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Контрольна робота 5 клас

Про матеріал
Контрольна робота для учнів 5 класу до підручника Англійська мова 5 клас О.Д. Карпюк
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Test            5 form

  1.               Read, guess and match.

thermos flask, tent, sleeping bag, torch, compass, gas cooker

  1.              It helps you find your way in the wood. 
  2.               You cook on it.
  3.               It helps you see in the dark.
  4.               It keeps a cold drink cold and a hot drink hot.
  5.               You live in it when you go camping. You put it up.
  6.               You sleep in it.
  1. Complete the sentences with the prepositions of place.

In, in the, at, at the

  1.              Mark was ... cinema last night.
  2.                My cousin lives ... Kyiv.
  3.                It was Sunday yesterday so they weren't... school.
  4.                When you are ... theatre you must be quiet.
  5.                Last weekend I was ... mountains with my cousins.
  6.                Sorry, Linda is not... home. She is out.
  7.                The whole day yesterday I was ... bed because I was ill.
  8.                Is there a computer... study?
  1. Write the second and the third form of the verb.

be –                                  buy –

see –                                 take –

come-                               go –

make –                              read –

do -  meet –

  1. Put the sentences into negative and interrogative forms.

Ann has just watered the flowers.

We have already made a cake.

A happy smile has appeared on his face.

До підручника
Англійська мова (5-й рік навчання) 5 клас (Карпюк О.Д.)
19 серпня 2019
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