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План-конспект позакласного заходу до Дня Св. Валентина

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Учням подобається святкування цього свята у школі. Вони полюбляють виготовлення та написання " валентинок" власноруч англ. мовою, їм подобається приймати участь у різних конкурсах, приурочених цій темі. Отже, цей матеріал стане корисним при проведенні цього свята.
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St. Valentine’s Day

Assembly 14th February


Slide 1 Introduction     Music - Love is in the Air by John Paul Young


Speaker 1 The origins of St Valentine’s Day are shrouded in mystery. There are many stories about it, but none of them are very reliable. St Valentine’s Day is celebrated every year on the 14th February, which is the anniversary of his death in 270 AD.


Slide 2

Speaker 2 Valentine’s Day celebrates love. But what is love? Here are a few ideas:


­­­­­­­­­­­­­­­­Part of the problem is that there is only one word for “love” in English. We use it in different ways and hope that people know what we mean. You can say,


Shouter 1 “I love chips”

Shouter 2 “I love my Mum”

Shouter 3 “I love Justin Bieber,”


and mean very different things in each case.

Ancient Greeks divided love into four types.


Slide 3

Speaker 3 Romance is what you usually think of when someone mentions love: boyfriends, girlfriends, candlelit dinners, chocolate, roses, kissing and diamond rings.

Love makes you happy

And goes to your head.

Love keeps you lively

When others are down.

Love keeps you smiling

No trace of a frown.


Slide 4

Speaker 4 Philia  filly-er

is the love of friends, although boys never admit to loving their friends. They just punch each other’s arms instead.


Speaker 5 Philia is also the love of things, such as,

(Shouter is a student who watches the assembly, he shouts from his seat)     

Shouter 1 “I love ice cream,”

Shouter 2 “I love cake”.

It can also be the love of pastimes and hobbies, such as,

Shouter 3 “I love football”.


Speaker 4 Friends care, friends share,

                  We need friends everywhere!

 Speaker 5 Make new friends but keep the old,

                   One is silver and the other gold.

Speaker 4 Circle round that has no end

                  That's how long I want to be your friend.


Slide 5

Speaker 6 Storge store-gay

is the love of family. We can’t choose our families - we’re stuck with them. But we love them all the same. Most of the time. Despite the arguments.


Slide 6

Speaker 7 Agape  a-ga-pay

is selfless love – doing things for other people no matter who they are and without any reward: giving to charity, being a first-aid volunteer, or even leaving nice anonymous notes for someone who’s having a hard time. Just being kind to everyone you meet is agape.


Slide 7

Speaker 8 People not only from Great Britain and the USA  celebrate St Valentine’s Day, people from Russia celebrate this holiday too.


A short dialogue

Speaker 9-St1

Speaker 10-St2

St1: What are you reading?

St2: Oh, it’s a valentine card from a secret admirer.

St1: A secret admirer? Who is it?

St2: Don’t you know? It’s a person who writes valentine cards to someone, but who wants to stay unknown. So he/she signs the card like this “a secret admirer” or “a mysterious friend”.

St1: I see. Where do you take these cards?

St2:: Why? In the mailbox, of course!


Speaker 11 Today Our school has a mailbox

                                                That we painted red and gold.

Speaker 12 So stuff it with more Valentines

                                               That it was made to hold.

Slide 8

Speaker 13 So, although you’re probably all hoping for a bit of Romance this Valentine’s Day, let’s face facts, not everyone is going to get it. But you can celebrate the good things in your other relationships: with good friends, with family and - if all else fails - with chocolate.

TOGETHER: Happy Valentine’s Day! (Students give the cards out to everyone!)

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