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Підсумкова контрольна робота з англійської мови для 9 класу

Про матеріал

Підсумкова контрольна робота з англійської мови для 9-го класу.

Теми: "About Yourself", "Enviroment Protection", "London Sights", "The Internet", "Conditional I".

Перегляд файлу

Revision (9th grade)

  1. Read the text and fill in the gaps with the given words. One word is odd (1.5 points).


Word list: waste, paper, recycled, collecting, recycling, pollution, logo.


Recycling is taking used materials and A)___________ and then turning it into new, useful products. For example, most paper is made from trees, but if old paper is recycled, less trees will be needed. Recycling uses less energy, and helps to control B)__________.

Three steps for recycling include C)__________, sorting, and processing. What materials can be D)_________?

E)__________, including newspapers, magazines, cardboard, books, and envelopes can all be recycled into reusable products.

Plastic is also a common recyclable product, including water, soda, and other drink bottles; plastic bags, wrappers, and many more items.

Glass recycling also includes soda and other drink bottles, as well as jars, broken pieces of glass, and many other glass products.

There is a special F)_______that shows the item can be recycled.

  1. Find the English equivalents in the text (1 point).
  1. Переробка скла –     C) Продукт, що можна перероблювати, –
  2. Картон –      D) Логотип –
  1. Open the brackets using the proper form (1.5 points).
  1. If air ____________________ (to be polluted) we __________________ (to breathe) toxic gases.
  2. We ___________________ (to save) nature if we ________________ (to recycle) used materials.
  3. The British museum is worth ____________ (to visit).
  4. Australia __________ (to discover) by James Cook.
  5. I am looking forward to _________ (to go) on holiday.
  6. The flag of the United Kingdom __________ (to call) the Union Jack.
  1. Match the London sight to its description (2 points).
  1. A famous bridge over the river Thames    A) Madame Tussaud’s;
  2. An exhibition of wax models     B) Hyde Park;
  3. A medieval fortress      C) Tower Bridge;
  4. A centre of London street life     D) the Tower of London;
  5. A place where you can relax and have a picnic   E) Covent Garden;

F) the London Eye.

5. Continue the sentences about yourself (3 points).

I am interested in ________________________.

I am proud of ___________________________.

I dream about ___________________________.

I am afraid of ___________________________.

I am good at ____________________________.

I am bad at _____________________________.

I can’t stand ____________________________.

______________ makes me laugh.

______________ makes me sad.

______________ makes me angry.

6. Answer the questions (3 points).

  1. What apps do you usually use?
  2. Do you feel Internet-addicted? Give your reasons.
  3. What job would you like to have in future? Explain your choice.
  4. What is the most important invention in the history of mankind? Give your reasons.
  5. Do you try to live green? What ways?
  6. Make your own top-3 London sights you would like to see. Explain your choice.
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