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Lesson PLANNING 29 Topic « Is It Easy to Become a Champion? »

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Lesson PLANNING 29 Topic « Is It Easy to Become a Champion? » OBJECTIVES to encourage STDs to speak English to develop skills of reading /speaking / listening to practise STDs in dialogue making to provide the opportunities for the comprehensive reading to provide the opportunities for STDS’ relaxation
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Lesson PLANNING  29

Topic « Is It Easy to Become a Champion? »


to encourage STDs  to speak English

to develop skills of reading /speaking / listening

to practise STDs  in   dialogue  making

to provide the opportunities for the comprehensive  reading

to provide the opportunities for STDS’ relaxation


I.  Introductory part T: Good morning, dear  pupils! At the previous lesson  we learned to exchange our thoughts on different  sports activities  and how to be successful in sports. What are  we going to speak about  today? I am sure, you are eager to know  that. Today we’ll discuss whether  it is easy to make your sports ambitions  come true. I believe “ Ukrainian- English Ball ” will be a  proper beginning for our lesson  ( STDs review the vocabulary learned before).

II.Main part

1. Reading Comprehension      a)Pre- Reading   Open your books on page 50, please. Look at the pictures on this page. Who are these e-mails from?  Do you think Mike is good at fencing ? What sport is Rosa fond of ?   

 b) While- Reading. True or False:  1)  Mike enjoys  chess. 2) The boy goes to the school gym three times  a week. 3) His sister had few   lessons yesterday.4)  Mike goes fencing.  5) He never misses a  football match. 6) Rosa played tennis much better  than her cousin last summer. 7) Her cousin’s favourite  tennis player is Steffi  Graf. 8) Rosa’s dream is to visit  Wimbledon one day.

c) Checking Comprehension   ex. 2, p. 51.






2. Check on home assignment ex.5, p. 49.

3. A  Minute for rest a) A song (English Irregular Rap).

           b) CROSS AND NAUGHT (Vocabulary Reinforcement)

4. Interaction   Post- Reading : Let’s  imagine in three years  Rosa’s dream to  become  a  Wimbledon champion has come true. The girl  has  become so successful thanks to her persistent  work and  endless trainings. Read the text  and complete the following ( A, B)  questions and  give answers for  Rosa  and her Mum.

 Rosa is 15 years old. She is  a typical schoolgirl except for one thing  -  she is  a Wimbledon champion. Every day of the week, Rosa’s mother wakes her  at 4.30 in the morning. She gets dressed and has her breakfast . Then her mother takes her  to a local tennis court. At 5.30 o’ clock she practises with her trainer. From  6.30 to  7.30  she swims in the swimming pool. On Tuesday and  Thursday Rosa  doesn’t  go swimming she practises in the gym. At 8.15 she  every day she starts   for school. On Wednesdays  Rosa meets her  fans, she travels from school to school  and talks to students.  On Saturday she doesn’t go to the gym or to the swimming pool that’s why Rosa stays in bed till 10 in the morning. On Fridays she  doesn’t go to bed very early, because she  goes to a  disco with her best friends. But Sundays she  has to go to bed at 7.30 to have  a good sleep. Rosa says  she doesn’t like Thursdays, because she has a medical check  on this day. As you see it is not an easy task to be a champion, but still she feels happy.


A) Here are the questions to Rosa . Complete them. 1) When you / start  playing tennis? 2) How long/ you  practice every day? 3) The school teachers/  help you? 4)  You/ ever meet Stefi Graf ? 5) Why / you  practice in the gym? 6) / You  watch TV?   7)How much time / you spend on your home tasks? 8) When / you  practice in the swimming-pool?  9)Why/ you  not like Thursdays? 10)What/ your trainer’s name? 11)Your trainer ever be a champion?

B) Rosa’s Mum is present at our lesson today, let’s her questions: 1) You/ travel with her? 2)You ever/ been/ to Wimbledon? 3) Rosa / phone you from the competitions? 4) / Your life change much since  your daughter became  a champion? 5) / You travel to the tennis court on your car or  by train? 6)  What / Rosa do on Wednesdays?

5. Vocabulary Reinforcement: WB ex. 1,p. 30.

6. Home assignment: a) WB ex. 2,p.30.  Be  ready to meet Boris at our next lesson. Prepare your own  4 questions to the boy. b) Next lesson we are going to write  a short  Grammar Test. Please, learn the forms of the irregular verbs on page 40, 48. 

III.Summing –up: It’s been hard, but pleasant work today. I am so grateful to Rosa and her Mum, they could visit our lesson. Now you all see it is not easy to be a champion.


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