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Контрольна робота з аудіювання (Семестровий контроль)

Про матеріал

Контрольна робота для перевірки рівня сформованості навичок аудіювання (семестровий контроль) для учнів 10 класу. Контрольна робота складається з 2 варіантів, містить текст для аудіювання, завдання та відповіді до них.

Перегляд файлу



Task 1. Match choices (A-F) to (1-6).

(1) When two boys looked at each other, they saw that they…

(2) The room …

(3) When Tom was eating …

(4) At last Tom

(5) In his cabinet Tom took everything from his pockets …

(6) Tom lay down upon a sofa …

  1.        … was led to his cabinet and left alone.
  2.        … was full of people.
  3.        … and began to crack the nuts.
  4.        …were very much alike.
  5.         … and began to read the book.
  6.         … nobody smiled or paid any attention to anything.

Task 2. For sentences (7-12) choose the correct variant (A, B, C or D).

(7) In the large dining-room a table for … was ready.

      (A) everybody.

      (B) one person.

      (C) many people.

      (D) the Royal family.

(8) Tom ate with… .

      (A) a knife and a fork.

      (B) a spoon.

      (C) his fingers.

      (D) a fork.

(9) When Tom was at the table, he was afraid that the napkin will become …

      (A) clean.

      (B) beautiful.

      (C) old.

      (D) dirty.

(10) When nobody advised him what to do with his problem, Tom began to… .

      (A) cry.

      (B) laugh.

      (C) run away.

      (D) sleep.

(11) In his cabinet Tom ate … that he had taken from the dining-room.

      (A) oranges.                                                        (12) At last Tom started to read a book about … .     (B) apples.                                                                  (A) adventures.

      (C) nuts.                                                                      (B) making toys.                                                         

      (D) sweets.                                                                  (C) royal history.                                                                  

                                                                                          (D) good and bad manners.

Task 3. For statements (13-18) choose T if the statement is true according to the text, or F if it is false.

                  (13)Tom was from a very rich family.

(14) Tom was very surprised when he saw his napkin.

(15)After dinner Tom took some napkins from the table and filled his pockets with them.

(16)Tom was ill.

(17)All were sorry for the prince when he scratched his nose.

(18)Tom couldn’t read.

Task 4. Imagine that you are Tom and retell the event which happened to you in 6 sentences.




Task 1.For sentences (1-6) choose the correct answer (A, B or C).

(1) The British are often viewed as …                                      (2) They have ____ which is not

      (A) … the most talkative and amiable people                                understood by the foreigners…

in the world.                                                                                     (A) … a specific sense of humour.

      (B) … the most boring people in the world.                              (B) … a specific style in fashion

      (C) … the most absent-minded people in the world.                 (C) … very good taste.

(3) Talking to other people they always discuss…       (4) The British always queue when they are…

      (A) … their family matters.                                        (A) …waiting for a bus. 

      (B) … the weather or general questions.                    (B) …shopping.

      (C) … their private life.                                              (C) … taking books from a library.

(5) The clothes the British wear are usually …                    (6) If you have a British friend, this is …

   (A) … useless.                                                                       (A) … a friend for life.

   (B) … specific.                                                                      (B) … a hooligan and vandal.

   (C) … unimaginatively formal.                                             (C) … a reserved person.


Task 2. For statements (7-12) choose T if the statement is true according to the text, or F if it is false.

(7) Generally speaking, the British are very rude.

(8) Most British people have their own homes.

(9) British people still like hunting pets.

(10) The British are closely connected to their tradition.

(11) The British are often very open and spontaneous people.

(12) British people still love hunting of foxes and hares.


Task 3. Answer the following questions.

(13) How do you understand the following: “There is no place like home”?

(14) Why are the British thought to be polite despite their rude football fans?

(15) What British pride can you remember?

(16) How would you characterize the British?

(17) What is a “small talk”?

(18) How can you prove that the British are very polite?


Task 4. In not more than 6 sentences describe the peculiarities of the British character.

















Tom's First Royal Dinner

After “The Prince and the Pauper” by Mark Twain

Once Tom, a boy from a very poor family, met the Prince. They looked at each other and saw that they were very much alike. So the boys decided to exchange their lives for some time: the Prince went to Tom’s Family and Tom went to the Royal family.

So, one day at about one o’clock Tom was dressed for dinner. Then he was taken to a large room, where a table for one person was ready.

The room was full of people.

All of them knew that the Prince was mad and that they had not to show any surprise if he did anything strange.

Poor Tom ate with his fingers, but no one smiled. He looked at his napkin with great interest, and then said:

“Please take it away; I’m afraid it will become dirty.”

The napkin was taken away without a word of protest.

When he finished his dessert, he filled his pockets with nuts, but nobody paid any attention to that either.

Suddenly his nose began to inch. He looked first at one then at another of the lords near him. They ran up to him and asked what the matter was. Tom said with tears in his eyes:

“My nose is itching terribly. What shall I do?”

Nobody smiled; nobody knew how to helm him.

Tears began to run down his cheeks; at last he begged pardon of the people standing around him and scratched his nose himself.

Nobody smiled, but all were sorry for the prince.

At last our small friend was led to his cabinet and was left alone. Then he remembered the nuts. He took them out of his pockets and soon was cracking them and feeling almost happy for the first time since he became a prince.

When the nuts were all eaten up, he found some books in a bookcase, among them one about the etiquette of the English court. He lay down upon a sofa and began to read it.



1D   2B   3F   4A   5C   6E   7B   8C   9D   10A   11C   12D   13F   14T   15F   16T   17T   18F

Кожна правильна відповідь з 1 по 18 завдання оцінюється в 0,5 бала. Правильне виконання  Task 4 оцінюється в 3 бали.   






The British Character

The British are often viewed as the most boring people in the world. They wear unimaginatively formal clothes, eat tasteless food, and practise slow sports and have a specific sense of humour which is not usually understood by foreigners. They are also said to be conservative, reserved and cool. Indeed, the British are not very open and spontaneous. They do not kiss or embrace by way of greeting so as not to allow familiarity. They always keep a certain distance and are not willing to manifest their feelings and emotions. It is not easy to make friends with them but once you have made a friend, it is a friend for life.

The English are said to be the masters of trivial conversation. Their “small talk” usually deals with the weather or some general questions as it is not accepted to interfere in someone’s private life.

The British are very polite. They always queue when they are waiting for a bus and hold the door open for the person behind them. On the other hand, the English football fans are regarded as hooligans and vandals. Generally speaking, however, the British are well-mannered.

“There is no place like home”, say the British. These words best express an Englishman’s traditional love of his home. About 70% of all the people have their own houses. Most homes have a garden in which the British spend a lot of time growing flowers and looking after the lawn – a national pride.

The English are completely crazy about pets. There are more animal rights groups in Britain than anywhere else in the world. Paradoxically, the English still love the hunting of wild animals, such as foxes or hares, with the aim of killing them.

It is not easy to decide on the typically British characteristics. Not all English people are cold, uncommunicative or boring, not all of them are crazy about lawns or animals. Still, there is one thing that is typically British: a strong connection with tradition and a wish to keep their country’s uniqueness. Some people say that the British live in the past, but they are simply proud of their country.


1A   2A   3B   4A   5C   6A   7F   8T   9F   10T   11F   12T  

Кожна правильна відповідь з 1 по 18 завдання оцінюється в 0,5 бала. Правильне виконання  Task 4 оцінюється в 3 бали.   






























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