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Контроль граматичних навичок "Final Grammar Test"

Про матеріал
Вправи для закріплення/контролю граматичних навичок з тем: Present Simple/Present Progressive, Past Simple/Past Progressive, Present Simple Passive/Past Simple Passive,Present Perfect Simple/ Past Simple, Сomparatives.
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Final Grammar Test


A. Complete with the Present Simple or the Present Progressive of the verbs in brackets.


1. Randy                                (download) a music video at the moment.

2. Get that dog out of here! It                                (smell) awful.

3. My mum                                (usually / forget) her keys at the office.

4. Angie                                (travel) to Costa Rica next week.

5. How often                                he                                (have) piano lessons?

6. James                                (not want) to go out tonight.


B. Circle the correct words.


1. How much / How many planets are there in our solar system?

2. I can’t find the theatre tickets anywhere / nowhere. What am I going to do?

3. There are a few / a little books on Mike’s desk.

4. He’s a famous actor. Nobody / Everybody knows him.

5. I can’t buy this coat. I haven’t got many / much money with me.

6. I’d like something / everything to drink, please.


C. Complete with the Past Simple or the Past Progressive of the verbs in brackets.


1.                               you                               (sleep) when I                               (come) back from work?

2. Celia                               (sell) her bike yesterday.

3. Brian                               (not break) his leg in the accident last week but he                               (hurt) 

    his back.

4. While Diane                               (walk) home, she                               (see) an old friend from school.


D. Complete with the correct form of the adjectives in brackets.


1. Ron is                                                              (active) than his older brother.

2. Dorothy isn’t as                                                             (happy) now as she was in the past.

3. My parents are the                                                             (bad) drivers in the world.

4. This test is                                                             (easy) than the last one.

5. Fabric is the                                                             (crowded) club in the city.



E. Complete the sentences with the Present Perfect Simple or the Past Simple of the verbs in brackets.

1. Barney                                                            (not drive) a car since 1998.

2. A: How long                                                           they                                                           (have)

    this cat?

    B: For a few months. They                                                           (get) it in May.

3. Charlie                                                           (be) to Italy. He                                                           

   (go) there two years ago.

4. We                                                           (visit) New York in 2000.

5. I                                                           (not wash) the car yet. I’ll do it later.





F. Join the sentences. Use who or which.

1. Lucy works at a supermarket. It’s on Lipton Street.

   Lucy works at a supermarket which is on Lipton Street.                                                            

2. There’s my neighbour. He’s got five dogs.


3. Here’s the camera. My brother bought it last week.


4. We watched a wildlife documentary. It was very interesting.


5. That’s my new classmate. I invited her to my party.


G. Circle the correct words.

1. Last week I must / had to take my brother to school every day because my mum was working.

2. Tony has had a headache for three days. He must / has to see a doctor.

3. You don’t have to / mustn’t make noise in the hospital.

4. Kelly doesn’t have to / mustn’t tidy her room. I’ll do it.

5. Jack is ill and he has / must to take some medicine.


H. Complete the sentences with the Present Simple Passive or the Past Simple Passive of the verbs in brackets.

1. This scarf                                                      (give) to me by my grandfather five years ago.

2. Every year on Thanksgiving, a big meal                                                     (prepare) by most families in the USA.

3. These paintings                                                     (sell) for over €1,000,000 last week.

4.                                                     you                                                     (show) all the sights when you   

    went on the tour of the city?

5. The tigers at this zoo                                                     (not look after) well.


I. Choose a, b or c.

1. When I was young, I         to ride my bike to school.

 a. could b. used  c. should

2. I don’t want to walk to Betty’s house. It’s         .

 a. far enough b. enough far  c. too far 

3. Tom’s going to do the washing-up,        ? 

 a. is he b. isn’t he  c. doesn’t he

4. If my painting is good, I         the competition.

 a. will win b. won  c. win

5. I was born        1995.

 a. since b. in  c. on

6. The bank is         the museum and the post office.

 a. between b. in front  c. next

7. The ball went         the bathroom window.

 a. from b. through  c. around

8. A: I’ve taken up water polo.

    B:        .

 a. So did I b. Neither have I  c. So have I

9. Paul works          three o’clock.

 a. until b. on  c. in

10. I want         football in the park.

 a. play b. to play  c. playing

11. Amanda can’t cook very        .

 a. good b. best  c. well

12. This pencil isn’t        . Maybe it’s Jack’s.

 a. me b. my  c. mine

13. We         buy a dog but we haven’t decided for sure yet.

 a. may  b. will    c. can

14.         you help me open this window, please?

 a. Could b. May  c. Might

15. Karen and I are         Victor next weekend.

 a. will visit b. going to visit  c. visit


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