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Jack and the Beanstalk - казка. Розробка вправ до уроку з позакласного читання з англійської мови

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Розробка вправ до уроків з позакласного читання з англійської мови для учнів 6 класів Jack and the Beanstalk- казка Повторити й активізувати лексичний матеріал. Проконтролювати вміння учнів самостійно читати текст. Заохочувати учнів читати англійською.Виховувати інтерес до вивчення англійської мови.
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Jack and the Beanstalk

Jack and his mother did not have very much money. At last the day came when they needed to sell the one cow they had in order to1 buy bread. So Jack’s mother sent him to market to sell the cow and try to get a lot of money for it. Jack was lazy and didn’t like the long walk to market. On the way he met a man who looked at the cow. “I’ll give you these beans for your cow,” said the man. The beans were blue, black and red. “They are very special beans.” Jack was not always very clever. He took the beans and the man took the cow. When Jack came home with the beans and no money or food

his mother was not very happy. She threw the beans into the garden. Both Jack and his mother went to bed hungry.

Next morning when Jack woke up and went into the garden he was very surprised at what he found. He ran back into the house to tell his mother. “The beans have grown,” he said. “Their stalks have made a sort of ladder. You can’t see the end of the stalks because they are so tall. They are higher than the clouds.”

Jack ran into the garden again. “I wonder1 where the end is,” he said to himself. “I’ll climb up and see.”

So Jack climbed up and up and up. Above the clouds he came to the door of a great palace and there stood a tall giantess. “What do you want and where do you come from? Don’t you know my hus­band is a giant and he eats little boys?” “Oh please. I’m so hungry. Could I have something to eat?” “Are you that lazy son of the woman in the house down below? I think you came here to take back the harp that talks and the hen that lays the golden eggs.” “The harp that talks and the hen that lays the golden eggs?” “Yes, my husband took them from your father years and years ago just before he died. He took some money, too. He won’t give them back you know. Remember, he’s a giant and you’re only a boy. But you’re strong and I need somebody to work for me. Come in. I’ll give you breakfast.” “Yes, I’m very, very hungry.”

“But when my husband the giant comes in you must hide. Get into the great oven. Quickly! Here he comes. Into the oven. He’ll never look there.”

There was a lot of noise and in came the biggest giant you could ever see.

“Wife, is there anybody here? I’ll eat him for my dinner.” “There’s nobody here. I’ve made a meat pie for your dinner. Eat it all. It’s delicious. There is beef in it and a lot of onions.”

After dinner the giant took out his gold and started to count it. Then he went to sleep. Jack came out of the oven, took the bags of money and ran to the beanstalk. He climbed down as fast as he could to his own garden. His mother was so happy to see him and to get the money back.

After a week Jack decided to climb the beanstalk again. He wanted to find the harp that talks and the hen that lays the golden eggs. Jack’s mother told him to be very careful because the giant was very dangerous. Jack climbed up and up and came to the door

of the palace. He saw the giantess but she did not sec him. She was busy in the kitchen. Jack hid in the cupboard.


Part 1

I.            Word List:

In order to – In order get food. In order get money. In order be there in time. In order catch the train. In order not get wet. In order not break the cup. In order open the door. In order take a taxi.

Special – special friend, special interests, special train, special car, special shop, special school, special newspaper. It’s something special.

Wake up – She wakes up early. Wake me up at 6. Wake up the children, please. I cannot wake him up.

Ladder –a long ladder, a short ladder, a ladder made of wood (metal). He climbed up and down the ladder. Where can I find our ladder? Can you make a new ladder? Take a ladder to pick the apples.

Climb – climb a tree, climb a wall, climb a mountain, climb up and down, climber.

A giant – a giant cabbage, a giant pumpkin, a giant fish, a giant three.

Below – From the hilltop we saw the blue ocean below. We heard voices from below. Skirts this year reach just below the knees. Shall I write my name on, above or below the line? A few meters below the bridge.

Back – go back, run back, give back, throw back, push back, pay back. If I hit you, will you hit me back?

Backdoor, backseat, backpedal, backyard, background.

Strong – strong body, strong wind, strong horse, strong smell of gas, strong arm, strong drink, strong language (with swearwords, abuses), strong army.

Oven – We bake bread in an oven. There was a big oven in the kitchen. A russian oven.

To hide (hid) quick – Hide yourself! Where is he hiding? Monkeys hide out in the mountains. The clouds hid the sun. Hiding place.

As fast as he could (as many as, as strong as, as beautiful as, as clever as, as loud as).

  1. False or true:
  1. It’s a story of a boy who lived in a big family.
  2. They were rich and had many cows and horses.
  3. When they had no food mother sent Jack to the market to sell their cow.
  4. Jack didn’t like his long walk to the market.
  5. On the way to the market he met an old man.
  6. The man gave Jack money for his cow.
  7. Jack came home with no money and no food.
  8. His mother was very angry with Jack.
  9. She boiled (cooked) the beans and they had supper.
  10. Next morning Jack woke up and went to the market.
  11. In the garden he was surprised to see the beans because they grew up to the clouds.
  12. The beanstalks were like a ladder.
  13. Jack didn’t see the end of the beanstalks.
  14. He climbed up and up to see the end.
  15. Above the clouds he came to a place.
  16. A beautiful princess lived there.
  17. At the door of the palace he saw a lioness.
  1. Complete:
  1. The giantess wanted…
  2. She asked him…
  3. She thought Jack came to…
  4. The giant took the harp…
  5. The giantess hid Jack…
  6. When the giant came…
  7. The giantess made…
  8. She put… into the pie
  9. After dinner the giant…
  10. When the giant went to sleep…
  11. He climbed down…
  12. His mother was…
  1. Say in some other words:

Very much money – a lot of money

They needed to sell – they had to sell

Came with no money – without money

Was not happy – was not glad

A sort of a ladder – something like a ladder

There is nobody – there isn’t anybody

He started to count – he began to count

As fast as he could – as quickly as he could

  1. Give the verb forms:

Come, need, send, get, walk, take, throw, make, wonder, climb, hide, know, eat, think, die, give, can, start, count, lay, want, talk.


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