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Конспект уроку з англійської мови для 5 класу на тему "Seasons and weather"

Про матеріал

Конспект уроку з англійської мови для 5 класу на тему "Seasons and weather".

-to revise the vocabulary on the topic “Seasons and weather" and use it in speech;

-to develop pupils' speaking and listening skill on the topic;

-to encourage pupils to work in pairs;

-to revise modal verb can/can't;

-to develop pupils' interest on the topic “Seasons and Weather".

Перегляд файлу

Teacher: Senko Liudmyla Mykhailivna.

Topic: Seasons and weather.

Form: 5

Textbook:O. Karpiuk


-to revise the vocabulary on the topic “Seasons and weather” and use it in speech;

 -to develop pupils’ speaking and listening skill on the topic;

 -to encourage pupils to work in pairs;

-to revise modal verb can/can’t;

-to develop pupils’ interest on the topic “Seasons and Weather”.

Equipments: textbook by O.Karpiuk, handouts.




T: Good morning, boys and girls. Nice to meet you. How are you today?


T:That’s nice that you are fine. We are ready to start our English lesson

II.Warming-up. Phonetics.

T: But first let’s train the sounds


T: Let’s remember our favourite tongue-twisters

            If you want to buy, buy,

            if you don’t want to buy ,bye-bye!


           Kitty caught the kitten in the kitchen.


           If you, Andy, have two candies,

           give one candy to Sandy, Andy.

           If you, Sandy, have two candies,

           give one candy to Andy, Sandy.


T: and now we can sing our favourite tongue- twister about a sailor.


                          That’s enough.Excellent!




III. Vocabulary practice.

T: Let’s talk more about the weather. There are different kinds of weather. Look at the screen. What’s the weather like in picture1?

Ps: It’s snowy.

T: Go to the blackboard and write down.

T: How do you feel when the weather is rainy/hot/stormy/cloudy?

Ps:  I feel happy/sad/scared/bored

T:  Now ask each other what weather do you like and what weather  don’t you like?

Ps:  -What weather do you like?

      I like…

      I really love…

      It’s beautiful.

     -What weather don’t you like?

    I hate…

    I don’t like…

    It’s terrible.

T: Now let’s sing the weather song.


                     Work in pairs

T: Now make up a dialogue and be ready to act it out. I’ll give you one minute.

Taras: Hello, Vicky!

Vicky: Is it you Taras?

Taras: Yes, I am. How are you?

Vicky: I am OK. What is the weather like in Lviv?

Taras:  It is rainy  and cold . And what is the  weather like in Klubivtsi?

Vicky:  The weather is lovely. It’s sunny and  warm.

 Now you know how to ask and answer about the weather.



T: Look at the screen. How many seasons are there in a year?

Ps: four seasons

T: Right. They are spring, summer, autumn, winter.

What colour is spring/summer/autumn/winter?


T:What is the weather like in spring/summer/autumn/winter?


In winter it’s cold and snowy

In summer it’s sunny and fine

In autumn it’s cloudy and rainy

In spring I can jump up to the sky.

T: How many months are there in a year? What are they? What are spring/summer/autumn/winter months?

Ps: …

T: Now let’s sing  months song.


                           (Work in groups)

T: Match.

T: We can enjoy our favourite activities in each season.

-Say what season it is and what the weather is like  and what children are doing.


IV. Writing (work individually)

            Finish the sentences

  1. In spring I really enjoy ...and …
  2. In summer I love ...and …
  3. In autumn I can’t ...and …
  4. In winter I don’t like ...


V. Relaxation.

VI. Listening.

We are going to watch the video about the weather forecast around the world. You should tick the weather in each country.





1.Everybody is enjoying their summer holidays/winter holidays in South America.


2.  Dad/Mum is scared of thunder and lightning.


3.    Everybody wants autumn/spring in Asia.


4.People are staying in their homes for a long winter’s day in  Europe/Canada.



VII. Speaking

T: Sometimes the weather is fine, but sometimes the weather is bad. People say: “There is no bad weather, there are bad clothes”. The  weather changes and we change our clothes.

-Look at the screen. Who is she/he?  What is she/he wearing? In what season do we usually wear these clothes?                                                


T: Have a look. What is this? (It’s a map of Ukraine) Now your task is go to the blackboard  and choose the city you would  like to visit; say  what the weather is like and what clothes  you need.





VIII. Reading

Read and guess what season do the children like.


It’s my favourite season.

The weather is cold and snowy.

I like playing snowballs. It’s fantastic.

 I also like seeing all my friends and relatives at Christmas.

Christmas is my favourite holiday.






I like this season because

winter is finished. The weather is warm and not very cold. I like listening to birds song best. Sometimes the wind blows. I can fly my kite. It’s cool. And we celebrate Easter. I really love this holiday.



This is my favourite time of the year.

It’s very hot and sunny. I can swim and play football.

I am crazy about riding a bike too. There is no school. I am not a good pupil. There are summer holidays. It’s cool.



It’s a rainy season but beautiful.

The leaves are red, yellow and brown. There are a lot of fruits and vegetables.

The school starts again. I am a good pupil and I’m interested in English and IT. I have a lot of friends at school. They are very kind and smart.



                        Post reading activity 

Say if the sentences true or false.

1. The weather is cold and snowy in winter (+)

2. Ann likes Easter. (-)

3. Luka is crazy about flying a kite. (-)

4. The weather is warm and not very cold in spring. (+)

5. The leaves are red, yellow and brown

     in summer. (-)

6. Melanie is interested in English and IT. (+)


IX. Check on homework. Presenting projects.


X. Crossword

  1. Sometimes it’s … in the morning in autumn.
  2. Children enjoy eating … in summer.
  3. The leaves are …in autumn.
  4. In winter children can … snowballs.
  5. It’s snowy and cold in …
  6. When it’s warm we usually wear a …
  7. In summer the weather is …
  8. It’s cold outside. I am wearing … on my feet.



XI. Summarizing and hometask.

Dear friends! Our lesson is coming to the end. You worked hard today and got good marks. Was it interesting for you to speak about seasons and weather?


Senko Lyudmyla
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Англійська мова (5-й рік навчання) 5 клас (Карпюк О.Д.)
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