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Позакласний захід "European Day of languages"

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Подана розробка позакласного заходу допоможе вчителеві підвищити мотивацію учнів у вивченні іноземних мов, залучити їх до активної творчої діяльності
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European Day of languages


to motivate students’ speaking skills based on learnt material; to systematize students’ knowledge about Europe, European countries     and European languages; to broaden students’ knowledge about European traditions.


Questionnaire, QRcodes, Power Point, Video “My mistress' eyes”,

empty forms for writing.

Created by:

Kravchuk Natalie, an English teacher of  Bila Tserkva Collegium;

Palamarchuk Vita, an English teacher of  Bila Tserkva Collegium.




T: “If you talk to a man in  a language he understands, that goes to his head. If you talk to him in his language, that goes to his heart”

Nelson Mandela

P1: The highlight of the European Year of Languages 2001 was the European Day of Languages, which was celebrated for the first time on 26 September 2001 in all 45 states taking part in the campaign. On the eve of the closing event of the Year, the Committee of Ministers of the Council of Europe decided to declare the European Day of Languages to be celebrated on 26th September each year. Its aim is to encourage language learning across Europe.

P2: Now let’s listen to myth of the Tower of Babel. The gist of the story is thus: All human beings used to speak the same language. As they came to settle in Mesopotamia, they decided to build a city with a tower to reach the heavens. Through this endeavor, mankind intended to create a name for himself. God, however, had other plans. Mankind’s language was confused, and they were scattered over the earth. As a result, the city and the tower were never completed. Regardless of whether one believes that this story actually took place, there are several interesting ways of looking at it.

T: Why is it important to learn foreign languages today?

P1: A foreign language can contribute to a stronger personality.

P2: A foreign language gives you access to another culture. It gives you the ability to communicate and to exchange views with people all over the world.

P3: Learning a foreign language opens up a whole new dimension.

P4: The knowledge of foreign languages increases job opportunities in many careers where knowing another language is a real asset.


2.1. QUEST

T: We are sure that you know a lot about Europe and European languages. Now we are going to continue to talk about it in unusual way. We want you to  answer some questions. But before that you have to find them, looking for around the school, decrypt the code using your devices and write the answers on your sheets. The first group with right answers will be the winner.

Good luck!!!

Group1 (pink)

  1. Описание: Описание: F:\День Європейських мов\QUEST\group1\завантаження1.1.png
    Which country's currency was the drachma? Greece
  2. Which country's currency was the escudo? Portugal

Описание: Описание: F:\День Європейських мов\QUEST\group1\завантаження2.png

  1. What is the capital city of Austria? Vienna

Описание: Описание: F:\День Європейських мов\QUEST\group1\завантаження3.png

  1. What  country has Tallin as the capital? Estonia

Описание: Описание: F:\День Європейських мов\QUEST\group1\завантаження4.png

  1. Which is the longest river in France? Loire

         Описание: Описание: F:\День Європейських мов\QUEST\group1\завантаження5.png

  1. In which country are there Turin, Milan and Pisa? Italy

Описание: Описание: F:\День Європейських мов\QUEST\group1\завантаження6.png

  1. Which national flag is made up of vertical black, gold, red bands? Belgium

Описание: Описание: F:\День Європейських мов\QUEST\group1\завантаження7.png

  1. What is the longest river in Europe, which flows through the territory of 8 countries? (Danube)

Описание: Описание: F:\День Європейських мов\QUEST\group1\завантаження8.png

  1. The highest mountain in Europe  with the highest Mont Blanc is in Alps. Which country is it? (In France)

Описание: Описание: F:\День Європейських мов\QUEST\group1\завантаження9.png

  1. What country is Madrid the capital of? (Spain)

            Описание: Описание: F:\День Європейських мов\QUEST\group1\завантаження10.png

Group 2 (green)

  1. In which country is there often fog and rain? (United Kingdom)

Описание: Описание: F:\День Європейських мов\QUEST\group2\завантаження1.png

  1. What river does flow through London? (Thames)

Описание: Описание: F:\День Європейських мов\QUEST\group2\завантаження2.png

  1. Which country is the birthplace of  Napoleon? (France)

Описание: Описание: F:\День Європейських мов\QUEST\group2\завантаження3.png

  1.  Where is Big Ben? (London)

Описание: Описание: F:\День Європейських мов\QUEST\group2\завантаження4.png

  1. What colours are there on the flag of Germany? (Black, Yellow, Red)

Описание: Описание: F:\День Європейських мов\QUEST\group2\5.png

  1. What colours are there on the flag of France?(Blue? White ? red)

Описание: Описание: F:\День Європейських мов\QUEST\group2\завантаження6.png

  1. What countries does the Eurotunnel unite? (France and UK)

Описание: Описание: F:\День Європейських мов\QUEST\group2\завантаження7.png

  1. What  country does the band "The Beatles" come from? (United Kingdom)

Описание: Описание: F:\День Європейських мов\QUEST\group2\завантаження 8.png

  1.  What  is the capital of  Finland? (Helsinki)

Описание: Описание: F:\День Європейських мов\QUEST\group2\9.png

  1.  In which country are there most windmills? (Holland, Netherlands)

         Описание: Описание: F:\День Європейських мов\QUEST\group2\10.png

Group 3 (yellow)


  1.  What is the capital of Hungary? (Budapest)

Описание: Описание: F:\День Європейських мов\QUEST\group3\1.png

  1. What colors are there on the flag of Italy? (Green, white, red)

Описание: Описание: F:\День Європейських мов\QUEST\group3\2.png

  1.  What  is the capital of Sweden? (Stockholm)

Описание: Описание: F:\День Європейських мов\QUEST\group3\3.png

  1. Where is the Colosseum? (Italy)

Описание: Описание: F:\День Європейських мов\QUEST\group3\4.png

  1. What is called as the country of  tulips? (Netherlands)

Описание: Описание: F:\День Європейських мов\QUEST\group3\5.png

  1.  In which country are bullfights held? (Spain)

Описание: Описание: F:\День Європейських мов\QUEST\group3\6.png

  1.  In which country are there the most number of volcanoes and geysers? (Iceland)

Описание: Описание: F:\День Європейських мов\QUEST\group3\7.png

  1.  Which European country is the largest? (Ukraine)

Описание: Описание: F:\День Європейських мов\QUEST\group3\8.png

  1. How many deserts are there in Europe? (None)

Описание: Описание: F:\День Європейських мов\QUEST\group3\8.png

  1. What country is Rome the capital of? Italy

Описание: Описание: F:\День Європейських мов\QUEST\group3\10.png


T: Europe Day is celebrated with a wide range of events and action each year. Practically all the countries of Europe are members of the European Union. So, now we’re going to talk about Europe and European countries using youe divices again and the Internet. We are divided into 3 teams and log on site kahoot.it. Then print your PiNnumber.

(interactive quiz “European Union” kahoot.it)

2.3. GAMES (moving activities)

Activity 1. Europe Day is celebrated with a wide range of events and action each year. We are divided into 4 teams and we are named them.

 "The British" is the name of the 1st team. '' The German'' is the name of the 2nd team. "The Frenchman" is the name of the 3rd team. '' The Spanish'' is the name of the 4th team.

  1. Say “Hello” so, as it is offered to you in the country. And now watch the film and check yourself!
  2. Match the flag of European countries with their languages.

Activity 2.  Peel the banana as it is done in the proposed country.

Activity 3. Do you need  help? Measure the temperature as it makes the representative of your country.

Activity 4. Make typical foreigner portrait according to the next plan:

The main feature of character

Life values

Traditional food and drink

Places of interest

Car's brand of this country

Favourite kind of  sports



Teacher: To crown our competition we will do the quiz (Use CD Quiz. European Day of Languages )

Teacher: To finish our meeting I would like with the words: When in Rome, do as the Romans do.


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