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Підсумкова контрольна робота за ІІ семестр з англійської мови. Перед написанням к.р. потрібно повторити слова, часові форми дієслова, пасивний стан дієслова і підготувати творче завдання про "The UK. Great Britain"
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               F - 9                                  Writing                             V – I

1.Match the sciences with their definitions.


A)the study of the origin and history of rocks.


B) the study of numbers,measurements and shapes.


C) the science of matter and energy such as heat,light,sound…

2. Read and choose the correct variant.

1.We … TV when it started to rain.                                                                                    A) watch   B)were watching   C)watching

2.I wanted to visit you yesterday,but you … not at home.                                             A)were   B)are   C)was

3.The sun … in the East.                                                                                                 A)to rise   B)risen   C)rises

4.After Larry … the film on TV,he decided to buy the book.                                     A)saw   B)have seen   C)had seen

5.|I … you a cup of coffee. That will wake you up.                                                          A)make   B)’ll make   C)making

6.Kate … the present and read the card.                                                                          A)open   B)opened   C)had opened

3.Put the sentences into the passive form and translate them.

1.Maria crashed into the blue car yesterday.

2.We always organize this musical festival.

3.Steven has left the book.

4. Write a composition about “Great Britain”.



               F - 9                                  Writing                             V – II

1.Match the sciences with their definitions.


A)the science about the events and social processes of the past.


B)the study of the Earth’s surface,climate,people.


C)the general word for the science studying animals,plants, people.

2. Read and choose the correct variant.

1.Look.It …, so we can’t go to the beach.                                                                     A)is raining   B)rains   C)rain

2.While he was in the shower,his dogs … his steaks.                                                 A)eat   B)eats   C)ate

3.Since 2003 they … their son every year.                                                                        A)have visited   B)visited   C)visits

4.Wait a minute, |I … this box for you.                                                                             A)carry   B)’ll carry   C)have carry

5.She … her left arm two weeks ago.                                                                          A)broke   B)have broken   C)broking

6.I … to music when a phone rang.                                                                                    A)was listening   B)listened   C)listen

3.Put the sentences into the passive form and translate them.

1.They played handball two days ago.

2.He spends his summer holidays in Odessa every year.

3.The mechanic has repaired the DVD recorder.

4. Write a composition about “The UK”.


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Англійська мова (9-й рік навчання) 9 клас (Карпюк О.Д.)
16 лютого
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