Form 1 "School. Project" ("Smart Junior 1")

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Розробка сучасного уроку англійської мови у 1 класі НУШ за підручником "Smart Junior 1". Метод проектів в процесі навчання англійської мови молодших школярів дозволяє формувати навички самостійної роботи учнів з навчальним матеріалом; навички самоконтролю; уміння креативного мислення, комунікативні, презентаційні, пошукові (дослідницькі) уміння, а також уміння працювати в команді.
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Form 1

                 Module 2. School. Project

Aim: To make classroom objects out of plasticine, to revise and consolidate vocabulary and structures learnt in previous lessons

Vocabulary: a pen, a pencil, a desk, a rubber, a ruler, a computer, a book; red, orange, blue, yellow, green.

Materials: different coloured plasticine

Learning outcomes: the students will be able to describe their models of classroom objects (2 sentences) What is that/this? It is a… What colour is it? It is…


        I.         Greeting. Creating a friendly and  positive atmosphere of the lesson.

Song “Hello”. An exercise “Choose your mood” with clothes pins.

The rules of the lesson.

The aims. II.      Revision.

         Revise the vocabulary a pen, a pencil, a desk, a rubber, a ruler, a computer, a book, using the flashcards and answering the question What is that? It is a… (at first students answer in whisper, then - loudly)

        III.      Warming –up.

1.      A game “Whispers”


2.      A game “Touch the colour”.


3.      Physical break.

Song “Clap your hands”



Students have cards with the image of the classroom object they are going to make out of plasticine at the backs of their chairs. 


Finger exercise  

They work in pairs and groups.






A game “What is in the box?”

IV.             Summarizing. Feedback -    Did we …

        -    Yes, we did.


A song “Good bye” (motivation bracelets)


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