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Урок із теми "Amazing Britain. London" 9 клас

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Розгорнутий план-конспект уроку із теми "Amazing Britain. London" для учнів 9 класу.
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Конспект відкритого уроку

в 9 класі

 з теми «Чудеса Великобританії»






вчитель англійської мови

Матвєєва Марина Юріївна





2019 р.

Мета: aктивiзувaти вивчeну лeксику за темою; вчити знахoдити необхідну інформацію у прослуханому тексті; сприяти poзширенню загального та країнознавчого кругозору; поглибити знання учнів про культуру та історію Beликої Британії; розвивати вміння учнів відокремлювати головне; логічно та послідовно викладати власні думки іноземною мовою, аналізувати, узагальнювати, порівнювати; самостійно будувати мовленнєву дію; розвивати мислення, слуховий контроль, зорову пам'ять та уяву; виховувати культуру мовлення, повагу до культури, історії, традицій Великої Британії, до мови, що вивчається, як засобу міжнаціонального спілкування. 

Oбладнання: мапа Великої Британії, прапор Великої Британії, картки із завданнями, відео Top 10 Attractions London - UK Travel Guide, таблиці, схема Лондона, фотографії з видами визначних місць Лондона, PowerPoint presentationA Trip to London”.

Тип уроку: формування мовленнєвих навичок користування мовним матеріалом

Форми організації пізнавальної діяльності учнів: фронтальна, колективна, групова, індивідуально-відокремлена.

Хід уроку

  1. Організаційний етап

Привітання. Налаштування учнів на доброзичливу атмосферу в класі.   

T: Good morning, pupils! How are you?

Ps: Good morning, teacher! I’m OK!

T: Today we have an unusual lesson because we have our guests.

    Turn around and say “Hello!” to our guests

Ps: Hello, teachers!

T: Ok, take your seats. Let’s begin our lesson!

  • Перевірка домашнього завдання
  • T: Tell me please, what was your homework?

(Pupil’s answers)

T: Did you do this task? (перевірка домашнього завдання на наявність)


  • Фонетична зарядка

Let’s read one small but interesting poem: 
Don’t cry bitterly and go to Italy.
Don’t miss your chance and go to France.
Take your pen and go to Japan.
Buy some cheese and go to Greece.

  • Повідомлення теми та мети  уроку

T: I would like to start with our lesson’s motto SLIDE 1

Motto: “Travelling is the best way to learn the world”

Today we'll speak and learn more about English places. We shall have a wonderful “Trip to London”. Today we’ll go on an imaginary trip to London, the capital of Great Britain. You will learn about sightseeing in the British capital. We’ll see and discuss the film about London and its places of interest. Then you’ll guide a tour about London, participate in a quiz, of course, enjoy the time of our communication and learning.

So, let’s start. For the first tell what do you expect from our lesson?

To learn something new, to have fun, to spend a good time ….

- Ok, let’s start!

ІІ. Основна частина уроку

  1. Speaking

Look at the board. Here we have the map of The United Kingdom (SLIDE 2)

T: And now let’s repeat information which we know about this country. Look on the map and answer my questions.

1) How many parts does the United Kingdom consist of?

2) What countries make the United Kingdom?

3) What is the national language of the UK?

4) What is the capital?

5) Who is the head of the state?

7) What is the longest river?

8) What is the highest mountain?

- Well, you know a lot about this country. And today your knowledge will become richer.

T: As you know London is one of the most beautiful cities in the world.   It has a lot of interesting historical and modern places to visit. Today we are going to visit some interesting places in London. You can see these places, read and listen to the information about them. And can do some tasks.

  1. Reading (Учні читають текст частину вголос, іншу частину – про себе)


London is the capital of Great Britain, its political, economic and cultural centre. It’s one of the largest cities in the world. Its population is more than 8 million people. London is situated on the river Thames. It was founded more than two thousand years ago.

London is an ancient city. It appeared at the place where the Roman invaders decided to build a bridge over the Thames. There are four parts in London: West End, East End, the City and Westminster.

The City is the oldest part of London, its financial and business centre. There are many offices, companies and banks in this part of the capital.

Westminster is also important part of the capital. It’s an aristocratic part and administrative centre of London. The Houses of Parliament, the seat of the British Government, are there.

West End, the richest and most beautiful part of London. It is the symbol of wealth and luxury. The best hotels, shops, restaurants, clubs, and theatres are situated there.

East End, an industrial district of the capital. Most of plants and factories are situated there.

London Big Ben   Also known as Big Ben, the officially named Elizabeth Tower was completed in 1858. A renowned landmark of London, it’s found next to the Houses of Parliament, which makes it just about the most important building in the area. Big Ben is an excellent timekeeper, which has rarely stopped. The name Big Ben actually refers not to the clock-tower itself, but to the thirteen ton bell hung within. The bell was named after the first commissioner of works, Sir Benjamin Hall.

London Tower Bridge Built between 1886 - 1894, Tower Bridge crosses the River Thames and is an iconic symbol of London. It takes its name from the closely located Tower of London. Not to be confused with London Bridge, the next bridge upstream.

Houses of Parliament. The Houses of Parliament, known as The Palace of Westminster, stands on the site where Edward the Confessor had the original palace built in the first half of the 11 century. The Palace of Westminster has been home to the English Parliament.

 In Britain the Queen is the Head of State. She is officially the head of the state. Elizabeth II lives in the Buckingham Palace. On 6 February (1952) it has been 65 years since Her Majesty acceded to the throne. She is the first sovereign in the history of British Monarchy to reach the 65 years on the throne.

A double-decker bus is a bus that has two storeys or decks. Double-decker buses are used for mass transport in the United Kingdom.

  1. Quiz: “Who Knows London Better?” (2 teams)

(A box with questions about London “letter from a raven”). I’ve got some letter   from a raven, who lives in the Tower. Do you remember what "raven” means? According to the legend the ravens are the birds who protect the Tower

1. What do you know about London?

2. What parts is London traditionally divided into?

3. What do you know about City, Westminster, West End, East End?

4. What is Big Ben? What do you know about it?

5. What do you know about Tower Bridge and Houses of Parliament?

6. Who is the Queen? What do you know about her?

7. What is “a red double-decker”?


  1. Фізкультхвилинка

Good job! And now after intensive work I am sure you need some rest. Let’s play “Bingo!”. (Учні діляться на 2 команди, учитель називає слово українською, яка з команд першою переклала, та й закреслює клітинку, переможе та, яка першою закреслить лінію)


  1. Thank you for your answers. I know that all of you would like to visit London and see its places of interest. I hope that in the future your dream will come true. But today we’ll go on an imaginary trip to London. Now I propose you to see a video Top 10 of London landmarks. While watching it be very attentive and try to remember as much information as possible. Your task will be to name all the places of interest which are shown in the film.

SLIDE 5, 6. Top 10 of London landmarks. (Pupils are given cards with a task.) (Pupils give the names of the sights.) What is this video about? What is the main topic of this video? (London sights). (Після перегляду учні виконують завдання за картками)

  1. Резервні вправи (Учитель демонструє ілюстрації, учні називають, що там зображене)

ІІІ. Заключна частина уроку

  1. Підведення підсумків уроку

Т: Our lesson has come to the end.  What are your emotions today? Choose one statement SLIDE 7

And now let’s check what we know about London. This mind-map helps us to make a story about London. Let 's start.

 historical ancient city capital



national population

symbols             4 main parts


(Учні виконують завдання за картками, потім зачитують відповіді)

  1. Homework project “The Famous Places of London” SLIDE 8

Thank you for your good work today! Your marks are ….  Thank you for your work! You were brilliant today. Good bye!












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