Контрольна робота з англійської мови для 6-го класу на тему: "Великобританія"

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Контрольна робота з англійської мови для 6-го класу на тему: "Великобританія". Метою контрольної роботи є перевірити рівень мовної та комунікативної компетенції за темою. Розвивати пам'ять, увагу, мислення та мовлення учнів. Виховувати самостійність.

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                                                    Сontrol work                                                                 6th grade

                                                       “Great Britain”

1. Write the words into the corresponding column.

The Thames, Great Britain, Cardiff, England, the Tyne, Scotland, London, Wales, Northern Ireland, Ireland, Edinburgh, Liverpool, the British Isles, the Avon, Oxford


Parts of the United Kingdom









2. Match the parts of the words combinations:

1) a tube

a) a bus with two levels

2) black cab

b) an apartment

3) night life

c) London taxi

4) travel card

d) twelve o’clock

5) visitors

e) an area

6) a flat

f) an underground train

7) double decker

g) tourists

8) midnight

h) one­day ticket on London transport

9) the rush hour

i) expensive

10) a zone

j) films, concerts, plays, discos

11) dear

k) the busiest time to travel

12) rent

l) the monthly price of a place to live


3. Read and guess.

1. It is a big clock tower with the famous bell, a part of the Houses of Parliament______________

2. It is the home of Queen Elisabeth II of England_______________

3. It is a huge wheel next to the Thames.__________________

4. It is a wax museum with models of famous people._____________

5. It is in the centre of London and there are lots of cinemas, theatres and shops there.__________


4. Put the words into the correct order to make up sentences:

1. A royal palace/ the Tower of London/ a prison/ served/ a fortress/ as/and/ in the past.

2. In /many/ the / London/ kings/ of/ lived/Tower.

3. Is/ today/ a/ museum/ the/London/ wonderful/ Tower/ of.

4. Masters/ care/ of/ ravens/ the/ Raven/ takes/black.

5. The /Crown/ to/ ravens/ without/ according/ the/will/ in/ legend/fall/it.


5. Read and circle the correct answer.

    Greenwich is/has home to historical landmarks, a busy market, London’s older/oldest Royal Park and the Prime Meridiana Line. A good  way to start your day in Greenwich is to arrive by/at boat. “City Cruises” runs/running a daily service between Westminster, Waterloo, Tower and Greenwich piers, so you can catch all the sights along the Thames.

    You can’t miss/to miss the stunning building that Greenwich is famous for Straight ahead/turn you’ll see the Queen’s House and the National Martime Museum, which features interactive children’s galleries. Best/good of all, entry to each of these fantastic attractions is free.

    On top of the hill in the middle of Greenwich Park is the Royal Observatory and London’s only public Planetarium. Stand on/to both sides of the Prime Meridian Line with a foot in both the East and West hemispheres, and set your watch as the bright red Time Ball drops at 1 p.m.sharp.

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