивчений матеріал, поглибити та розширити

                                     знання з теми;

            освітня:          сформувати уявлення учнів про свята у Великій Британії;

            розвиваюча: розвивати культуру спілкування, уяву, фантазію, відчуття  

                                     реальності, спостережливість і естетичне сприйняття

                                     навколишнього світу, сприяти розвитку самостійного критичного

                                     й аналітичного мислення, вміння відстоювати власну позицію;

  виховна:        виховувати шанобливе ставлення до традицій народу, мова якого


                                                   Хід заходу

Teacher         Dear pupils, dear guests! We are glad to meet you at our meeting! Welcome                 


                            Today we are going to present you the festival of English traditions.

                                                                                                          (слайд 1)  Фанфары!!

                            Of course, you have already known some facts and details but we are sure

                            that during our party you will know some new information about English

                            holidays and traditions. So let’s start!

Pupil 1                Every country has its own traditions and customs. In Britain traditions play a

                            very important role in the life of people because the British are very

                            conservative. They are proud of their traditions and keep them carefully. 

Pupil 2                When we speak about British traditions we always remember that there are

                            four pats in Great Britain–England, Scotland, Wales and Northern Ireland.                                                                          

                                                                                                            (слайд 2)

                            Traditions are different in these parts of the country.

                                Holidays in Great Britain

  • New Year’s Day                                                     January,1st
  • St. Valentine’s Day                                                February,14th
  • St. David’s Day (покровитель Уэльса)              March,1st
  • Easter                                                                      April-May
  • Pancake Day                                                           March
  • St. Patrick’s Day(покровитель Ирландии)       March,17th
  • Mother’s Day                                                          March,26th
  • Fool’s Day                                                               April,1st
  • Queen’s Birthday                                                   April,21st
  • St. George’s Day(покровитель Англии)            April,23rd
  • May Day                                                                  May,1st
  • Queen’s Official Birthday                                      June, Saturday 2nd
  • Halloween                                                                October,31st
  • Guy Fawkes’ Day                                                    November,5th
  • St. Andrew’s Day(покровитель Шотландии)    November,30th
  • Christmas Day                                                         December,25th
  • Boxing Day                                                               December,26th

                                                                            (слайд 3,4,5)

Pupil 3 February the fourteenth day

 It’s Valentine, they say.

                    I choose you from among the rest

                       The reason is I love you best.                                      (слайд 6)  Music

Pupil 4 February 14th is St.Valentine’s Day. Boys and girls as well as grown-ups send

                        cards named valentines to their friends. A valentine is a funny little picture

                        with a little poem on it. Children like to buy or to make valentines for their

                        friends or teachers.

Pupil 5             Children usually make a male-box with a slit on the top, where they can post

                         their valentines. At the end of the day they open the box and take out

                         valentines. The boy or girl who gets more valentines than the other children

                         feel happy.                                                         ( слайд 7)

                          (Изготавливают валентинки, разгадывают кроссворд – слайд 8,9)

Pupil 6              The pupils will tell you about Pancake Day. (слайд 10)

                          It is celebrated on Shrove Tuesday in spring at the beginning of Lent. Lent is

                          a period of 40 days before Easter.

Pupil 7              On this day in England the families usually have pancakes for dinner. At

                          school the children and teachers have pancakes for school dinner, and in

                          restaurants customers ask for pancakes, too.

                          Everyone knows that pancakes are delicious to eat, but do you know how to

                          cook them?

                            Let’s put the instructions for making pancakes in the right order.

                                                                                                                 (слайд 11,12)

  1. Put the flour and salt into the bowl.
  2. Add the eggs.
  3. Beat the mixture adding the milk.
  4. Heat a little butter in frying pan.
  5. Pour in a little batter, moving the pan round.
  6. Cook until the pancake begins the golden brown colour.
  7. Next fry the other side.
  8. Turn the pancake into a plate.

Teacher              You were very active. I think you are good cooks; you can make pancakes

                           very well.

Pupil 8                So, let’s imagine that we have already made our pancakes. Do you know that

                            in England people not only eat them but race with them?

                            Now we are going to have a pancake race in our school.

                                                                                                             (слайд 13)

                            I invite those who will take part in the race. Take frying pans with pancakes

                            on them. You must run tossing your pancakes three times during the race.

                            The winner is a pupil who comes first and doesn’t drop his pancake. So, be


Pupil 9                Another tradition is the Pancake Fight when a cook tosses a pancake high

                           into the air. The boys fight for the pancake. The winner is the boy who gets

                           the biggest piece of the pancake. So, now I invite you to fight for the        


Teacher              Thank you for your active participation in the competitions. Pancake Day is

                           not only delicious tradition but it’s very interesting. Next English tradition is

                            May Day.                                                                 (слайд 14)

Pupil 10               On the 1st of May the British traditionally celebrate the coming of spring.

                            This day open-air sales of goods are held, as well as sports competitions,              

                             children’s entertainments.

Pupil 11                On May Day a May Queen is elected. She is crowned with a garland of

                             flowers and often driven in procession through the streets.

Teacher                Let’s choose a May Queen among our girls. And now we are going to start a

                             new quiz. We need three girls.

                              Quiz 1.  Choose a holiday to the picture. (слайд 15)

                              Quiz 2.   Find the mistakes.  (слайд 16)

                              Quiz 3.   Guess the holiday.  (слайд 17)

Teacher                The winner of quiz becomes a May Queen. She is taken a flower garland.

                              Our congratulations!                                (слайд18) овации

Pupil 12                   (слайд 19) со звуком Halloween

                                 “Trick or treat?”  Don’t worry! It’s a symbol of Halloween. A lantern           

                                 made of a pumpkin. In an empty pumpkin I cut out slits for two eyes, a

                                 nose and a mouth and put a lighted candle inside. So the pumpkin looks

                                 like a face. People call it jack-o’-lantern.

Pupil 13                    Halloween is celebrated on October, 31st. It was originally a pagan

                                 festival of remembrance for the end of the old year and of communion

                                 with the dead. It falls on All Souls’ Eve. Children enjoy the

                                 frightening atmosphere created by make-up, masks and costumes on the

                                 theme of ghosts, witches and skeletons.

Teacher                    The main Halloween activity for children is trick-or-treating. They go     

                                 from door to door saying "trick or treat". The neighbours give children

                                 such treats as candy, fruit and pennies. So that children do not play tricks                                         

                                on them.

                                Let’s sing a song “Trick or Treat”               (слайд 20)

Teacher             Now we are going to talk about Christmas. You know a lot about this

                               holiday. Let’s have a quiz.

                                  Quiz                                                             (слайд 21, 22)

  1. When is Christmas Day celebrated?
  2. What tree do the English bring to their homes at Christmas?
  3. Who were the first to use the Christmas tree in their celebration?
  4. When did the Christmas tree gain popularity in England?
  5. What do people decorate the Christmas tree with?
  6. Why is holly known as the Holy Tree?
  7. What is the Advent Wreath?

Pupil 14                You see I’m holding a stocking in my hand. Does anybody know what is

                              it meant for at Christmas?

                               Yes, it is for Christmas presents. Children in Britain hang their stockings

                               above their beds. At night Santa Claus comes and puts presents into their

                               stockings. It’s a very good tradition to get presents isn’t it?

Pupil 15              But before Christmas the English people send Christmas cards to their

                            friends and relatives. They congratulate them with coming year.

Pupil 16              Boxing Day is celebrated on the 26th of December, after Christmas Day. It is

                           the tradition to give “Christmas Boxes” to servants and tradesmen on this

                           day. This is also a day for visiting friends and relatives and giving them

                           presents.                                                                    (слайд 23)

                           Happy Holidays!

                           May All Your Dreams Come True!!!         



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