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План-конспект уроку у 1 класі НУШ "Мої улюбленці" Урок1 вчителя ангмови Литвиненко Надії Вікторівни

Про матеріал
План конспект уроку № 1 за темою "My Pets" до підручника О.Карпюк НУШ. На уроці представлена рольова гра дітей в "В зоомагазині" .Діти знайомляться з новою лексикою та опрацьовують її в різних ігрових ситуаціях. Цей матеріал допоможе вчителям НУШ провести цікавий та захоплюючий урок .
Перегляд файлу

Unit 4

Lesson 1

The topic : My Pets


  • to introduce and practice new vocabulary: pet, fish, parrot, hamster, rabbit, mouse
  • to introduce Wh-question
  • to review and practice the structures “Look! It’s a …”, “What’s this?
  • to review and practice Yes/No –question “Is it a…? and answers “Yes, it is /No, it isn’t.

Materials: Pupil Book, Activity Book, flashcards of animals, toy animals, scissors, envelopes, colour pencils.

Outcomes: By the end of the lesson pupils will be able to name pets in English, ask and answer questions about pets, understand the question “What is this? and answer it.



I. Greeting

T. - Good morning, children!

    - Good morning, teacher!

T. Let’s sing song “Hello! Hello!

                                Hello, my friends “Hello!”

                                 Hello, Hi! Hello, Hi!

                                 Hurray, Hello! Hi!

 II. Warm-up

T. Do you remember count rhyme? Let’s remind it.

   Now we are going to play. Take any card from the box: 1, 1,2,2,3,3,4,4,5,5. So we make 5 groups. I’ll give classroom instructions and the groups will do them. For example: 5 Stand up!, 4 Take a pen!, 2 Clap your hands!

 III. Presentation

 1. T. Do you like cats? Do you like dogs?  (Demonstrate pictures).

P. Yes, I do.

T. Have you got a cat or a dog? Have you got  a parrot or a hamster?  They are pets.

Repeat after me “Pets”.

 2. T. Open your books on p.46. Let’s count pets. (1, 2, 3,4,5,6 pets).

      Look at the pictures (use flashcards) and repeat after me.

  • It’s a hamster. It’s a parrot. It’s a turtle. It’s a rabbit. It’s a mouse. It’s a fish.

T. Now listen to the audio (Unit 1 Lesson 1, ex.1 p.46), point to the pet and repeat.

Children, look each pet has got a number in the picture. I say the number and you call out a pet.

 T. - Number 3. P.It’s a rabbit. T. – number 1. P. it’s a hamster.

IV. Practice

1. T. Now we are going to listen what the children are talking about in the pet shop.

Listen to the audio Unit 4 Lesson 1, ex.3. Listen and point to the children.

Nick: What’s this?

Vic: It’s a hamster.

Nick: what’s this?

Vic: It’s a parrot.

Nick: What’s this?

Vic: It’ a rabbit.

Liz: Is it a mouse?

Bill: Yes, it is. Look! It’s a fish!

Vic: Wow!

T. Listen and repeat in pauses.

2. T -----P1, P2, P3. Look at the Flashcards and answer the question:

- What’s this?  – P. It’s a parrot.

3.  Let’s play “What’s missing?” Stick flashcards on the board. Close the board, take one flashcards away and ask pupils what is missing.

4. Put toy pets in the box and ask pupils:

T. -Is it a mouse?  P. No, it isn’t. It’s a rabbit.

5. Practice with Activity Book. P.34, ex. 1

V. Project Work.

T. Let’s make a Pet Mini –Book.

1. Take a paper (prepare them beforehand), then fold it on the lines.

2. Draw a picture of a pet and colour it.

3. Ask a few pupils to demonstrate their Pet Book.

 T. – What’s this? P1. - It’s a parrot

T. – What’s this? P2. - It’s a fish.

4. Work in pairs.  T. Ask and answer questions about pets in your mini-books.

VI. Summing up.

T. Now we are going to act out the talk in the shop. Let’s divide into 3 groups and play the roles.

T.  Do you like our lesson? What pets do you remember?

       Good-bye. See you on Wednesday.


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