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Перший Випуск Шкільної Газети (Сторінка 4)

Про матеріал
Зразок першого випуску шкільної газети. Четверта сторінка. На допомогу вчителям і організаторам шкільного дозвілля.
Перегляд файлу

OBhHh iCTi


I have a lot ot hobbies because there are so many interesting things to do.

I like doing different things.

One of my hobbies is reading. I read interesting books, usually about magic. But I also like stories about adventure and detective stories. I also go in for drawing. I'm fond ot drawing, creating something new. I always draw when I have tree time. Doing it helps me to relax and forget about everything.

After school I like walking in the park with friends. I usually make pictures when I walk. Making photos is my hobby, too.

I like my hobby.

Aiawa UinyiK0.3171-A

Lots of people have their own occupation - hobbies. Hobbies make people more educated. I'm a person who want to develop, so I have my own hobbies too. I'm keen on playing musical instruments. I Olay the guitar and I learn to Play in ukulele and panpipe. I also dream to Play the violin.

MY second hobby is reading. I don't like classic, but I love reading fantasy, science fiction and adventures. On free time from learning I love drawing, but I'm only learning to do this good.

I know that my hobbies will changed but each of them I want to develop to high level.

AHHa CelK, 3171-A

24 червня
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