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Конспект уроку "Story time. Present Simple vs Past Simple"

Про матеріал

Конспект уроку за підручником In Touch 1 (урок 35).

Мета :

- закріпити різницю між двома часами - Present Simple і Past Siimple;

- навчитися використовувати ці часи у звичних нам щоденних ситуаціях;

- розвиток навичок слухання за допомогою цікавої історії;

- вивчити нові слова до теми за допомогою гри "Крокодил"

Перегляд файлу



The Plan of the Lesson

  • The SUBJECT OF THE LESSON: “Story time. Present vs Progressive  vs Past”
  • The aims:


  •  to teach the new vocabulary of the unit 35
  • To practice Past Simple
  • to teach the difference between Present and Past



  • to develop pupils’ memory and attention


  • to bring a sense of respectful attitude to classmates
  • Audio-visual aids:
  • Word cards
  • Pictures
  • CD


The Procedure of the Lesson

  • Preliminaries.

-Good morning dear children! I’m glad to see you.

- Who is on duty today? Who is absent today?

- What is the weather like today?

II. Warm-up


Dear children,  I have a magic cube , on each side you can see the picture. You should throw the ball up and catch and you will get your picture.

Say one sentence about it, and don’t repeat the previous sentences. Are you ready?

The photos to describe:



III.Home-lesson checking.

  • What were you given to prepare for today?
  • Let’s check it.

IV.New material presentation

Active vocabulary:

Ancient  стародавній

Coffin могила , гріб

Egypt - Єгипет

Modern - сучасний

Mummy  -  мумія

Newspaper   газета

Statue  статуя, скульптура


We use the present tense:

1. For facts, for regular actions and for habits

  • I brush my teeth every morning.
  • He goes to the gym after work.

We use the present progressive tense:

1. When somebody is doing something at the moment or When something is happening at the moment.

  • Carla is washing her hair.
  • Christian is playing table-tennis.

Past Tense

The Past Tense is used:

1.To talk about something which was  in the past.

  • They went to the beach.
  • Marta spoke to her sister last night.


1. Listen and read (Story time .The Green Man)

Jan and Alex live in London with their parents. Their mother is a teacher and their father works for a newspaper. He travels all round the world. Last year he worked in the USA. Now he is working in Egypt. It was Jan’s birthday yesterday. Jan usually has a party on her birthday. Yesterday she didn’t have a party because it was a school day. But she had a lot of presents and she opened them at breakfast. It was 8.30 and school started at 9.00. She didn’t have a lot of time! The first present was from her father. It was a statue of a green man. There was a letter with her present.

2.Comprehension. Ask and answer

1.Where do the two children live?

2.Whose mother is a teacher?

3. Where did their father work last year?

4. Where is he working now?

5. Whose birthday was it yesterday?

6. Does Jan usually have a party on her birthday?

7. Why didn’t she have a party yesterday?

8. Did Jan have a lot of presents for her birthday?

9.Whose present did Jan open first?

10. What was the present?



3.Speaking. Make up a sentence in Present Simple/Past Simple.




4. Decide what tense to use :Present or Past

1. (do) Did you watch a movie last night?

2. Do you (study)___________English? Yes, I (do)_____

3.What (do) ______your brother do last weekend?

4.Sam and Julie still (like) _________their jobs at the library.

5.Did you (buy)_______a new television last week?

6.Why (be)______Stephane late for work yesterday?

7.In Canada , it always (snow)_____in winter.

8.Where did you(eat) ____dinner last Thursday?

9.(be) ______you busy last night? No, I(be)______

10. The store (do/not) _______open yesterday.

11. Brazil(be) _________a very large country.



VI.Relaxation period.

Crocodile (to revise the active vocabulary that have been mentioned during the lesson)

Dear children, I have a hat with words inside it. You come to the blackboard and choose a piece of paper with a word. You should show it without saying , just using the body language. If your classmates guess, you should make up a sentence in Present or Past Simple.



 mummy,  statue, newspaper, birthday, frog, library, skating, clean a room, ride a horse, have breakfast.


VII. Home-work.

Write down your home work – learn new words by heart, ex.2,3,4 p.73 (Workbook)

I hope you will be ready to write the dictation.


I’m extremely pleased with the work of the class.

Sasha , I am giving you 10, you are smart, but lazy.

Maks , you get 10 , you answered correctly , but you forgot irregular verbs.



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