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MY DREAMS AND AMBITIONS. Мої мрії та амбіції.

Про матеріал

Конспект уроку для учнів 10-11 класів на тему " Мої мрії та амбіції".

Мета уроку:

  • розвивати комунікативні навички, мовну здогадку, уяву;
  • розвивати вміння логічно висловлювати свої думки;
  • сприяти загальнокультурному розвитку учнів;
  • розвивати вміння працювати у групах та парах;
  • виховувати культуру спілкування.
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my dreams and ambitions



  • to widen students’ knowledge on the topic;
  • to develop communicative competence;
  • to provide opportunities for developing learners’ speaking skills(pair work);
  • to develop social competence;

-    activate vocabulary on the topic

Materials: laptop, handouts,  power point  presentation, video “Happy place”, ” Bucket list trailer”.

Level: intermediate



I. Lead-in


1. Warming up.


 Which of the descriptions below, best describe your mood today?


a.      Tired and negative.

b.     Low energy and no enthusiasm.

c.      Positive, but lacking in motivation.

d.      Happy and full of energy.

e.      Other  ______________________



2. Watch a short clip and find out the main idea of it. (https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=hjUDeOgr77o)



  • What is the dream of the toy-car?
  • What words have you noticed?
  • What did it do to achieve its dream?
  • So, what is the topic of our lesson?


II. Main part of the lesson.


1. Speaking. Pair work .


T. Discuss these questions with a partner. 


  • Do you have or have you had any of the following ambitions?


  • to be a film star;         
  • to have children;
  • to buy a house;           
  • to go to university;               
  • to visit the Antarctic;               
  • to be an astronaut;                  
  • to write a book;
  • to live by the sea;                     
  • to be a rock star;               
  • to work abroad


  •  What other ambitions or dreams do you have?


  • Think about all these different ambitions. For you, which ones do you think are…
  • realistic;
  • quite likely to be achieved;
  • unlikely but possible;
  • unrealistic;
  • nearly impossible


  • Why?


  • Share your partner’s ideas and tell about their dreams.


Language for talking about plans/hopes/dreams


Go over the language in the boxes below:




I’ve always fancied…

I’m dying/itching to try…

… is a burning ambition of mine.

… would  be right up my street.

… is one for the bucket list.

A pipe dream (an unrealistic/improbable dream)

I would jump at the chance to…

If you offered me the chance to…, I would bite your hand off.

I’d give it a go.

I have no desire to…

… doesn’t appeal to me (at all)

Whatever floats your boat.

To each their own

The idea of … doesn’t do anything for me.

You wouldn’t catch me …ing

… is not my thing.

… is not for me.


2.Watching the video.” Bucket list.Trailer”




T. Look at the picture. What is it?




 What is the list?


Результат пошуку зображень за запитом "bucket list\"


 What is a bucket list?



Now watch the trailer of the film “Bucket List”


Результат пошуку зображень за запитом "bucket list\"


        This movie called ‘The Bucket list’ starring Morgan Freeman and Jack Nicholson.

       The film is about two terminally ill men who were sharing a ward together. Edward Cole was a corporate millionaire; Carter Chambers was a working class mechanic.

     The men had nothing in common except for their terminal illnesses. While sharing a room together they decided to leave it and do all the things they had ever wanted to do before they died - according to their bucket list.


  • What do you think of this idea?
  • Have you seen the film?
  • Do you ever feel jealous of your friends when they do amazing activities?


3. Group Work.The world is your oyster”.


     T.  What would you put on your bucket list? There are hundreds of ideas to choose from. You might be good at sports and decide to try running a marathon. Then again you might want to sail around the world. You could always learn to water ski! What about learning a foreign language? Okay, you are learning English, but what about another language? Maybe, say hello in 50 languages? You could learn to play a musical instrument like the piano or the triangle! You could learn to yodel or how to write a song. Perhaps you could learn to dance? Salsa is popular these days but then again you could try a traditional dance like the Waltz. There is always belly dancing! Adventure is probably top of many people’s lists. You might want to climb Mount Everest or go scuba diving on the Great Barrier Reef. You might want to go into space or experience weightlessness. Perhaps you could try bungee jumping or white water rafting? Some people may prefer to go on a cruise or go on a helicopter ride. There are many places in the world to visit like Machu Picchu in Peru or the Galapagos Islands off  Ecuador. You might want to visit the Great Wall of China or tour around Australia. You could try island hopping in the Caribbean or take a trip along the Panama Canal. Let’s see what you come up with…



Результат пошуку зображень за запитом "bucket list\"



  • Create your own bucket list. Consider the following themes when you create your bucket list:


  • foods
  • holidays
  • be a spectator at something
  • meet someone famous
  • create your ideal …
  • education
  • adventure
  • family
  • sport
  • books
  • a new hobby/craft
  • career


Students discuss what is there in their bucket list and choose the best bucking list.


3.Summing up.


T: We have done a great deal of work at today’s lesson. What conclusions can you draw? 



Home assignment. Make a project work about dreams.



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