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Контрольна робота з письма 10 клас

Про матеріал

У розробці представлена контрольна робота з письма для 10 класу (поглиблене вивчення. Мета: проконтролювати знання учнів у вживанні граматичних часів та вживанні прийменників, а також у написанні есе на задану тему.

Перегляд файлу

10-клас Контрольна робота з письма



I. Fill in the correct preposition or - (= no preposition).

  1. We usually arrive________ the bus-stop at 8.00.
  2. “Have you lost anything?” I'm looking _____ my pen.”
  3. “'You look happy.” “Yes, I'm thinking _______ my trip.”


  1. Karina had to wait_______ the bus for twenty minutes this morning.
  2. Could you look _______my flowers while I'm away?
  3. I always look ________ new words in the dictionary.



II. Fill in the gaps with the correct past tenses forms of the verb.

       Eric and Ilsa are brother and sister. They (1)__________(grow) up together in the city that used to be known as West Berlin, in the former West Germany.

Eric (2)_____(move) to the United States decades ago, before the eastern and western parts of both Berlin and Germany were reunited in 1990.

Ilsa and her family (3)________ (visit) Eric and his family last year.

Ilsa's family (4)______________(fly) from Berlin to Detroit for the visit. Although the children (5)              (never, meet) before, except through e-mail, the  families (6)              (have) a great time together.

      Every day for a week, the adults and the children (7)________(play), talking, and eating together. One day, they even (8)_______(cook) some German recipes that (9)____(be) in the family for generations. For years, Ilsa (10)______(save) them and treasuring them in a box their mother gave her.





The world of art can be divided into many categories including: painting, sculpture, architecture, music, dance, theatre, literature, photography, cinema and many others. These arts have helped to express the human soul throughout the centuries and have given us many great treasures. Which category of Fine Art is your favourite? Why? How do you feel it connects to your life and the lives of others? Give some examples of famous works of this art form and explain how they have made an impression on you.

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