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Позакласний захід "Eat the right food!"

Про матеріал

Цей матеріал можна використовувати як позакласний захід.Як допоміжну літературу використайте підручник "Real Life".Можна залучити до заходу старшокласників, які вже вивчили цю тему.

Перегляд файлу

Eat the right food!

Outcomes: by the end of the lesson the pupil will:

  1. revise and practice vocabulary;
  2. understand and use the new words from the vocabulary;
  3. be ready to ask and answer questions about food.


  • to develop pupils  skills in speaking;
  • to develop personal abilities;
  • to develop pupil’s communicative skills;
  • to teach pupil’s to work in groups;
  • to form an interest to learning English.

      Equipment: Vegetables, fruit, some kinds of food.

P1 – Hello ,friends! I am glad to see you . Today’s theme is very interesting. It’s " Food ".

P2 – Food? Is it interesting?

P1 – Yes, of course. You eat every day four times or more. Do you mention what you it? Is it useful or the other way round?

P2 – I eat what my mum cooks.

P1 – Yes, I understand. But let’s make clear is this food useful or harmful? Look at this menu!

What do you choose?

P2 – I choose fried potatoes, fried meat and Cola.

P1 – And in some years you will have a stomachache.

P2 – I am surprised. It’s a pitty.

P1 – That’s why I decided to discuss with you this theme.

P3 – People can not live without food. Animals, fish, birds and plants can not live without food either.

P4 – There different kinds of food. Some kinds of food like bread, sugar, meat, butter, cheese and rice make you strong and you energy.

P5 – Meat, fish , milk help you to grow. Vegetables, eggs and cornflakes make your bones and teeth strong.

P6 – You should eat vegetables and fruit because they have got a lot of vitamins . Vitamins are important for your eyes, skin, bones, hair and other parts of your body.

P7 – How many vitamins are there?

P6 – There are 13 (thirteen) types of vitamins.Eat the right food!

P1 – Let’s speak about diets.

P7 – I think I have healthy diets. For breakfast I have cereal and milk. For lunch I like eat sandwiches and fruit. For an afternoon snack I like to eat yoghurt. I usually have meat for dinner.

P8 – I like to eat home – cooked food. My favourite dishes are my mum’s apple pie and her Ukrainian borshch.

P9 – You know, there are people who do not eat meat at all. They eat a lot of fruit and vegetables,

P10 – We call them vegetarians. I don’t think it is clever because we must grow.

P1 – By the way, friends, do you have breakfast at home?

P11 – I do not have breakfast so early. I have breakfast at school.

P1 – It’s a mistake to have breakfast after the first or second lesson. It is so late.

P12 – If you have a headache or a stomachache you are, may be, hungry. Try to eat first and a consult a doctor.

P1 – Do you like "fast food"?

P12 – What do you mean?

P1 – I mean pizza, hamburgers, fried potatoes, Coca – Cola?

P12 – I dislike such food. I have heard that Italiens have started a "Slow food " campaing. They believe that people should eat local meals and that food should be grown locally.

P1 – There are many kinds of healthy drinks. Smoothie – for example.

P10 –  Want kind of diet do you use? You are so slim as a model.

P1 – I have no diet. I eat everything but separately. I eat mean only with green vegetables. I do not eat porridge with butter.

P10 – But why?

P1 – Because there are some products which are not used together.

P9 – I have heard about the table of Dr.Shelton.

P1 - You can get to know with this diet.

P9 – Its interesting but I would hardly use this diet.

P1 – It is interesting to know about the diet in the past.

T. – In the Elizabethan age rich people ate a huge amount of meat – including some quite unusual meat. In Elizabethan cookbooks, you find recipes for baked blackbirds or roast peacock. They ate pies with live frogs. It wasn’t a very balanced diet. Rich people had a lot of protein and fat but they got very little vitamin C which we get from fruit and vegetables. So many people had bad teeth and skin diseases.

   Poor people had a healthier diet than the rich. The most common dish for the poor was a kind of thick vegetable soup with bread.

  The only problem was they had the same thing for breakfast, lunch and dinner day after day.

  There was no coffee or tea, of course. The water in towns  wasnt safe to drink. So the only thing that most people could drink  was a kind of beer. Even children and babies drank beer every day!

Dear children! I wish you to be healthy.



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