Контрольна робота (граматичні завдання)

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Контрольна робота (граматичні завдання). Міститить завдання на Past Simple, Past Continuous, Past Perfect, question tags, so adjective that
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Task 1. Use the verb in brackets in Past Simple, Past Continuous or Past Perfect

  1. Tom ______ (mow) the grass when he _____ (see) the accident.
  2. Last night at 9 o’clock, my father _______ (read) an article about technology.
  3. The teacher _____ (write) some questions on the board before the principal _______ (come) in.
  4. I last _______________ (meet) Daniel two weeks ago.
  5. Mark _______ (speak) to his sister when I ___________ (arrive).
  6. The storm ______ (break) after my mother _____ (do) the shopping.
  7. What _________ (you/do) when I __________(to phone) you?
  8. What ______________ (he/ do) at 8.30 p.m. yesterday?
  9. Mr. Brown _______________. (leave) his office 10 minutes ago.
  10.            Where___________ (your friend/ be) last weekend?

Task 3. Add a tag question to each sentence

  1. There will be snow on the ground in a few hours, __________?
  2. Jane wasn’t sleeping, _______________?
  3. You speak French,   ________________?
  4. They can stay,  ____________________?
  5. He called you, _____________________?
  6. He hadn’t met her before, ___________?
  7. I shouldn’t be smoking,   _____________?
  8. Sue and Jim live in Paris, ____________?
  9.  She has just seen him,  _____________?
  10. You won’t do that again,  ____________?
  11. Jane likes reading,  _ _______________?
  12.  Kate bought a new CD,   ____________?

Task 3. Combine the sentences using so…that

  1. My grandfather is very energetic. He can run ten miles.
  2. Rafael plays tennis really well. He can win all the tournaments.
  3. Laura is very young. She can’t drive car.
  4. The garden is very big. We can plant lots of trees and flowers there.
  5. It is very cold. We cannot play outside.
  6. Helen is very short. She can not wear that dress.
  7. Everybody was very excited. They couldn’t wait the announcement.
  8. Mag is lovely. She has many friends.

Task 4. Match the parts of the questions













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