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Test in Writing

Form 6

Task 1. Choose the correct word.


  1.Yesterday we… a  test at our Math lesson.

  1. wrote   b) has written   c) were writing

2.  In winter the weather is…

a) hot and sunny   b) cold and nasty   c) frosty and snowy

3.  Look! Ann… hopscotches now.

a) am playing   b) is playing    c) plays

4.  The day… rainy yesterday.

a) is    b)was     c) were

5. What language… Boris… every day?

a) do… learn   b) does… learn     c) does… learns

6 . … you ever… a dolphin?

a) Did… see    b) Have… seen    c) Has… seen

7 . You should take care… your little sister.

a) of     b) on      c)in

8 . I… never… to london.

a) have… be    b) has… been    c) have… been

9 . My cousin is very… . He always says «please» and «thank you».

a) charming     b) polite      c) energetic

10. Betty… her relatives in London next summer.

a) visit     b) visits    c) will visit

11. February is ……. month of the year.

a) long     b) longer   c) the longest

12. My mother always ……… at the shopping mall.

a) do shopping   b) is doing shopping   c) does shopping

13. If you add a lemon to your tea, it makes it taste…

a) sweet      b) bitter    

14. Library rules. You should…

a) use pens    b)return books in time    c)tear the pages

      15.  The children usually… books at the local library.

a) borrow     b) were borrowing     c) borrowed

16. My friend ….. French .

a) isn’t speaking    b) don’t speak     c) doesn’t speak

17. In winter days are …… than in summer.

a) short     b) shorter     c) the shortest

18. …. you ever ….. tennis in your kife?

a) Have… play   b)Has… played   c)Have… played

19. I… ride a bike. My brother taught me

 a) can    b) could    c) had to

      20.  I can speak English…

a) good         b) well

21 . Next month we… in football match.

a) took part    b) will took part      c)will take part

22. Ann… her morning exercises every morning.

a) does     b) do     c) does not

23 . She… sleeping now.

a) am      b) are       c) is

24. I haven’t done my homework …..

a) yet   b) already    c) just


Task 2. Find the mistake and rewrite the sentences correctly.


1 We go to school five days in a week.

2 He have never spoken Spanish.

3 Last year my family travels abroad.

4 Have you ever been in London?

5 My friend prefers travelling by foot.

6 My father don’t work at this office.

7 Look! She cleans the room now.

8 I am fond in doing sport.

9 My classmates are interested about foreign languages.


Task 3. Imagine that your pen friend from England is coming to Kyiv and he/she wants to know something about the city. Write a letter  using the plan below:

  • write where Kyiv is situated;
  • describe what river it stands on;
  • what places of interests there are;
  • give your recommendations.



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