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Інтелектуальна гра "Найрозумніший"

Про матеріал
Дидактичний матеріал для вчителів англійської мови, які викладають у 9-11 класах.
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Дидактичний матеріал до позакласного заходу – інтелектуальної гри «Найрозумніший» англійською мовою для учнів 9-11 класів


(9-11 класи)

Цілі: удосконалювати знання, уміння, навички набуті на уроці англійської мови; здійснювати міжпредметні зв'язки; розвивати навички колективної роботи; логічне мислення, навички усного ситуаційного говоріння; розвивати мовну здогадку, інтелектуальні та пізнавальні здібності, готовність до участі в іншомовному спілкуванні; розширити світогляд учнів; формувати соціокультурну компетенцію; виховувати почуття індивідуальної та колективної відповідальності за спільну справу; виховувати позитивне ставлення до вивчення англійської мови.

Обладнання: карти англомовних країн; карта України; ілюстрації визначних місць, географічних і історичних пам'яток та видатних людей; плакати, лозунги.



Teacher: Good afternoon pupils, guests and our team. You're welcome to the intellectual English contest "The Cleverest". Our aim is to show pupils’ knowledge not only of English Geography, Science,   Common Knowledge and  Literatutre but to widen outlook and courage pupils to speak. Now I'd like to encourage pupils to speak.

Teacher: Today two teams  take part in our competition: the team of the 10 form and the team of the 11 form. They will introduce themselves.


The first round



1)   What is the full official name of the country we call Great Britain?

2)   What group of small island does the country include?

3)   Where is London situated?

4)   What is the English weather famous tor?

5)   How many states do the USA consist of?

6)   What is the USA washed by?

7)   What is the longest river in the United Kingdom?

8)   By what means of transport can you reach the British Isles?

9)   Is it possible to travel by water from one end of Great Britain to the other inside the country?

10) What influences the Britain climate?

11) What is Great Britain washed by?

12) What is the highest mountain in the United Kingdom?

13) What is the largest city in the USA?

14) Where do the USA lie?

15) What links Manhattan Island with the opposite shoes?

16)  What is territory of the USA?

17) Where can you find snow-covered mountains, endless desert and very good agricultural land?

18) What is the longest river in the USA?

19) What state is Grand Canyon located?

20) How many provinces are in Canada?

21) How many oceans is Canada washed by?

22) What tree is considered  to be emblem of  the country?

23) Who discovered Australia?

24) Are the Australian seasons different from those in other regions of the world?

25) What parts does Australia consist of?

26) What is the capital of Australia?

27) What are the main islands of New Zealand?

28) What is the highest mountain of New Zealand?

29) What is the largest city in New Zealand?

30) What kind of country is New Zealand?

The second round



1)    Where was William Shakespeare born?

2)    Which proverb serves as a title of one of Shakespeare's comedies?

3)    Which American writer was born from California?

4)   How many plays did Shakespeare write?

5)    Whose real name was Samuel Langhome Clemens?

6)    Whose address is 26, Baker's street, London?

7)    What are two of Mark Twain's masterpieces?

8)    What's the name of Sherlock Holmes's close friend?

9)    Which two American writers never finish school?

10)  What novel did Charles Dickens publish in 1837?

11)  What is the favourite musical instrument of Sherlock Holmes?

12)  When was Robert Burns  born?

13)  When did Robert Burns  start  writing poems?

14) Name the most intelligent old lady in Agatha Christie's detective stories?

15)  Who was the founder of the theatre "The Globe"?

16)  Who is the author of "The Picture of Dorian Gray"?

17)  Who is the author of the book "Alice in Wonderland"?

18)  When and where Charlotte Bronte was born?

19)  What novel made the writer famous?

20)  When did Daniel Defoe write his first book?

21)  Who was the father of the historical novel in  the world history?

22)  Who wrote "Treasure Island"?

23)  Who is known as the author of "Midsummer Night's dream"?

24)  How many detective stories did Agatha Christie write?


The third round


1)    Who invented the telegraph? (Samuel Morse)

2)    What is Newton's greatest discovery? (The law of universal gravitation)

3)    Who invented jeans? (Levi Strauss)

4)    A great invention in medicine was made in 1929 by an English microbiologist Flaming. It was the first antibiotic. What was it? (Penicilin)

5)    Who was the first man to walk on the Moon? (Nei Armstrong from the USA)

6)    Name the person who invented the phonograph. (Edison)

7)    Where and when was  Yevhen  Paton born? (In 1870 in a French town Nizza)

8)    What laboratory did he organize in 1929? (In 1929 Paton organized the laboratory of electric welding, which became an institute in 1934)

9)    What is Rudolf Diesel famous for? (He invented the Diesel engine in 1897)

10)  What did Hans Wilhelm Geiger design in 1908-1909? (a counter for detecting radioactivity)

11)  Who invented the telephone? (American Graham Bell)

12)  What did the Wright brothers invent? (The first airplane)

13)  Who built the first саг?(Неnry  Ford)

14.  Who invented  the radio?( Aleхandr  Popov).  

15)Who invented printing in Europe? (Johannes Gutenberg)

16)  Who discovered nitrogen? (Daniel Rutherford)

17)  A person who knows much about science? (Scientist)

18)  Who is the first astronaut of the independent Ukraine? (Leonid Kadeniuk)


The fourth round


Common Knowledge

1)   Who is the national hero of Britain, the defender of the poor people ?

2)   What is the nickname of the national flag of the UK?

3)   Who was the leader of Great Britain during World War ||?

4)   What is British currency?

5)   What are the oldest and largest English Universities?

6)   What is Buckingham Palace?

7)   What is the symbol of England?

8)   What is the game played with a white round ball called?

9)   Which is the biggest port in the USA?

10) What is the national sport in America?

11) What planet is the biggest?

12) Where is the longest underground?

13) The woman who was awarded the Nobel Peace Prize for her charity?

14) When do American celebrate Independence Day?

15) What is the territory of Ukraine?

16) How many regions does Ukraine consist of?

17) What is the main street in Kyiv?

18) What countries are the neighbours of Ukraine?

19) What is the main national holiday in Ukraine?

20) Where do kangaroos live?

21) When is Christmas celebrated in Great Britain?

22) When did Ukraine proclaim its independence?

23) Which is the largest ocean?

24) Where was baseball invented?

25) How many continents are there in the world?

26) What famous ship do you know?

27) What flowers does England export?

28) How many houses are there in British Parliament?

29) What was the most terrible prison in Britain?

30) What is Piccadilly Circus famous for?

31) Who were the best ancient sailors?

32) What was the first man in space?

33) Which is the saltiest sea in the world?

34) What is the translation of the Scottish word loch?

35) Who discovered America?

36) Where is Hollywood situated?

37) How many oceans are there in the world?

38) What is the main problem in California?

39) Why does Canada have two official language?

40) What animal and bird are regarded as symbols of Australia?


Teacher: While the members of the jury are evaluating the teams work. I want all pupils to listen to these riddles and try to guess them.


1.   It is not a bush, but has leaves,

It is not a shirt, but is sewn together

It has no tongue, but tells a table.

(A book)

2.  The field is white,

Black  is the seed,

And the shower who sowed it

Was clever indeed.

(A page of a book)


3.   A place we can get books to read from/ but cannot keep them.

(A library)


4.   A thing in a home where books are kept.

(A bookcase)


5.   I'm little bird

Dressed in grey,

I hop here and there

And never go away.

(A sparrow)


6.   I have a bushy tail,

Sometimes I'm grey and sometimes I'm red,

I like nuts,

What am I?

(A squirrel)


7.   This animals is small,

It lives in the woods

And runs very fast.

It is afraid of everything

What animals is it?

(A hare)


8.   I'm grey and I'm very big,

I live in the jungle, but you can also find me at the Zoo or in the circus.

I don't eat meat.

I like vegetables, leaves, grass and fruit.

(An elephant)


Teacher: The judges announce the results of all rounds. The score of the game is 82-90. The pupil of the 11th form won the game. I must say that you have shown good knowledge. I am very glad. Go ahead and never stop learning.


Teacher Note

Учні нашої  школи із задоволенням беруть участь у позакласних сучасна гра «Найрозумніший». Протягом гри учень виконує певну роль: ведучий, журі (2-3 учні), асистент (1 учень), гравці (3-6 учнів і більше), тобто все, як у справжньому ТВ-шоу. За таких умов діти добре засвоюють і повторюють навчальний матеріал, крім того, у них підсилюється бажання вивчати англійську мову. Пропоную варіанти запитань з різноманітних галузей знань за категоріями «Географія», «Література», «Наука», «Загальні знання».





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