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Контрольна робота для 8 класу по темі «Music»

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Пропоную контрольну роботу для 8 класу по темі «Music» для активізації знань з даної теми.
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Контрольна робота 8 клас «Музика»

І.  Give the answers to these musical definitions.

1. CD is short for “ compact d_ _ _”.

2. A play in which the actors sing the words  to music is an o_ _ _ _.

3. Elvis Presley was the king of r_ _ _’n’ r_ _ _.

4. When two singers sing together it’s a d_ _ _.

5. In a pop group this person is the lead, bass or rhythm  g _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _.

6. A person who writes classical music is a c_ _ _ _ _ _ _.

II. Write the names of the instruments under the correct heading.

1 .Stringed instruments      _______________________________

2. Wind instruments ___________________________________

3. Percussion instruments _______________________________

4. Keyboard instruments ________________________________

A kobza, a guitar, a flute, a French horn, a double bass, a cello,a saxsophone,

bagpipes, an accordion, a bandura, a xylophone, a drum, a piano, an organ.

III. Write the questions  to the sentences given below.

1. He wants to become a pop star.

2. Music helps people to express themselves.

3. I have always dreamt of playing the piano.

4. We enjoy our traditional folk music.

5. My favourite group has already recorded a new album.

6. I’m going to participate in the school concert.

IV. Put the verbs in the brackets into the correct tense form and voice.

1. A new concert hall … ( to build ) in the capital city recently.

2. I … ( to ask ) at the music lesson tomorrow.

3. Our musical dictations … ( usually/ to check) by our teacher.

4. The girl … (not/ to allow) to go to the concert.

5. A new album by Tina Karol … (to record) this month.

6. Two tickets to the concert (to buy) yesterday.

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Англійська мова (8-й рік навчання) 8 клас (Несвіт А.М.)
23 лютого 2019
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