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ВИХОВНИЙ ЗАХІД з англійської мови для учнів 5- 7 класів на тему "ХЕЛЛОУІН"

Про матеріал

Даний виховний захід прияє розширенню знання учнів з історії свята Хеллоуін, розвиває навички говоріння та артистичні навички;розвивати уяву учнів,творчі здібності,виховує почуття колективізму, зацікавленість до свят країни, мова якої вивчається, збагачувати учнівську лексику, удосконалювати навички аудіювання та говоріння.

Перегляд файлу






НАВЧАЛЬНА:  розширювати знання учнів з історії свята Хеллоуін.


РОЗВИВАЮЧА: розвивати навички говоріння та артистичні навички;

   розвивати уяву учнів,творчі здібності.


ВИХОВНА:  виховувати почуття колективізму, зацікавленість до свят країни,  мова якої вивчається.


ПРАКТИЧНА:     збагачувати учнівську лексику;

 удосконалювати навички аудіювання,говоріння. 



 a computer, a disc, apples for game, pumpkins,

 posters, Halloween costumes, Jack-o-lantern, a model of witches’ house, balloons, toilet papers, plates with water,

papers A4, leaves, pictures of  autumns months, a lanten.

























Comperes: Good afternoon to everybody.

Compere 1 : Welcome to our holiday. We have a guest on our holiday. Children, do you know who she is? She is … .

Autumn: I am … . Oh, no let the children guess who I am and why I am here. I am sure they will guess my ridles.

The summer is over,     When I come to you,

The trees are bare.     The days are cool,

There’s fog in the garden    Children eat apples

And frost in the air.     And go to school.

Do you know who I am?

Children: You are autumn.

Autumn: Right you are, thank you. I’ve come to this holiday with my three sons.

( Autumn months appear on the stage. September wears a wreath of yellow-green leaves. November wears a raincoat and fallen leaven on his legs, October is decorated with colorful leaves).

Autumn brothers: We are three brothers.

September: I am September, the youngest brother. Children like me. I bring them flowers, green leaves, apples, mushrooms and many warm days.

November: I am the oldest brother. November is my name. I bring much cold and rain.

October: I am October, your second month. I like red, yellow, and brown leaves. I bring a lot of them to kids. All children like me. Why do you think so? ( pause) .I bring them holiday – Halloween.

Comperes and Months: Welcome, welcome, Halloween!

(All sing the song “Halloween” to the melody of the song “Jingle Bells”).


Halloween, Halloween has come to us again.

We shall have some ‘trick or treat”

And play funny games.

 Welcome, welcome Halloween,

 You are with us again.

 We’ll have a lot of fan today-

 We’ll sing, we’ll dance, we’ll play.

Compere 1: How did Halloween begin? Many years, in Ireland, New Year’s Day was on the 1st of November. It was the day of worship of All Saints – All Saints’ Day or All Hallows’  Day. The 31st of October, the last day of the year, the day before the holiday, was known as All Hallows’ Eve or Hallowe’en. Now the 31st of October is not the last day of the year, but Halloween is the holiday loved and celebrated by children in English-speaking countries. ( Asks the audience): What do children do on that day?

Compere 2: Halloween has many traditions. In the evening, on the 31st of October, children go from house to house, tricking and treating for candies. There is a house with a sing ‘Jack-o-Lantern’ on the window, a group of children dressed in Halloween costumes and masks come up to it, knock at  the window and shout ‘Trick or treat’ 3 times. The hostess goes out of the house and puts sweets in the children’s basket. The children thank her and she tries to guess who under the masks. The children thank once and run to the next house: “Thank you ever so much. We are in a hurry to trick and treat for many candies. Goodbye”.

Compere 1: The pumpkin, the black and yellow cats, and witches in the window are the symbols of Halloween.

(The witches’ dance).

The song “ Witches flying through the air.”

 Witches flying through then air,

 Witches here, witches there.

 Witches, witches everywhere.

 Witches hiding in the dark.

 Witches dancing in the park.

 Witches here, witches there,

 Witches flying through the air.

 Witches, witches everywhere.

 Big black hats on their bright green hair

 Witches, witches everywhere.

 Witches here, witches there.

 Riding on a broomstick, flying through the air

 Witches here, witches there.

 Witches, witches everywhere.

Pupil 1: Black cat, orange pumpkin,

     White ghost, green-eyed monster.

     Black, orange, white, green.

     These are the colours of Halloween!

  Black cat, witches hats.

  Jack-o-Lanterns, Jack-o-Lanterns.

  Black, orange, white, green.

  These are the colours of Halloween!

(The pupil tells the poems showing the Witches house).

Compere 1:A pumpkin with a carved face on it is ‘Jack-o-Lantern. There appears an old man with a white bead, a black top hat on his head and a black raincoat on his shoulders. He light his way with ‘Jack-o -Lantern’.

Jack-o-Lantern: Hello, dear boys and girls! Don’t be afraid of me. My name is Jack.

I’m little Jack-o-Lantrn Fat and fine,

They picked me off a pumpkin vine.

Halloween is coming don’t you know,

Just light my candle and watch me glow.

 I lived many years ago. I was not a good man during my life. And God punished me. God didn’t allow me into heaven because I was very stingy. So, my soul has to wander around the earth and carry a lantern to find my way in the dark. So children, be good and kind now and when you grow up.

(All except Comperes leaves the stage.)

Compere 1: Pupils like to tell  poems on the holiday.

Pupils 2. Halloween is coming.

         What will it be?

          It’s a secret,

          So, wait and see!                                                                                                                                                 

Pupils 3: Halloween is coming.

         What will you see?

          I might see Jack – o’ – lantern

          Winking at me.

Pupil 4. Halloween is coming.

         What will you do?

         I might go trick or treating

         What about you?

Pupil 5:Ghosts and witches

         Can be seen,

          Trick or treat, 

          Trick or treat, 

          Give us something

          Good to eat!

Pupil 6: The sky is blue,

         The sky is green.

          Have you got a penny

          For Halloween?


Compere 2: Now, listen to our recommendations, how to sleep on Halloween night.

Pupil 7: The thing to remember,

         When you go to bed,

          Is to hang strings of garlic

          High over your head.

          So werewolves and vampires

          Won’t come to call

          In fact you won’t

          Get many callers at all.

Pupil 8: The thing to remember

         When you go to bed

          Is putting a cross

          At your foot and your head.

          Cause witches and vampires

          Are religious,

          And touching a cross

          Gives them hideous.

Pupil 9:The thing to remember

         When you to go to bed

          Is watch out for goblins

          Who munch on your head.

          What stops them is water,

          So ask for a glass,

          Then pour it around,

           So the goblins can’t pass.

Compere 1: Children of all ages like to play games. There are special games for Halloween parties. Do you like to play them? O’k,

 Let’s start.

(Children split into two teams and play games).

Game 1: “Bobbing the Apples”

Two bowls filled with water are brought onto the stage. Members of each team come up to the bowl and try to pick up one of the apples with the help of their mouth only. The team gets one score for each apple).

Game 2: “ Mummy”.

Your task is to wrap round one member of your team using the toilet paper. When the mummy will be ready, the team would get one score.

Game 3: “To cross through the marsh”.

Your task is to cross through the marsh using the white two papers”.

Game 4: “ To bite it”.

We have the thread and apples on it. You must to bite the apple as you can without helping the helping the hands.

Game 5: “To draw the monster”.

You should to draw the monster on the balloon. Who will be the first, would get the score”.














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